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These are the ones that send shivers down your spine and leave you smiling... ahhhh.
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1 Titanic Titanic Product Image

I love this film one time I saw this film so many many time I see this film I love jack and rose I am hurt because jack bis dead but when made titanic 2 jack come back I love this film its awesome it is best movie it names hollywood and I love hollywood I want to see all parts of this film like titanic 1 I watched like titanic 2 titanic 3 titanic 4 and many many more.

I watched this movie for the first time fairly recently (a few months ago) and I absolutely fell in love with it! I enjoyed the sort of forbidden romance between the two main characters, and how even in death they're still together/connected. It was very heartwarming to watch and watch it every time it's on T.V.

It's an amazing movie and the cast did such an awesome acting to make us live what they live makes me wanna hug Leonardo because I know he was jack once.. Well the message here is that you guys.. VOTE 4 TITANIC! (but I have to admit that The Notebook and A Walk To Remember where also on my top list of romantic movies

This is one movie that touched my heart. Iconic direction, cast, stunning visuals and the epic portrayal of a historic disaster set against the backdrop of a heart-rendering love story. Everything about it was perfect. I think this should be on the #1 spot, really deserves it.

2 The Notebook The Notebook Product Image

NO words can explain the movie to me. All I can say is this is based mostly on love nothing near looks. I will promise anyone out their who watch's the movies theirs a probably good chance your going to feel something in your heart or your going to cry. I give this movie a full 10 out of 10. It's the most amazing movie I have ever seen.

An elderly man reads a love story to his wife who has alzheimers. The story is about a a poor young man that falls in love with the rich new girl who's parents don't approve. This is the sweetest movies ever.

"Why didn't you write me?
I wrote you everyday for a year... it wasn't over, it still isn't over! "

I cried a thousand tears :P Maybe I'm too emotional but this was great! Great chemistry between the actors too!

This movie always brings a tear to my eye. This is the exact relationship me and my boyfriend have and, after watching this, I always turn to him and tell him to never leave me.

3 A Walk to Remember A Walk to Remember Product Image

Someone to remember! Sometime you find it hard to believe in love stories when the world is crushing down under our feet. Those are the times when you lose faith in yourself... But always remember that God is here, He can see your pain and your tears, and when it's the right moment, all you have to do is to open your heart and your soul to look up and find an Angel sent by God to wipe your tears and cure your broken heart... And that's the truth behind this incredible love story... Just believe and open your heart for the symphony of love and you won't regret...

Amazing movie! Most romantic movies sell physical connections rather than an emotional love between the two. Not that others don't portray that just, this one shows that you don't always have to have a physical love for it to be love. He loved her for her mysterious uniqueness even though he didn't share the same faith and interests as her in the beginning, she showed him her way and made him different. Overall BEST romantic movie ever made and I can't put anything above it.

I don't care what anyone else thinks, Landon & Jamie have the most incredible love story ever, it's not one where two people just suddenly fall in love within a few hours, it's about two people who knew eachother their whole lives but never even talked to each other because of how different they were. It's so simple but complicated, & beautiful yet tragic at the same time. Oh yeah plus Shane West & Mandy Moore are two of the coolest people ever.

I absolutely love this movie. The love Landon and Jamie had was by far the best written ever. This movie brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes love doesn't need much time, or for the people to have things in common, love is just love and sometimes it happen with who you less expect it. The only thing that I didn't like was that Jamie passed away but at least she died happy. Too bad things don't go this way very often. Favorite movie though.

4 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Product Image

Not just the best romantic film... It may well be the best film of the last decade..

Amazing performances by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet...

Once in a lifetime script and as brilliant an execution...

But most importantly, the movie just feels so personal...

"Blessed are the forgetful:for they get the better even of their blunders"

Not just the best romantic film... It may well be the best film of the last decade.
Amazing performances by Jim carrey and kate Winslet.
Once in a lifetime script and as brilliant an execution.
But most importantly, the movie just feels so personal...

May not be the best love story of all time, but definitely the most unconventional. Who would expect a movie about a couple getting each other erased from their memories to be as touching and as heartfelt as Eternal Sunshine?

Best romantic movie I've ever watched... Based on the sci-fi concept, really takes your heart away.. It's mind-blowing awesome and totally different... Hope that it reaches no. 1 spot soon...

5 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump Product Image

Its truely one of the best movie I have ever watched... All the history events relived n all... Awesome work done by tom hanks... Just love him... Run forest run...

Forrest gump is one of the best movies I have ever watched.. I fell in love with tom hanks all over again.. Amazing... Superb!

Forrest Gump should be at least on the Top 3... I bet most people voted here had never watch this one... Forrest Gump is an amazing movie, when you don't know what love is, Gump explain the meaning of it through his action... for those of who says Twilight is wonderful, OOH COME ON! THEY'RE JUST SELLING SEX! THERE'S NO MORAL VALUE THAT WE CAN TAKE FROM IT..

Best ever movie. I cried a lot while watching the movie. It shows the innocence of love.

6 Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice Product Image

One of my favorite Jane Austen movies. (The other fave being Persuasion.) I can watch this movie on repeat when I'm in the mood for a good romantic story. All the actors played their characters so well and I enjoy the piano melody that was chosen. I've watched quite a few different versions of this story and this particular film is the one I prefer.

I love the movie Pride and Prejudice. However, not the one with Keira Knightley. Matthew Mcfayden was phenomenal as Mr. Darcy. Wish the same could be said for Knightley.

Other Movies that I find to be AMAZING! :
Sense and Sensibility (2008)
North and South (2004, Elizabeth Gaskell's novel made into a T.V. mini-series).
Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Persuasion (2007)

I saw this movie all the way through for the first time 4 days ago. It is by far, my favorite love story! I can not believe that twilight is in front of this, honestly. Everyone that chose twilight over this, we can never be friends.

I love the romantic tension that just keeps on building up between the two main characters throughout the movie. She is pretty, intelligent etc. but it seems to me that she does not really believe in herself in a romantic sort of way. She puts up a defense-wall. It's not all based on the feelings of pride and predjudice... They are both a bit insecure and put each other to the test.

7 Casablanca Casablanca Product Image

The only reason I m voting for this is because I always say this to her when we can't talk..."We'll always have tomorrow to talk" and I love saying that to her.

Easily one of the greatest romance movies and people just forget about it now.

The Notebook is number 1? It's good, but it's not a masterpiece like Casablanca.

This movie brought tears in my eyes.

8 Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Product Image

Gone With The Wind is a must-see. It may be a bit long, but you won't even realise by the ending, how long it was because the plotline enraptures its viewers. This movie might not be teen's priority since it was set in the 1930's, however, give it a try, you'll like it, adults as well.

How is this not #1! This movie is a classic it won more awards than any of these is the highest grossing film and the art in this movie is unexplainable I love the love in the movie a beautiful ending

Gone With the Wind should be Gone...with the wind.

In my opinion this is the best movie ever, everybody should watch it at least once in order to understand the great American cinema

9 Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Product Image

Best version of the most classic of all tales. This version has even more chemistry between the lead actors than the 1996 version. I am not afraid to say that it is one of my very favorite movies ever. Olivia Hussey is the best Juliet on screen ever. I Still like the other versions of the play (1996 & 2013) but this one wins hands down,

At first this movie looked very very weird and kind of funny, and then it kept getting better and better until you were wrapped up into the story. I didn't even notice it had gotten so good until I had to leave with about ten minutes left of the movie and I really wanted to finish it

I love this movie and I'm in 8th grade even though it was made awhile ago I still love it! Olivia Hussey is so beautiful and she plays the part perfect such a great movie!

This version is so well done. And it's so sad, and Olivia Hussey was great... And so... Young! I am used to her being old, she was decently pritty!

10 Step Up Step Up  Product Image

I seen all of the step-up series and this one is by far the best. You can really feel the bonds being made in this movie. But, for one who dies to watch romances, this is definitely on favorites. Considering the fact that the love is portrayed throughout the entire movie, The dancing is just fabulous.

It was a romantic movie in another perspective. The actors played their role in a fabulous way and made me believe their feelings and emotions!

OK, it wasn't the greatest Romance movie ever but it was decent one. Great mix of Drama, Romance, Music. I love it

This movie should be number one on the list

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? Carol (2015) Carol (2015) Product Image
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11 City Lights City Lights Product Image

No words needed

I've seen many others romantic movies. But really this one seems best to me.funny and terribly sad at the same teaches us you don't have to be handsome to love someone‚̧ charlie chaplin_/\_

12 Love Actually Love Actually Product Image

Well for starts, this movie has Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant in it. Both of which, I love. So there's that. But this movie is a fun, love story, comedy. I laughed out loud several times. I don't regret watching it, and neither will do, promise. I will be adding this to me DVD arsenal soon!

Has a blend of several love stories, each one unique. Each of us can relate to at least one of the tales or appreciate them. Great movie to pull out when you are down and looking to enjoy some romance and humor.

How is this only #19.. should make top 10- Hugh Grant's end speech and the beautiful storylines make it one of the best romance films of all time.

It's a wonderful movie... True symbol of love is showed in it... So I request every one to at least watch once..

13 The Vow The Vow  Product Image

Really? I would've placed it at number 2 at least! One of my favorite romance movies ever! I strongly recommend it!

Beautiful, amazing and a must watch movie. Can't believe it is way down here. definitely deserves to be in the top ten

Amazingly Beautiful love story that touches your heart deeply!

Loved more than notebook! Really heart touching n inspiring!

14 Ghost Ghost Product Image

This movie must be top 10 romantic movies

One of my favorite movie

This should on the top 10.

I want to see this movie...heard a lot about this.

15 (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer Product Image

Sweet, cute, sad, funny - I love this movie!
It is original and I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So sweet! Really touching, but sad at the same time! Zooey Deschanel makes life o much better! X

I am almost wrecked to see this list this movie should be in top 10 at least

Should have won the oscar in 2009
Best romantic comedy ever. joseph gordon levit and zooey deschanel were amazing

16 Me Before You Me Before You Product Image

The only movie that can make me sob and laugh at the same time. Truly moving.

Nice films I guess perfect combination of Comedy and Romance Movie

This should be number 1 or at least in the top ten

No words to describe! A must watch! this made me sob for hours.

17 Grease Grease Product Image

I can't believe this isn't higher. Grease is a classic come on it's worth a lot. It's so romantic Olivia Newton John is gorgeous

Very good movie but not a romance movie in the strict sense. I consider this film as a musical.

18 The Princess Bride The Princess Bride Product Image

Well, duh! It's like the must see cheesy romantic movie of all time! Also, very quote able, hilarious, and fairly innocent.

This movie is romantic, humorous, and down right "inconceivable" (in a good way! )!

This or the Notebook, but this tips it because it is funny as well!


19 Aladdin Aladdin Product Image

My favorite Disney movie of all time!

I love movie

20 Dear John Dear John Product Image

How can some1 forget to add this movie in this list?
It's a great movie and defines all the relations 1 has in life totally awesome I had tears in eyes about its father son relationship

I really love the movie but the ending I'm not satisfied but this movie was my favorite movie in the entire movie that I saw. This movie is great and I love it.

Great movie, I agree why is it number 8? It should be next to the notebook, its an amazing movie with a great actor, will put most of you women or girls to tears

Nice story. Thanks for changing the end. End in the original novel is also good. But such an end in the movie it would would have been unbearable.

21 Annie Hall Annie Hall Product Image

This should be much higher! It perfectly captures the real experience of dating.

22 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image
23 Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures Product Image

I watched the movie and it's so romantic #ethanandlena

I love this movie...

24 Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands Product Image
25 The Fault in Our Stars The Fault in Our Stars Product Image

This movie is so great with the real observation what the real life is it's just not about two persons who fall in love & then separate because of some reasons & the problems which can be fix with their decision because the problems is created by their own decisions it's just not! This is about how two people have to live after knowing that their life is not for longtime & they can count the days on the fingers but still fall in love & accept what the life they have & the truth. I never cry after watching movies with sad ending l 've seen titanic, the notebook they both have sad ending but these two are unable to makes me cry but the Fault in our Stars l can't stop tears this is the greatest love story that I've ever seen better than notebook, titanic, a walk to remember or any other love story

The Fault In Our Stars is the only movie that really makes me cry. The unforgettable dialogues which we can assume by seeing our poor cancer patients. This is the movie that tells us about the pain that a cancer patient feel. It tells that not always the good things happen to a good human being and this is isn't truth we know. I cry for Gus fot losing his courage, I cry for Hazel because of Gus pre funeral and I cry for those who cry seeing this movie. And I totally recommend you all to see this movie for the your love...This movie really changed my ideas about love.

When I read the book, I cried like baby. When I saw the movie, I literally sobbed. This is a movie I will never forget!

This one is the Closest I can Relate with my Life. Probably the Best Romantic Movie I have ever Watched.

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