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21 Oh, Sandra

.. Aww its so so much lovely song.. I don't know why its not on rank two at least.. Oh sandra

22 I Promised Myself
23 Welcome to Rainbow

HOW DOES THIS NOT HAVE ANY VOTES? Something about this one just makes me want to rave. It's so catchy.

Outside of the now your gone album this one is absolutely one of his best

This one is pretty awesome and I liked it...

"This song is so underrated"

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24 Northern Light

Why this song isn't in the top 10?! This is the one with the best lyrics! And the vocals, the melody... So beautiful

25 Why
26 Without Stars
27 Counter - Strike
28 Between the Two of Us

You can tell who the real basshunter fans are by what song they vote for... Don't think I hate songs like all I ever wanted and now you're gone, but songs like this, the ones that the majority of "fans" don't know about are the most beautiful. The real fans bother to dig a little deeper into the huge collection of basshunter's songs and look up translations :) not trying to criticize, just saying'...

I didn't vote for this one, but I will agree that it is the most meaningful song of basshunter's. If you don't speak Swedish, just look up the translation... Very beautiful lyrics.

So beautiful. Not his usual upbeat style, but if you look up the translation of the lyrics into English, you'll see what I mean.

29 I Will Never Be Afraid Again
30 See You Smile
31 Sverige

Best Basshumter song even though it was only released in Sweden

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32 I Still Love
33 Strand Tylösand

Just a great song and great beat, still love it today should be a lot higher

34 Crash & Burn
35 Numbers

It was the "hidden" bonus track on the last album. It's classic!

36 Elinor
37 I Will Never Ever Turn Around

This is such a awesome song! Recommend you to listen!

38 Syndrome De Abstenencia
39 GPS
40 Beer In the Bar
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