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1 Gladiator

i am voting from iraq, sorry for weak language I have, because in every aspect in this movie he has specific character which is best to that scene, like a singing, he was acting at different level in one movie.
i hope how he has succeeded in this life may allah succeed him in hereafter. thanks for you also

Gladiator was very well made. It can touch the hearts of all of the audiences. Crowe did a spectacular performance. Loved the film. It also gave you a really good picture of how life was back then in Rome.

not just crowes best film... the best film ever like ever

One of the best movie ever, love it

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2 A Beautiful Mind

Requires a beautiful mind to understand A Beautiful Mind

This is the only movie I have watched more than 20 times in the last 3 months. I just love the story, the direction, the action. Till now, this is the best movie I have watched. I salute John Nash and The Russell Crowe.

Powerful and genuine performance. Beautiful screenplay. Incredibly moving film. He should have won the Oscar.

Gladiator was great, but this was also great!

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3 L.A. Confidential

Great modern noir. I really love this movie, as well as Crowe's performance. - beasthound

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4 Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World

Man what a great underrated film.. I say underrated cause it wasn't a big loud action film like gladiator & it came out the same year as LOTR: return of the king, so I think people kinda forgot about it.. Crowe gave such a great reserved performance, never been better.. Can't wait to see him as jor-el in man of steel! If anyone could fill brandos shoes in that role it's russell crowe

Absolutely love this movie all the way! 10/10

5 3:10 to Yuma

One of his best movies.

A beautiful story line with amazing actors... Ust the sort of moviw to go down in history...

6 Robin Hood

Come on it must be in 3rd or 4th number, it's likely as gladiator...

7 Body of Lies

Amazing thriller, great action and great preformences, the best Crowe movie

8 The Next Three Days

I love this movie. It shows the extent to which you can really love someone.

9 Cinderella Man

I'm not a big Russell Crowe or boxing person, but this movie is fantastic. It's got a great story, believable acting, and it knows how to tell an underdog story without being too preachy. While not as absolutely phenomenal as the first two Rocky films, it is still a great story and should be checked out by anyone who is interested in underdog stories, boxing, or the Great Depression. - Elric-san

Its the greatest comeback in boxing history. Packed into the film industry with the greatest actor.

It is one of the best of russel, and hollywood. How a man struggle, and stand.

Best film he's done

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10 American Gangster

I agree gladiator is good but isn't better than this one. One of the most underrated movies - Shynash21

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11 Man of Steel

Em not this movie is his best.

This should be top 10 not top 5.

This should be top 10 not top 5

12 A Good Year

A massively underrated film...

the best

I watch this every time it is omn the T.V.. I would do that for most other movies. You always enjoy it!

13 Noah

This song was very disappointing. But wasn't that bad some claim. - zxm

14 Proof of Life
15 The Quick and the Dead

Just watched and loved it very nice movie recommend other to watch it its gift of russel crow

16 The Insider
17 Virtuosity
18 Les Miserables

Russell Crowe was awful in this film. Not only was his acting bad and overdone, but his singing voice...ugh. - Elric-san

19 Tenderness
20 Romper Stomper

Awesome film one of the best classic!

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