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1 November Rain

Slither = Respectable song, Heavy Metal roots Introduced
November Rain = Beautiful chord progression, exceptional use of orchestral and choir dynamics, unbelievably heartfelt solos, FREAKING EPIC OUTRO! m/

Great, great, great song. No other song can match the beauty of this song. Heavenly solo by SLASH. The one who died without listening this song were unluckiest of all and the one who'll die without listening dis song are the fools of all.

Amazing song... awesome video! shortest 9 mins of my life whenever I listen to this!

Epic song... love slash, love Axl Rose! XD

The best.Period.

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2 Slither

best solo ever apart from november rain but still great songg : P

I had no idea slash was on the guitar for this masterpiece until I saw this list. An amazing song with superb vocals and a really awesome tune. A must listen for any rock fans out there.

I think its his best song yet!

Good solo and rhythm guitar work. And a great song. - Userguy44

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3 Anastasia

The last two and a half minutes of that song are simply mind-blowing - one of the most dramatic solos from Slash in a long time!

Slash always plays the same song... Unless that song is Anastasia. So very different and amazing. Slashes strongest song

It's the guitar solo at the beginning that'll get you hooked, and the amazing collaboration of Myles's vocals and Slash's solos that'll keep you listening.

Mind blowing guitar paired with a very powerful voice A*

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4 Welcome to the Jungle

Screw sweet child. It's an awesome song but slash himself admits that it is boring and repetitive. Fair enough it has a great solo but songs such as welcome to the jungle have raw emotion and power which is all shown in slash' amazing skills!

This is an amazing song; it was the first song I heard from this band, so whenever I think of them, this is the song that comes to mind. I don't know why it's not number one. It's so much better than some of the other songs!

Awesome song... you can't find songs much better then this any more... this takes real quality of a solo... so I say if you can find a song better then this let me know because that would be the best song in the universe...!
Long Live The ROCK!

Watchmojos top 10 Guns N' Roses songs says it all

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5 Ghost

Slash and Izzy have a unique collaboration, and you definitely hear it in this song. Great song! Appetite all over again

Amazing classic Riff
very good song
Love the lyrics very much RockN'Roll - shatti

I been on consert and this was best song

6 By the Sword

AWESOME! The best Slash song! And Andrew Stockdale (from Wolfmother) is the best singer in the world!

Its just stuck in your head. Awesome!

Best song in this century...

The trippiest solo ever.

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7 Dirty Little Thing
8 Paradise City

Amazing! The last two minutes are great by slash.

All GN'R spirit in it.

Best guitar ever. Intro and opening solo are my all time favorites.

Best song ever. Should be

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9 Back from Cali

Amazing riff awesome song!

Es un tema para un single

10 Beggars & Hangers On

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11 Nightrain

this should be higher rated. it has the best solos

Put Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steven together and you've got a masterpiece

Slash just shreds on this song along with Izzy

Best song ever

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12 Starlight

This song proves how much of an awesome team Myles Kennedy and Slash make

Starlight should be the best, its one of the most meanful and slow songs of slash

13 Mean Bone

fantastic song, really think slash should get the snakepit back together

Underrated song from "Ain't Life Grand"

14 Gotten

Awesome! Why is this song so down here, guys? Awesome intro, awesome vocals, and the best solos! Come on, take it to the top!
This is Absolutely Orgasmic!

It must be first! It's my best song and best of other slash songs

This easily a top 10 song!

Best song... So deep ❤️

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15 Halo
16 I Hold On
17 You're a Lie

Oh, come on everybody! It's one of the best songs in the album Apocalyptic love. Just listen to it carefully and feel the magic!

Just great, super key changes, energy & melodies

Oohh man, just listen to that riff, its one of the best and most addictive riffs I've listened lately!

I love slash :-)

18 Civil War
19 Shots Fired
20 Give In to Me

A great perfomance from slash. Awesome solo's in this MJ song, love slash's influence in this song, great riffs. Not to be forgotten that Give in to me contains a great guitarist!

Awesome teamwork with Michael Jackson! Great solo's, love slash in this song.

Just awesome.
How someone can pick out so much on a 24by6 fretboard

21 Bad Rain

This song doesn't belong in the 28th position. This stunning piece of work deserve at list top of 5th place.

Very good slash song

This is my favourite song from 2012... NO DOUBT!

22 Crucify the Dead

Ozzy's voice sounds so damn good in this song

23 Rocket Queen
24 Loving the Alien

Are you kidding me, this rift? Is amazing.

25 World On Fire

Don't fight it your like it leo,11 - Leofeldman91

This song is a masterpiece

Love this song,
Good lyrics good solo & the video is Amazing - shatti

26 No More Heroes

Orgasmic. The beginning just leaves my mind blown, one of slash's strongest songs

Amazing, One of his best in a long time!

27 Don't Cry

Why Slash's Don't Cry solo is not on this list blows my mind. It sure isn't number one or maybe not even top 8 but it is such a meaningful solo. It isn't just one of the solos where Slash plays really fast. A person actually feels connected to this solo and feels it.

Awesome song...
Should be higher rated...

28 Nothing to Say

Not the most technical song, however, one of the hardest songs Slash has ever done. Anyone who likes metal would enjoy this song

Slash Ft.M.shadows...nice n great solo by slash and Good Vocal from M.shadows For this kinda metal song

Slash M. Shadows please is better than another song - felipemaldonado

29 Beautiful Dangerous

This song is AWESOME

30 Promise

This is simply Slash's best songs, with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden on the vocals, this songs is simply perfect, the reflexive beggining, that perfectly executed guitar pattern, and the feeling that it transmits. Its definitely the best from album Slash (2010) which at the same time is the best Slash album ever. It should definitely be on top.

Awesome song! The strings are plucking away to glory

Should be around tenth at least

Promise me it will be minimum 5th place!

31 Shadow Life

The vocals are incredible!

My favorite song

Under-rated..should be in the top ten

32 Dr. Dan Theme Song
33 Fall to Pieces

How is this not higher on the list?

Listen to the solo cause it's amazing
After this listen to his acoustic cover with Myles, the solo is even better - shatti

34 Standing In the Sun
35 The Dissident

Only heard this twice and already think its one of his best from World on Fire

One of my favorites as many can agree once they here it.

36 Bent to Fly

Slash's guitar combined with Myles' stellar vocals make for one damn awesome song!

37 Iris of the Storm

Damn what a good chorus, It's really beautiful

38 Locomotive

Slash played all the guitars on this song. The grinding riff, the killer interlude solos, and the hauntingly beautiful guitar outro make this one a masterpiece.

39 Doctor Alibi

Great riff and also really breathtaking solo!

40 Wicked Stone

Great melodic song and great solo

41 Driving Rain
42 My Michelle
43 Automatic Overdrive
44 Kick It Up a Notch

Phineas and Ferb for the win!

45 Beneath the Savage Sun
46 Been There Lately
47 Apocalyptic Love
48 Drive Me
49 Withered Delilah
50 Saint Is a Sinner Too

So different and with so much affection. This song is truely a hidden masterpiece. Brilliant play by Slash and some awesome vocals and lyrics by an unknown artist.

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