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101 Top Gun
102 Aquamarine
103 L'eclisse
104 Before Midnight
105 Baby Driver
106 The Best Man
107 The Back Up Plan
108 Along Came Polly
109 When Harry Met Sally

This movie is so awesome.
i could watch it over and over again
you have got to watch it

110 The Bridges of Madison County

A very amazing love story! Meryl Streep you're the best

111 A Millionaire's First Love

Awesome movie... The movie shows how pure a bond of love is and what you can do to fulfill the desires of your dying love..

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112 27 Dresses

A good with a good humor.., inspirational one,! So great diff. Dresses... Diff. Wedding with a diff. Stories... Watch it.

113 Only You
114 The Holiday

Best of its kind, The Holiday shows that love doesnt always need to be expressed by words if two people are together!

115 She's The Man

This movie is funny, romantic, and dramatic. A girl and boy fall hard for each other during the time that she pretends to be her brother while he is in London for two weeks. Before that she was on the soccer player on the girls team in her home town and then the school cut the team because there was not enough girls to sign up. So they asked the boys team coach can they try out for the boys team the coach said ask the team captain which was her boyfriend at the time and he said boys are much stronger, faster, and more athletic than girls and she dumped him right on the spot. She had asked one of her friends that do hair and makeup to make her look like her brother which is her so-called twin. She went to her brother school while he was in London. Because she wanted to beat her old school team because what they said about the girls why they couldn't try out for the team.

116 French Kiss

This has been one of my all-time favorite films since forever! So adorable, and so full of wit. Such a feel good film!

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117 Glitter
118 Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights

the best romance between two dancers

119 Atonement

A film that should be fighting at the top of this list. Just because this film isn't like an ordinary love story. It has so much better qualities. And you feel with them all from the beginning to the end.

I just think that it's one of the best love stories that I ever been told.
So this film should everybody see! I am sure it can bring out some tears even from someone that claims he/she never will be influenced by a movie emotionally. - isabelleu00d6stlund

120 Love Affair

Annette Benning and her husband, this is the perfect romance. - pb0514

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