Top Ten Singles by Benny Benassi

Grammy Award winning Italian disc jockey and producer of electro house music.

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1 Satisfaction

awesome song and sick beaat... benassi is a beast - Okami

what a beat in dz song.. xellent

This single had a big satisfaction to everyone - MatrixGuy

Really sick one, I just like it.

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2 Illusion

The voice and beat makes me mad

Makes me feel like in the disco is just a deep song best of techno

Its a very good party song, the voice and beat makes you trip!

Very catchy song.

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3 Cinema

I really like this song it has a nice beat and catchy lyrics. I prefer it compared to satisfaction.

Epic song. The Skrillex remix is better, though.

Number One For Sure!

MY Favourite Song

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4 Hit My Heart

Such a good voice and beat to this song!

5 House Music

Awesome beats and kicks the bass too good

Beats are awesome in dis track

I watched the video 4 to 5 times continously after downloading it...

6 Rocket In The Sky

Good! Just the intro and the end of it are good in fact, he could have made it better.

Who is your daddy is the best!

7 Every Single Day

I Listened this song every single day - MatrixGuy

8 California Dreaming V 2 Comments
9 Pumphonia
10 Feel Alive

I find it hard for anybody to come up with a legit explanation why this is not a solid #2. Song is timeless

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? 2 My House

Probably the best one for now

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11 Able to Love
12 Come Fly Away

The beats of this song really made us fly away! Really recommended for anyone who needs to get some guts disco time!

The Remix with Adam K and Soha is just beautiful

13 Love is Gonna Save Us

In the beginning the song is not that good but later on this song swept me away

Best track by benny

This song made me roll my face off

14 No Matter What You Do
15 Turn Me Up

Number 2 right after satisfaction!

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16 Who's Your Daddy?
17 Hypnotica
18 Control

Good song..Must go in the top..

One of the best of benny benasi, this song is a beast

19 Dance the Pain Away

Just listened to this new song and it is amazing! Vote if you agree

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20 Time
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