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21 Ruckus

Top notch. I have had these for about 4-5 years, still going strong. Had two pairs of indy's before them and they are similar, not too light not too heavy. Grind well and are a bit cheaper than the rest. Good stuff

I've had mine for about four years before I had to switch them out! There some rad trucks!

they may not be very well know but I can assure you they are great trucks! - hippster

Had mine for 3 years and is still in good condition!

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22 Slant

I have had them for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is they are amazing, they perform at professional level and are the best I have ever had!

Slant trucks last for such a long time and are made so well you should try them and you'll love them

These trucks are okay but the not the best and not the worst.

Not bad not the best but good trucks👍

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23 Navigator Trucks

The best trucks love them

24 Kryptonics

Best Trucks I ever ridden! They are plastic and the bushings are plastic as well! They are the lightest trucks in the world, without any fancy hollow axels and hollow kingpin! They don't even turn but they are still the best trucks. Its not stable at all and you slip off once you land a trick. BEST TRUCKS!

I love skating kryptonics they brake every other day but it's ok I skate mongo and I'm in the hospital because I fell over pebble and broke my pelvis so buy them or die

Kryptonics are the best! The best ones are made of cheap plastic and don't turn but they are amazing! They last a long time too I had mine for half a week without breaking! I love kryptonic wheels too they are made of premium plastic and they are nice and slow and flat spot within 1 hour

Kryptonics work great with crocs. Perfect. I went to ollie el toro with my plan b deck and independant trucks. The deck snapped and and the trucks bent. Its ok though because my local boardshop, walmart, hooked me up with a kryptonics complete and crocs. The crocs rip and the boards break about every 15 ollies, but I get 10 feet of pop each ollie so its worth it. When I ollied el toro with kryptonics I cleared the stairs by 6 miles and rolled away clean.

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25 Bear

There cool

26 Darkstar


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27 Industrial

No special technology about their trucks. I know there are some pretty bad reviews, but I've used industrial for my first skateboard and they are pretty decent if you take care of them properly.

Laugh out loud I m 15 and skate industrial trucks I love them but not to good for turning and wall riding

My trucks are great and they lasted me 2 years

Best ever trucks

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28 Trinity
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30 Core Trucks

They have a nice smooth turn. Have not skated them with there original bushing I'm pretty sure though they do nothing to help the rest of the truck

My core trucks are amazing! They turn great and I love them, I skate on a almost

Sick turn speed with awesome break in time

Don't even last I only skated them for six months and they broke what

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31 Indy
32 Airwalk

They last long they're good but the kingpins break with a lot of pressure

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33 Blind

First truck I ever skated they're cheap, made from an awesome waxy metal. They are awesome for grinding, I especially love how well they turn

34 Frontage
35 Walmart

When I was a beginner like not doing tricks still doing the basics the trucks and deck and hardware and every thing else broke after 6 weeks

Way better than Thunder, Tensor, Independent, any truck ever, you name it. These are the best, man!

They are so epic I mean who doesn't want plastic trucks?!... Don't waste your money on them

Just kidding they are not retarded

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36 Cargo Trucks

I love them. They are really strong especially for hardcore skaters. They have good bushings and are light weight. They work well with risers too.

37 Enuff

Enff Trucks has bushings like thungers, great for grinding, long lasting and good pop. Only bad thing is that they bend over a few years but they are cheap so worth buying

38 Tork Trucks
39 Plan B

I have had for three months with planB trucks an it hasn't even rusted yet. A even ryan sheckler has a planB.

40 Birdhouse V 1 Comment
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