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81 Serendipity

Certainly a movie off the track.. different from the usual ones. I'm sure people in love would love it and suggest it to others

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82 A Lot Like Love

A love story that makes you believe in forever.

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83 The Wedding Date

It's wonderful romantic movie!

84 Sweet November

Love opens your eyes for beauties places in the world - your heart!

You can't miss out on this movie awesome story... Love watching it.. I bet you cry

Life is lovable when you near me

MOvie worth a watch. Lovely movie, lovely music

85 Just Like Heaven

Sweetly Romantic and Romantically Cute Movie.. Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon's chemistry is simply fantabulous.. I've become an official Mark ruffalo fan after watching this movie over and over again.. Indeed cute romantic movie.. LOVE THIS MOVIE...

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86 Before Sunset

Amazing romantic comedy with no fantasy happily ever after mush. Just great dialogue, chemistry, acting. - nomercyz182

A real love story that could happen to everyone

A great conversation between the actors, loved it

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87 Never Let Me Go
88 My Sassy Girl

Great movie. Shows you that you that even the simplest plots can be enough to make a great big hit. A bit of advice; watch the Korean version because it is better than the remake. - aeromaxx777

Best romance I ever seen. Knocked out You've Got Mail from my #1 list. This is a move that will blow you away, with an ending you'll never imagine. what a happy shock. You'll end in tears. Definitely!

definitely a musT sEen movie.. sO cool!

89 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
90 Hannah Montana The Movie

It's Romantic but sad - SmoothCriminal

91 The Hunger Games
92 The Bodygard
93 The End of the Affair (1999)
94 When a Man Loves a Woman
95 Before Sunrise V 2 Comments
96 Becoming Jane

I cried so much after watching this! I am surprised that no one has added this movie. - ToukaKirishima

97 The Girl Next Door

A good romantic with good with good humor, it's pretty funny, don't really get bored though it as it keeps you entertained, if your into your romantics, well this is well worth the watch.

An honest romantic for the modern audience. A good sense of humour but with a realistic romatic shell. Also nobody dies! And Elisha Cuthbert is so fit, Stunning! -

98 Bright Star
99 Aquamarine
100 Before Midnight
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