Leon S. Kennedy

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Leon is by far my favorite character. He brings humor to the table not only that but he's good at hand to hand, and he's good with his guns, and he has a great amount of experience. But he isn't the strongest jill has that spot taken. If I have my say he's should be in third. I know, I'm a big fan of leon but facts are facts he's not the strongest this whole list needs rearranging. Please before you get mad at me think. Ada could beat leon barley but she could still do it. She better in every way, hand to hand, with her guns, and smarts. Their is no doubt that leon is smart but adas better. And if ada and jill were to have it out jill would win shes the best there is no beating her. Leon has the best personality though you can't beat him there.

Some people may say that Leon is popular because of his involvement in RE4, but even if it is so as they say, then there is many reasons for it to, just like any one other games that got popular. Even games RE4 don't get popular out of no reason.

First would be because Leon would be the perfect character that seem balanced in many situations, not too strong yet not too weak, gives the impression that he is smart in combat yet not invincible. His situation is perfect for horror comabt games, where it is up to the players' abilities to bring him down or bring him up.

He can also be said to be the face of the franchise, when resident evil is said and mentioned, Leon can be one of the first few things that came to the people's mind first.

I am an extreme fan of Leon, I've been playing this game since I was a kid and he was the major reason for me to go back and play it again, but funny thing is that people think that I look exactly like Chris Redfield, I'm tall buffed and have shord black hair, nothing like Leon, I even went through online test and it gave me 93% of Chris and 92% of Leon, man that pissed me off. hope nex part of the game will be with Both Chris and Leon together...

Leon has got to be the best chose in the game. Sure chris defeated wesker but he needed help from sheva to do so. Also chris has been after wesker forever. Leon met Chief Mendez, Salazar, and Seller in the same game and beat them there too. With, in my opinion, one of the most annoying characters in history slowing him down most of the way. Leon was the presidents best friend, the best ranked agent in the United States, and what if Chris at the time? He was a belligerent drunk in Edonia who was kind of a dick. Plus Chris lost his entire team twice and was saved by his dying best friend. Piers outranks him and he died. Before that, he lost his partner, she was captured by Wesker, and turned against him. So... Yeah, Leon wins.

This guy is great in he able to survive the racoon incident survive in Spain in save ashley and bring her home I like his quickness agility he dodged everything like laser and his kick moves are great for me leon is the number one for me. I love resident evil 4 and one more I like his knife skills and he can headshot whatever process.

In my openion leon should be on top of the list and remain there, here's why first if all guy has that charisma that is needed to be seen in the main protagonist and he has the coolness about him I didn't feel in anyone else, he is "skilled" not a buff mind that because that is what adds to the game genre which is "survival horror" so he can deal with the situation no matter the odd but with the brains and not all muscles and he does it with a little humor to calm the situation and that is what survival horror is all about, for me that is. And just for the record I couldn't help but notice that he puts his best effort in helping anyone, I mean since RE 2 till now in evey appearence of his, and that matters quite much. If you played the games you know what I'm pointing out. So Leon is the king for me.

Leon Kennedy. Probably the most recognizable character in the RE series. In RE 2 he defeated William Birkin and survived The Racoon City incident. 6 Years later in RE 4 not only did he improve in combat and skills, he grew as a character, he became a icon and will always be the star of Resident Evil

Best Resident Evil character ever! Chris Redfield would never of survived Resident Evil 4, all he does is throw his fists around. Leon has skill and he is a very good warrior. Lets see Chris dodge a bunch of lasers coming straight towards him at full speed.

Leon is super cool, likeable, strong (but not too strong as to be ridiculous) and also really attractive. For a lil gamer in the 90s, that was all I needed to love him for life. Even with how often Capcom uses him, he just never seems to wear out. Some things are classic for a reason, I guess!

Highly overrated JUST because of RE4 which by the way isn't nearly as good as RE1,RE2, RE3, REmake or RE5. Leon, you stopped being interesting after RE2..why you've appeared in more games than Claire I'll never know._.

Definitely my favorite character in ALL resident evil history he has a very strong personality like Chris Leon is great at strategy and has good weapon skills. No matter what game he will always be my favorite character.

I remember being at my neighbors house and watching her play RE4, I remember seeing how strong willed, cool and likeable he is. No matter how many times I see others play the game I never get tired of him. Plus he is super attractive so bonus.

Leon is very smart, handsome with a strong personality I have played only 3 resident evil games and they are re2 re4 and re6 and because you can play as leon scott kennedy in these 3 game.

because he handsome and kick zombies like hell!

Never want to play another character besides Leon and never will play anything besides Leon I have to say he's one of the best Resident Evil Characters throughout the game

RE2 was my first game I played in the franchise. The story was very immersive, and the zapping system with alternative story lines was a revolution to me. Leon became my favorite ever since I played RE2. For that reason, I love Ada much too. I like the ambiguous relationship between the two that has evolved throughout the series. I also like Claire!

Leon is a great character to play in RE4, and easy to relate and sympathize. All around very skillful with fire arms and trained to fight with a knife. He's just awesome.

Just Leon... Resident Evil 4 is the best game of the Saga, and Leon make it so much better. I think that because of it people have gain some kind of an affection about Leon.

I've played RE4 a 100 times, and when I've played RE5 wasn't the same thing. Chris was too boring, the game is cool but it missed a lot of personality

Leon s kennedy is THE best resident evil character he is the most badass awesomest resident evil character I have ever played as.

As a game hero he fits perfectly in resident evil environment a man with style and handsome looks as well

Leon is the best in RE period he has a an instinct like a first class agent he's funny is a ladiesman and believe me he gets the job done everything he says he gonna do he does it ohh by the way who you know on they first day as a cop survive raccon city despite that all R.P. D, stars member & U.B.C. S all die & had way more experience than leon did & on top of that he succeed in his first mission as a agent he's the best

I'm not all about looks but Leon sure is awesome! He can handle himself very well and is a true Resident Evil survivor. I love his charming personality. - Daviddv0601

Leon is to strong and he wont give up. in resident evil 6 ada wong gives leon a very interesting text message and I wont to know if they will see each other outside their job.

Leon is the most handsome, stylish, cool, skillful and brave character to play with. Leon alone makes the RE4 the best game.