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101 Sting in the Tail

Love This Song This One Should Be Number 10, 11 Or 12 So Good Amazing Guitar Solo - mneilan

Vote This Song Up Please Love This One So Much

Heard this song after 5 years on no rock this should be higher ranked

31? Should be higher.

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102 Raised on Rock

What an amazing new song love it now its not their best song because rock you like a hurricane is there best song but this song should be number 8, 9 or 10 its that good of a song. Great guitar and drums just hope they come to Ireland for there final sting tour because it will be my first time to sewe them live and maybe it might be my only time and last because they said that they will end in 2013 - mneilan

WHAT! I can't believe nobody bothered to add this song it's just pure awesomeness! Shud be top10. - RockRetard

Love this song, best riff, gets me singing whenever its on - callumwood

All there songs are amazing

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103 When You Came Into My Life

This song makes me feel like I'm in love with someone every time I hear this beautiful song. Not as good as You And I or Wild Child.

This song is amazing. If you are truly in love and you listen to it you'll cry.

This song is so beautiful it's hard to even describe it with words.

Better ballades

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104 The Good Die Young

Prove that scorpions still rock! Perfect melody, great lyrics, just amazing, its 100% Scorpions + something more that makes the song for me personally number one!

A really great song by the Scorpions! In my opinion, it should be in the top ten songs list :). It's true, the good die young. Love the singing, the melody and also the rhythm. A really really great song! One of my favourites of the Scorpions.

Love! Love! Love this song! The Best! I simply can't stop earing this masterpiece!

I think the good die young is one of the best yet I hope the band go a little bit longer.

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105 Lust or Love
106 New Generation
107 Woman

The Greatest Scorpions Ballad!

108 Aleyah

From an unfairly criticized album, this is my all-time favorite Scorpions song.

109 Love 'em or Leave 'em
110 Dreamer

How the heck is this not even mentioned in this list? It's a beautiful song, lyrics maybe not thát good, but it's worth a listen! Some band should cover this song!

111 Catch Your Luck and Play
112 Rock 'N' Roll Band
113 Rock My Car
114 Polar Nights
115 They Need a Million
116 Drifting Sun
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