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41 Speed Demons

Speed demons better than more or less average and I did notice improvement on the pivot but getting it them down to a grind is. they are awesome

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42 Nyjah

Best trucks feel cool look cool

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43 Shorty's
44 BIG Trucks
45 ENDdustries Trucks

Simple graphics, great material, very nice for grinding and smooth rides. Really love this ENDdustries trucks! Make it the BEST skateboard trucks in Indonesia.

Enddustries trucks one of the best skateboard trucks I ever had. Ride it and grinding with it more nice and smooth. The price is reasonable for skateboarder like me.

46 Killer Trucks

Super light has a lot of lean in them which helps with balance these are sick trucks

47 Caliber Trucks

I've had them for over 2 years now and they look like I just got them

High quality trucks that last forever

These trucks have never let me down

Amazing af

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48 Zero
49 Etaks
50 Sanction

Half decent they don't feel that nice to ride and the bushings are hella squeky but I think that may be because I ride super tight trucks. But overall they are ok for their price.

51 Marvel
52 Invader Trucks

Love invader trucks they are real low in comparison to my indies and trackers and you feel in full control on vert pools and street. They turn well and look great I recon. (All of my trucks are 149 - 153 wide)

These truck are pretty good long board truck, put some red bearing and gravity wheel and you can hang with the best

53 Blackout
54 Alka
55 Threat
56 Fishbone V 1 Comment
57 Blacksmith

I got a pair of 7.75 matye black finish blacksmiths and there amazing and only around $30, there bolts don't loosen and they 50 50 rad

58 Slayer

Great trucks to ride. Not a name brand but I recommend them

59 Cruiser Trucks

Best trucks I have ever seen, reasonably priced, and many varieties and many different colors while also great for grinding cruising and longboarding

60 Lightning

I have my lightning trucks they have good lightweight durable grinding trucks to skate with for a longtime..

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