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141 Kotipelto
142 Riot

Some respect to this great band! They must be in top ten, totally worth it! And they bring out some special stuff as "wings are for angels","riot","crawling" in their last albums..

143 Johnny Lokke

Great power metal similar to Dio and Iron Maiden from the middle of the USA.

144 Innerbeauty

I think this band is symphonic/gothic but this band can categorized as power metal, you must hear that song.
The vocalist is female and that is Indonesian Band

145 Gloryhammer

I can't put into words how much I love this band. Many people claim they are mocking the power metal genre, which they are, but I disagree with people who say they don't take themselves seriously. such life and enthusiasm in every song, epic lyrics about an alternative medieval Scotland where dragons and medieval wizards rule. a nerds perfect escape from modern society.

A great band, every song a battle hymn or epic tale enveloping the listener into a world of space knights and ridiculously awesome lore. Every beat is a call to arms, your heart pumping in rhythm to albums of adventure and a knowing parody of the futuristic late 20th century settings imposed in many older sci-fi RPGs. I have busted no less than 10 pairs of pants whilst enjoying and losing myself in a euphoric sense of pure and unrivaled, power fueled bliss, and do not intend to stop at that number. The lyrics are so ridiculously humorous and inspiring, I cannot help but both laugh and be frozen in awe. Truly, power metal in its most awe rendering distilled, if somewhat hyperbolic, form.


This band brought me to the world of metal
such good melodie
my favourite is Universe on fire of the album Space 1992

146 Crystallion

I think these guys deserved to be higher up this ranking. Poor marketting!

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147 Driver
148 Warmen
149 Wintersun Wintersun Wintersun is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland and was originally created by guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, songwriter and vocalist Jari Mäenpää as a side project to folk metal band Ensiferum for whom he was lead singer and guitarist.

Just search them and listen. You'll know why they need to be here.

150 Heed
151 Pyramaze
152 Vandroya
153 Sinbreed

This band is moderately new only releasing two albums "when worlds collide. And shadows. Now don't take this the wrong way but in terms of originality, these guys are more of the same when it comes to power metal. BUUUT!... In terms of having their own musical style, it's more than evident that when you are listening to Sinbreed, YOU ARE LISTENING TO SINBREED!... My favorite part of this is the lead singer (formalry of seventh avenue) sounds a lot like Bruce Dickinson of iron maiden. And trust me I loooves me some maiden. Not only that!, but a third of the band consists of the members of Blind Guardian!. So overal this is a solid band. No frills that will make you fall over you're chair. But enough to make you headbang and sing along the corasses the whole way through.

154 Jorn
155 Knight Fury

Give these guys a listen; you wont regret it.

156 Thor
157 Civil War

Something between Sabaton and Wuthering Hights.

Awesome band both for the lyrics and the music

158 A Price On The Kings Head

Very new, but check out their Facebook, one of the best vocalists I've ever heard.

159 Wisdom
160 Wardrum
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