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These are the ones that send shivers down your spine and leave you smiling.. ahhhh

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61 Children of Paradise

Great Movie. Everybody should watch it.

62 Say Anything

John Cusack won't fail you on this one.. the boombox scene just melts your heart..

63 You've Got Mail

I absolutely love this movie. You can watch it over and over again. The story is very simple and neat n you feel the chemistry between the characters so well.

Can't believe I am voting for this over Casablanca, but I thought this movie was so romantic from start to finish.

incomparable... love you tom and meg... - underhill

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64 Mamma Mia!
65 The Wedding Singer
66 Manhattan
67 Sleepless in Seattle
68 Keith

Its obvious that not many people know about this movie
But trust me this is possibly the best romantic drama I had ever show. Best romantic movie for me till this day.

One of the best movies I've ever seen. I have maybe seen it more than 50 times

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69 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

It,s mast movie wow

70 Sweet Home Alabama

This movie is really cool, very often that we use to forget who we are and what we are, just for the sake of fame and glory.

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71 Brokeback Mountain

Shaking for two days after watching this. Unforgettable. Really, you have to see it, Heath Ledger should get an oscar for this. Or maybe two

COME ON! 53? This movie is easily the most romantic. Ledger and Gyllenhaal were awesome together and was really deep. I cried a lot as it was so awesome.

The only movie that made me cry!

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72 Pearl Harbor

So romantic and plus 2 hot guys! Ben affleck and josh hartnett! - MatrixGuy

I was seen this movie 04 time back to back. My best movie ever.

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73 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
74 Man In the Moon

My all time favorite movie!

75 About Time
76 The Mask of Zorro

Love this movie : it has everything :Romance, Action, comedy and drama. - Szonana

77 Wedding Crashers
78 The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

The most perfect Romantic movie of all time.
The chemistry between Pierce and Rene is great and film is pure fun from start to finish. - Szonana

79 The English Patient

This is a film which requires patience and if you have it, you would never regret it. - Szonana

80 Save The Last Dance
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