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81 Tainted Love
82 As Soon As the Good Times Roll

This is a great pump-up song. - Raa396

83 The Cross

One of the best songs by them and has great lyrics! Definitely should be way higher on this list! :D

84 Falling In Love

Awesome Song off Animal Magnetism

85 Hit Between the Eyes

Why this song is missing? I don't understand people here! At least top 15

86 Does Anyone Know
87 To Be With You In Heaven
88 Night Lights
89 Edge of Time

This masterpiece should be in the top 5!
Just listen this music and you will know why!

90 Love Is War
91 Virgin Killer

Another example for pure early metal! - somekindofaguy

92 Yellow Raven

The best song from them! Not at all popular, yet the best!

93 Kiss of Borrowed Time
94 Fly People Fly
95 Only a Man

Seriously the best song they ever did and they had some amazing stuff. Can't believe this is so low on the list. Of course their 2nd best song Is there anybody there, was really low too.

96 Ruby Tuesday

Wow... Catchy song... Whole song is amazing... Klaus sings perfectly... It's a rolling stones cover

97 You're Lovin' Me to Death

This was my first song that I listen to scorpions...,
And I become a huge fan of scorpions...
Check this out

98 In Your Park

Top guitar working from Uli Roth

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99 Believe in Love

Makes me belive in love... I love the part where he sings"If you don't catch me now Icant's stop falling down"

My favorite ballad by Scorpions.

What? What the hell is this song doing here? Just listen to the intro riffs and this song will be voted to the top 5, if not the first position... The vocals, riffs all reek awesomeness!

This song deserves to be on top!

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100 Lonely Nights

Should be the no. 1 song... By far, this is the scorpions best song... Rock you like a hurricane is real good, but I guess, this one takes the cake! Totally underrated...

This song must be in top 5! Why don't you understand it? This song is WONDERFUL.

Best Song Ever. I don't understand why it's number 35. It should be number 2 or 3.

I like this song very much, I keep searching in this list and I find it 28th!
Real shame

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