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41 House of Cards
42 Moment of Glory

Why this is not even in top 5? It's epic and lyrics are awesome! Wish I had heard this when I was much younger.

43 Passion Rules the Game

If there were more REAL SCORPIONS FANS voting here this song would surely achieved top ten. From my opinion this song is the reflection of the SCORPIONS itself. Though Still Loving You, Send Me An Angel, Wind of Change are awesome, the mainstream scorpions songs are Rock you Like A Hurricane, Now One Like You, Rhythm Of Love and this one is among them. From my opinion Savage Amusement is the best Scorpions album.
Unfortunately, Passion Rules the Game is very underrated song now...

How can't this one be on this list? Listen to this wonderful song, and try to tell me its not good!

Agree with SnaGem's words... GREAT song and better than the well known ones at top of this list. Don't Stop At The Top and Media Overkill are also great.

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44 Robot Man
45 Arizona
46 Virgin Killer

Another example for pure early metal! - somekindofaguy

47 Top of the Bill

Excellence just pours out of the song. With Klaus singing some of his best work, and just extreme power radiating from Rudolf and Uli. -

48 In Search of the Peace of Mind

I can't believe how people don't see the beauty of this song, probably because they never heard of it, but it's worth listening

49 Raised on Rock

What an amazing new song love it now its not their best song because rock you like a hurricane is there best song but this song should be number 8, 9 or 10 its that good of a song. Great guitar and drums just hope they come to Ireland for there final sting tour because it will be my first time to sewe them live and maybe it might be my only time and last because they said that they will end in 2013 - mneilan

WHAT! I can't believe nobody bothered to add this song it's just pure awesomeness! Shud be top10. - RockRetard

Love this song, best riff, gets me singing whenever its on - callumwood

All there songs are amazing

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50 Catch Your Train

It's crazy that this song isn't even represented on this list. It's just so good.

Great classic Scorpions song and a must-listen

Glad to hear this on the 50th anniversary tour.

Great vocals like a lot of their songs.If you like we'll burn the sky you will also like this one

51 Pictured Life

This is one of their best early songs that foreshadows their huge pop hits. Easily a top 15 Scorps song and a shame more haven't heard it. They crush this live - check out Wacken DVD for example. amazing Uli Jon Roth work. This and We'll Burn the Sky = epic

52 The Best is Yet to Come

I don't listen to a lot of the Scorpions but this song is hands down my fave Song! - Curti2594

Come on! This really should be #1! My favorite

Not the best, but it deserves better place.

This is the best new song.

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53 When You Came Into My Life

This song makes me feel like I'm in love with someone every time I hear this beautiful song. Not as good as You And I or Wild Child.

This song is amazing. If you are truly in love and you listen to it you'll cry.

This song is so beautiful it's hard to even describe it with words.

Better ballades

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54 Love Will Keep Us Alive

The lyrics is so great! You'll just have to listen to it for the second time. Right away!

Love will keep us alive for ever

One of the best love songs, at least should be in top 10

Guys! This is the best! Really!
Please turn the volume and listen carefully!
It's amaazing!

55 Lady Starlight

I was about to vote between holiday and sails of the charon, but when it comes to tears, this song is definitely the winner, started with nice acoustic melody, and ended with slow yet mind blowing solo guitar, you can't get any better, dude!

This one is is 49? The guitar solo alone has got to be the most touching one ever, bar none! Not to mention the haunting tune and picturesque lyrics... Lady Starlight will remain a personal favourite

This is my favourise song ever... Can't believe it is on number 25

56 We Built This House

This song will easily reach the top ten soon

Good meaning, chill to the bone, this song is new, but modern. I thing this song can use for wedding. Also play with nice nstrumentals riff. Althought the solo is short. Powerful vocals harmony.

57 Love of My Life

This song shows special meanings... One of the best romantic song.. I've ever heard

Great love song, beautiful lyrics, perfect melody, truly! One of the best romentic song... I think Klaus did a great job in this case, as usually - a piece of art
Have you ever loved some one? I did, and now I dedicate this song to the love of my life - who hate me...

I lived threw a relationship like this. I don't think I will ever be with her again. Sounds like a new song don't it jim

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58 He's a Woman, She's a Man

Must listen to the Tokyo Tapes version. It blows you away.

59 Make It Real

This is the first Scorpions song I fell in love with. I had heard Rock you like a hurricane on the radio in 1984 and wanted to listen to the older songs and this one instantly caught my attention. It was a popular song in 1980, it is hard to believe so many people have forgotten about it.

This should at least be top 20

I'm baffled by the low ranking of this magnificent song - this is one of the best and expressed the Scorpions songcraft and message right before they broke through to multi-platinum on Blackout. The final "have you ever had a secret yearning" is all time classic build up. Top 5 scorps song.

This is waaay to low. Come on! It's a classic

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60 I'm Leaving You

Amazing song, shows the best of the scorpions abilities.

One of their most underrated songs and probably Jabs' best solo.

Wildly underrated, one of the best from their popular peak

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