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21 Maybe

Seriously? 28? This must be the most underrated song of secondhand serenade... I fell in love with this song the 1st time I heard it!

Honestly, I had a difficult time choosing. I love all of them

I can't believe the rating is so low. When I heard it I loved it and put it on repeat.

What! I was expecting this song under top 10.. This song is so beautiful

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22 Take Me With U

This is so beautiful song, made me remember someone in the past :')
This song is the eyewitness of our love story..

This song is beautiful... It describes 'love' perfectly
For me, it's a tie between Fall For You and Take Me With you for number 1!

23 Pretend

A brutal truth. Sad but beautiful.

This song should be more high... Listen to this song if you love SS... It's a very meaningful and sad song... Made me cry... "I can't face the truth" - Shadman

24 So Long

The right song to listen!... Unique and original... Not heart broken lyric this time... Listen to know the worth of the song

25 Let Me In
26 Distance

This song have deep meaning, good melody and suppose to be in top 5.

One of the most romantic, emotional and epic songs I've ever heard...
Lyrics are beyong words, vocal skills are simply legendary.

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27 Last Time

Awesome just feel that this one is best by secondhand serenade! I'm actually in love with this songs. Just can't express my feelings while hearing this song! Excellent job by JOHN! He is the BEST!

This is the best of SS... I fell in love with this song since it started - Shadman

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28 Tested and True

This surely deserves to be in the top five. Those of you who have not yet listened.. Please listen... If you are a serenade fan you will enjoy it.

Why is this song so underrated?
It overtakes Fall For You in so many points...
Must be at least in the top 3

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29 Fix You

This song's position should be higher

30 Half Alive

It means so much, it got me one of my best friends and it has so much meaning in its lyrics. just such a beautiful song.

Love this one, I just hope you'll vote for this! Just click the listen to sample button and then vote! Don't forget to post a comment! Let's get this to at least top 10 guys!

I don't get why this is so far below..
I usually listen to this song over and over without even getting bored. I love eveything about this song, especially the Lyrics

31 World Turns

I just can't believe this so underrated its one of fine song ss have

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32 Animal

The best song ever

33 Last Song Ever

Why is this rank #32? This song is incredible!

34 Let It Roll
35 Reach for the Sky
36 Undefeated

Best song from his new album with same name

37 Nightmares

This song should be in the top 3! "Nightmares is definitely one of Secondhand Serenade's best songs!

38 You Are a Drug
39 I Don't Want

A lot of emotion, longing... powerful lyrics

40 Stay Away

I love the meaning of the song. I was really surprised that it was only at rank 36. This song deserves to be at the top 10.

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