Thunder Trucks


Sick team of course! But I've skated Ventures and Thunders and they're both really nice. The only drawback with venture is compared to others, they're pretty heavy. Thunders are unmatched in strength to weight ratio, being super light and strong. Almost everyone at the couple skate parks I hit ride these and beat the hell out of them for years with little to no complaints. They're taking over!

I've had my thunders ever since I got my first set up, they are light considering I've tried my friends boards and they ride venture and independent, but thunder are just more lighter and durable, great graphic and also my favorite rider rides for them so that's always a bonus haha, I'd suggest thunder for all the kids wanting a new skateboard

Thunder trucks... Best things ever created... Light and amazing I love them. 9.6 out of ten they should be # 1... The are awesome. Tensors are good two but I'd prefer thunder trucks. ATM boards with thunder trucks and bones wheels is the best setup ever made.

Thunders are awesome! They are very light but sturdy at the same time! Thunder trucks are definitely worth every bit of money I spent on them! If your looking in personalizing your own skate board pick the thunders they are THE BEST they should be #1 but two still good! :I

Thunder trucks are really light. Never got axle slip, never got broken base plate, grind pretty good, hollow kingpings don't brake. I had 2 pairs of venture. Both broke base plates and kingpins. Had axle slip had axle bending. Had 5 pairs of thunders, only one hollow kingpin broke and that's all. Team riders are a bunch. That should say something.

Thunder trucks r the best I got hollow lights and when I carried it it was as light as air it also looks sick and is very durable before I got thunder trucks I had venture and independent they're good but not as light and durable as thunder

Thunder trucks are amazing and very durable. They last a long time and they are perfect for any type of grinds. They also have a great look to them and match a lot of different skateboards. Thunders are the best!

They grind nice and easy, way better than Indies. I had a pair of Indies and the kingpin snapped. I've only ever had one problem with Thunders and that's that the kingpin nut often sinks into the metal bushing cup if you're relatively heavy. Overall good trucks for the price though.

I think thunder trucks are great. They are very reliable and overall amazing trucks. They are light, can grind well, and they are super smooth. If you are a beginner looking for new trucks or a pro looking for some reliable trucks either way thunder trucks are the way to go.

Skater in late 30's, always skated indy... But, got a complete setup from a kid at work... Thunders 147's, awesome... Light, strong, turn on a dime... Gotta love those thunders... Anyone tried skate one's, just ordered a powell reissue complete, those were the only trucks they offered... Any good?

Love these trucks... Highly Recommended! Hangar and axel made of very high quality aluminum alloy in most renditions of these trucks. -- Super lightweight. Well built.. No complaints... will buy many many many more of these in the future.

I have no clue at all why Thunder is number 2 right now. They're the longest lasting pair of trucks that I've ever skated, having skated numerous pairs of trucks before, including independent, venture, theeve, royal, and destructo. They're grind just amazingly, they're super light, and they are really cheap, but don't let that turn you down, they're best in quality and best in price. Thunder just cannot be beat.

Ahh thunder trucks the best skateboard truck ever a few reasons why I think the're the best firstly the are super light and are great for beginners even people who are still good at skateboarding because you pop higher when you do ollies and kick flip and then you last more in the air the thunder truck I personally like is the hollow lights they they are super strong and very sturdy and will last you forever so that's it I think they are the best truck you should definitely check the out! :-)

Thunder trucks deserve to be #1 I had them for 4 years and still fresh they're super light last long and come with great bushings. Why is independent #1? I had them before and there not as great as my thunders! Thunders for life...

Thunders are my favourite skateboard truck. I have been skating my thunders for a year and they have had no problems. They grind really well, they are really light and they turn really well so they are great for street.

Thunders should be number 1 or 2. These trucks are the best I've ever ridden. The grid awesome, last long, are super light, and have the best turning of any truck ever. GO THUNDER

Thunder trucks Grind Better Then Any Brand. Only Little Scratches. They Are Hard To Scratch And They Loosen. They Get Better every time You Ride Them. I've Rode Orion They Are Horrible Compared To Thunder

Best trucks ever wear I love everyone rides them currently I'm riding the thunder 147 artillery lights the grind so smooth and last forever and they are so light it's crazy

Thunder trucks last along time an are great at taking impact and they have perfect steering also they are awesome at grinding. THUNDER ALL THE WAY!

Awesome trucks love them
All my friends have them and have told me to get some.
Got some.
Fabulous Trucks.
Also, they come in nice colours too!

Thunders are great! Its that simple can't get any better they have sweet designs but they turn amazingly have great pop and dam just buy them already!

I've rode thunder trucks for a while now and after skating silvers, venture, and independent thunders should be number one

I've owned three pairs of thunders and I don't think I could ride anything else. My current pair is 8 years old! I just keep changing the bushings out and they keep going strong!

I think thunders are better because they are lighter stronger and faster. By faster I mean that they grind 10x faster. With thunders you can basically grind on anything.

Most of my life I've been skating Thunders and they've worked really well Thunder makes good, solid trucks that don't slip (I've had some slipping with Tensors). Overall, 9/10