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21 Alexia Ashford

God her 2nd transformation in re Darkside Chronicles was HELLACIOUS!

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22 Christine Yamata

Four Eyes makes her way in my top ten for many reasons. She arrived in RE ORC, just like Lupo (I had a lot of fun playing this game. ) But other than that, I probably prefer her to Lupo in terms of gameplay and that even when many people would turn back on her as a character choice since she's more of a scientist than a fighter. But Four Eyes has an amazing arsenal, to say the least. Such has pheromones grenades, allowing you to throw them at your enemies to lure distracted zombies into chasing them. And another ability of hers involves that you take control of a monster: Zombie, Hunter or Tyrant and temporarily decide of which target he's gonna go for. That is a lot based on gameplay, but features such as these in RE environments, made Four Eyes one of the better characters/best equipped for the situation. Having some of these features in RE5 could have made the game more than a chore to walk through.
- Johnnyrp666

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23 Natalia Korda

I think she is cool for just being 9.

She child but beauty

24 Rachael Foley

She is probably the hottest and most beautiful female Resident Evil character there is.. It's a shame that her story is a real tragic one.. Hope there is a way to bring her back to the story as a playable protagonist character w/ "ooze superpowers" that would somehow be the same as what happened to Albert, Sherry, and Piers..

25 Tyrant

Behold the ultimate Bio-Weapon, Tyrant!

26 Jack Baker

I will make him suffer

"Welcome to the familiy, son! "

27 Raymond Vester

Very deceiving, although, I don't think he is an antagonist because he said how much he hates bio-terrorism. Also, many think he is the Ustanak, but how dumb do you have to be to believe that?! He was a good character, and I don't think he would have himself killed and turned into a senseless animal.

The only guy who can make a Doctor Who hair cut cool and he is really good with magnums, and magnums are my favorite guns.

28 Luis Sera

Luis is an overlooked character from the series in my opinion. He has a very likeable personality and is far more human than anybody in resident evil 4, in my opinion, Luis was one of the best parts of the game, and he is far more relatable than Leon, which is odd seeing as Leon is the main character.

29 Ricardo Irving

Irving was the misunderstood character in Resident Evil 5. He was just trying to keep an illegal job without trouble, is that too much to ask? I think his transformation and boss fight was very above and beyond, albeit tragic. Just as what Jill said about Norman, I hope he finds comfort in death what he did not have in life.R.I.P.

He is a businessman with standards.

30 Parker Luciani

Parker was an awesome person and very good example of people. He's an average person. Slightly overweight, warm personality, and ties with almost everyone in the game. The thing I loved most about Parker, though, is that he can everything hilarious just like that. Parker was very nice, and his "death" in Revelations was sad. Speaking of that, did you notice no one looked more sad than Jill, possible secret relationship? Also, I gained tons more respect for Raymond when he saw Parker's leg in pain and helped him and escaped the Queen Zenobia. I like Parker Luciani and I hope he's in Resident Evil 7.

Parker was awesome and he never made the list wow... he's the modern day Barry Burton. he's fun to play as and overall great character.

Parker was very cool and I would like for him, Raymond, Sheva, Keith, and Quint to be in RE7.

31 Vladimir Bodrovski

SPECTRE, where do I start to explain who he was. Very cunning, black suited, goggly eyed, and other things, but he was just a cool guy.

32 Alfred Ashford Alfred Ashford

Alfread.. Was the guy who made you go on to play code Veronica, his death was very tragic in code veronica... He's one of my favorite resident evil characters. I honestly wish they brought him back, capcom could do so much with him.

33 Helena Harper

You need to feel bad for Helena, because all the things that happened in the campaign. From the death of President Benford, to the death of her sister, what happened to her was tragic, and I love the fact that she had enough responsibility and humility to turn herself in. I think she is the sexiest girl in Resident Evil.

She was pretty unstable, but nothing a therapist can't help, but come to think of it, she was pretty stable when she blew Simmons face off when he was in the cougar transformation.

Helena is kinda awesome and pretty

She is cute girl...

34 George Hamilton
35 Jessica Sherawat

This girl has the gamer fooled throughout the game. She uses her looks, agility and personality to her advantage as she is secretly trying to destroy any evidence of the ships existence and wants the virus for herself.

36 Josh Stone

Best character

Josh was never the character that would lead the franchise, but let's be honest, if he wasn't there to help Chris's dumb a**, he would already be in the ' casket.

37 Yoko Suzuki

I think she's the most useful in esident evil outbreak.

38 Alex Wesker

A sexy female version of Wesker who's a completely lovable villain, if a little typical. Plus her business woman chic is reminiscent of a twisted-lady-Lex-Luthor. White man in a suit antagonist might be a tired stereotype but it still makes the player want to put a bullet in their skull.

One of the most messed up villains I've ever seen. She's crazy and actually has horror qualities for her. Something that no other villain in the series has on their own. Even Oswell E Spencer was because of Umbrella as a whole. Alex is on a whole different level... and so far. She's the only villain in the series to get what she wanted and achieve her goals. This alone makes her one of gaming's better villains.

39 Carla Radames

Me and my cousin were playing trying to kill her but her boss is kinda hard if you don't know what you're doing but one of the best hours of my life.

Carla: I'm Ada Wong! You're a pretender!
Me: that's why you're spitting up zombie mucous idiot!

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40 Cindy Lennox

Best duck ever... Bright and caring... Great survivalist with packs of herbs

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