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1 Leon S. Kennedy Leon S. Kennedy

Leon is sure the best character in the RE games. He is strong. Skilled and pro in fire guns and weapons. Hi is handsome too. Confident with a strong personality. And he can deal with all T, G, plagas, veronica vuris...
He is the best agent in the world

Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game of all time, I've played it at least 30 times through.

Resident evil 4, best game EVER!
Although I do want to know why is the merchant not on here

Without a shadow of a doubt,Leon in the best resident evil character

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2 Jill Valentine

Jill is amazing in every respect as a female protagonist. She's smart, resourceful, sexy, determined, tough, and yet still feminine. she's not just everything you want in a heroine, but in a woman period. Brave but not to a fault, with skillful hands that have gained her the reputation of not only being an ex delta force crackshot, but also the "master of unlocking. " with skills in bomb dismantling, and handling many different types of machines, gadgets, and weapons she's invaluable in virtually any survival situation. Shes a girl thats tough as nails, strong in body, and yet still has everything that's attractive about a girl being a girl. Would I like a Jill sandwich? Hell yes I would, anytime.

Jill Valentine was the first image of the "Strong Female" character I remember, and probably my favorite to this date. This is only a game character, but like we say about human beings, unknowingly she probably made me respect the women for everything they R. I always respected them. But because I had the chance to play games (I'm always more attracted into a strong woman character in games and movies) that certainly helped me grow up with a passion for the female gender as strong as my respect for them as always been. - Johnnyrp666

Jill Valentine is one of the best examples of a female heroine, especially in action games. She is a tough girl, which gives her the awesomeness most gamers look for in female heroines. She is intelligent, determined, and strong yet still doesn't lose touch of her feminine side; her fragility and her innocence still makes her a cute woman. She's not the typical type of woman that dresses all sexy for zombie shooting. She's all geared and ready to go! She doesn't need tattered clothes, cut hair, or scratched skin to make herself look boss; Because she already is one!


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3 Chris Redfield Chris Redfield

I love many characters in RE franchise but Chris Redfield is my favorite. He made this franchise so popular and influential. Leon, Ada, Claire, Carlos... Wouldn't even exist without Chris.
Thanks to Chris & Jill, the first RE game was very popular and its creators decided to make numerous sequels, spin-offs, background stories and even prequels. So please, give more respect to original RE Heroes! - Irina2932

He is the man. He was the one who made resident evil come alive. He has a great physical condition and killed wesker. So what if leon can flip around? How is that gonna kill zombies? I bet chris could flip, just not as much. Chris was the reason claire was invented. So was jill. I think that chris should be number one

Talented marksman, pilot, pugilist; big, strong and what more - flexible and with very good endurance. Sometimes may seem too harsh and a little bit rushy with decisions, especially in newer games, but maybe that's what makes a good zombie-attacks survivor? Anyway, he's one tough man

Best and the world

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4 Albert Wesker Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker: the definition of Badass. And he's hot. ;D A double-agent, bioengineer, spy, behind-the-scenes mastermind, police officer, supervillain, bio-organic weapon, (self-proclaimed) god, Matrix-guy, etc... And he pulled all that off with style! He started acting a bit out-of-character in the very end of RE5 though; I mean it's not quite like him to die... Unless it was a part of his plan and now he's just waiting for the perfect time to show up again with a new evil plan! Anyway, he is everything that is lovable about the psychologically complex villain type, and more. He wasn't going to destroy the world, he was going to save it, goddammit! And through his eventful villainous life he never failed to wear his sunglasses at night.

Great Villain--really helped seal the deal to this series and make it what it is today. There can always be the generic Chris Redfield hero type personnel who says the corniest stuff and has to stop the villain (except for the dudes biceps no one can match those holy ), but developers can have more liberty with how they want to portray their villain (examples being the Joker, the villain for Far Cry, etc.), and they made Wesker not only look great but also BE great. His powers were truly awesome, thanks to his superior DNA. Although I didn't like the his death (the ending to RE 5), I always play as him when my friends and I play Mercenaries on RE5, just because he is so cool, and it is really fun pissing them off with spamming his voice (come on come on come on).

Albert is definition of bad ass. He's got cool fighting moves, a mastermind unequaled in my opinion, and a look that makes him look scary no matter what angle you look at him.

Even if he is dead, his spirit will haunt those who crossed him for the rest of their days. Truly, a great villain.

D.C. Douglas' Global Saturation. enough said.

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5 Claire Redfield

Claire is the most attractive female in the RE universe. Even though she can take care of herself better than most RE characters you never get the impression that she's invincible, instead you feel like she's a survivor winning the fight against umbrella through her kindness and loving for others. Out of all female RE characters, Claire will be the one you will care about the most.

Strong-Hearted, Brave, Atheletic, and you can always count on her to be there to help you.

Hello, Claire Redfield is the best. She should be number one. After all, she is one of the main characters in the series. She is smart, cutting, sweet, badass, fast, impressive, hot, sexy and has an original back story. I'm writing a book based off Resident Evil 2, Operation Raccoon City, Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles and in my books she is the main character. Forever and Always; Claire Redfield!

Claire above Jill, and all other characters for that matter.

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6 Ada Wong Ada Wong

She's just so sexy and reserved - you never know what she's going to do next and her unpredictability yet her attachment to Leon is just so exceedingly sexy!

I want to see more Ada, please~!

I think Ada Wong is the best, not only because she is so sexy beautiful and impressive on the outside with her long legs, but also her character is unique... She's out there alone, she can see you when you can't see her, and appears in front of you at any moment, and honestly we know the Ada is Leon's secret love, and Ada's is Leon

Ada should be in the top 5 she is awesome she is easy to use and one evil cow and I just love so a lot more votes are needed

She's the best

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7 Piers Nivans

Piers is no doubt my favorite character in the series, in fact, I would go so far as to say he is the real hero in Resident Evil 6. Think about it, while Chris wasn't in his right mind and while Leon was killing zombies aimlessly and while Jake and Sherry were trapped in the facility, everyone needs a real hero, and Piers stepped up to the plate, killing himself in the process. Resident evil has had protagonists in the past, but Piers took his job seriously, and tried to help Chris through his time of need.

The bravest and most respectable character on the entire series. Very true to what he feels towards others. And the most handsome character on RE 6 as well. I Hate capcom for killing a perfect replacement character for Chris who could lead the next gen resident evil games. I am die hard Chris Redfield fan but when I played RE 6, Piers becomes an instant favorite for me. (@_@)

Piers nivans was a good kind hearted soldier and he didn't deserve to die... He would've been a good replacement for chris. (Even though chris is fine)

Piers is a true hero

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8 Barry Burton

Is there anything to say? Any resident evil fan knows what a badass Barry is, from his cheesy dialogue "What IS this?! " to his trademark Magnum. But above the unintentional comic relief, he saves Jill on a number of occasions in RE1 and well as RE3, just before Raccoons destruction. He is also a caring father, enough to put his colleagues in anger to guarantee their safety.

I love Barry. What a legend

Barry is the definition of a hero! Even when his family is on the line he does the right thing. Really underrated character and my favourite second is Jill then wesker for just been a top notch villain.

"You were almost a Jill Sandwich! "

Love Barry

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9 Rebecca Chambers

At first she seems weak but she really proves herself capable of fighting off zombies she even stared in Resident Evil 0 plus she's really hot only second to Jill. - egnomac

She's pretty awesome in all aspects- empathetic, nice, believable, loveable, and all together someone you just want to survive.

She's definitely the type which I like.

She's quickly be my waifu in RE in her first appearance. She's an amazing combine of smart, cute, beautiful, surprisingly brave. She's has a pretty charm that make me fell in love with her.

If CapCom seeing this comment (mostly no but I'm just hoping here) please make a new RE game where Rebecca appears on it. And make she's the main character not a sidekick like you did in RE 1 & Remake... I miss her :'(

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10 Jake Muller

I didn't really like Jake although I like would like anyone who would be Chris's successor.

Jakes a badass should be more higher on the list

Nothing like palm smashing your enemies to death

Cool guy

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11 Sherry Birkin

She's a good character for many reasons. First, her presence gives players nostalgia when they play Resident Evil 6, second, she is very attractive and has surprisingly good fighting abilities, and finally, she put up with Jake for all that time. I would've never gotten along with Jake. I think her and Raymond would make a good couple, and I know people would disagree, but that's just my opinion. In all, Sherry is a good character, and the legacy of the Birkin family.

She's really come along since that little girl from resident evil 2 and she can kick ass and her presence allows me to over look Jake Mullers terrible presence. - egnomac

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12 Nemesis

You'll never look at the word STARS the same way again. Imagine a 7-9 foot tall zombie that's smart enough to use guns, fast enough to run and give chase, and intelligent enough to open doors. He's also smart enough for rudimentary problem solving, like the time when he shot down the rescue chopper. For me it's a 3 way tie. Best villain: Nemesis / Wesker, best character: Jill Valentine [Resident evil 3 edition]. I give Nemesis the tie break because giving someone like him rockets and that much smarts is just plain wrong.

This guy is so scary I wet my pants

Coolest enemy in Resident Evil History! - VenomxShocker

STARS. That is all.


He is known as the ultimate solider and has survived more operations than any other character in the series. He has faced several forms of the t-virus and survived each time by himself. He is much more suited at the number 1 spot than Leon Kennedy who I find massively overrated. RE4 was originally supposed to have Hunk as the main character not "pretty boy" Leon. If he would have been the main character no one would even consider Leon as number one.

Hunk is the best ever what he is doing in this part of top? He need stay at the 10 firsts

HUNK should be way higher what people. Come on he should be at least 6 come on.

This guy gives Leon a run for his money

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14 Jack Krauser

Just Badass! I like the way how the creators of this character used that idea to make a scary looking guy weared in army clothes with scars on his body even if some day ago he was a good guy and good friend of leon kennedy but now everything is changed after that crash... he's different and determined to kill his old friend leon... but it's funny that sadler never trusted him because he was an american but he didn't know that... but still he hired him on a mission.

Complete badass. He has the perfect combination of skill, sense of duty, and evil. He has a badass 1 hit kill plaga infected arm and a badass, destructive bow in mercenaries. Add all that up and you get a unique, one of a kind character, plus he has a hint of mystery as to his background with Leon.

Great character! He definitely deserves a higher spot on this list. I'd say third place behind Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker.

He's a tremendous guy. He would have defeated Wesker, no doubt. Shame he fell to the dark side.

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15 Steve Burnside

Though he was one of the weaker elements of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, he was still an intriguing character and his death made me shed a tear or two, which is hard to accomplish.

Steve needs stay at the 10 firsts he is one of the best characters ever

Badass dual wield gold lugers anyone

I'm like very much he, is the best R.I.P. Steve

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16 Sheva Alomar

This is my opinion sheva alomar is sexy, beautiful and awesome I really want sheva and claire 4 some reason to team up in 1 of the games because she's met and been chris redfield's partner so why not keep it in the family and team up with claire redfield and sheva has beautiful outfits I just can't get enough of her

Sheva is so hot I can't get over it! People call HER stupid but who in the campaign punches a gigantic boulder?

You are awesome on resident evil 5 I play with you all the time

She the most brave character I have seen

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17 Carlos Oliveira

Because in his appear in RE 3, Nemesis, I loved how he acted to be good with the ladies. He made me crack up, yet he was an awesome fighter to.

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18 William Birkin

He loved his research more than his kid and wife. Man, his death was awesome though.

Birkin was a great villain for the series. Just watching him terrorize Raccoon city as the monstrous G was extremely scary in so many ways.

19 Moira Burton

This foul mouthed daughter of Barry Burton has some of the best lines of dialogue in the series.

New addition that instantly grew on me.

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20 Karena LesProux

Lupo had her first appearance in RE ORC as a U.S.S soldier. The team that was assigned to help Hunk retrieve the G-Virus from William Birkin. But as Hunk disappeared after the first mission, the U.S. S find themselves alone in the middle of the Raccon conflict, with a company that desires to see them dead instead of extracting them. Lupo has yet to become a more respected character. She has Jill Valentine's strength, still she was trained to do the one thing the U.S.S was called in to do in RE ORC which is kill. - Johnnyrp666

She is still a mystery. Lupo's status is yet unknown after the raccoon city incident but that "Wolf" managed to lead a fighting squad in the absence of Mr. Death himself (Hunk). She's one hell of a ressourceful female, giving orders to a team of lunatic professional killing machines, there is to bet that she's still alive, confident and well. - Johnnyrp666

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