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I know all Arctic Monkeys are awesome but maybe this is the top 10 PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT.
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Fluorescent Adolescent Fluorescent Adolescent Cover Art

The arctic monkeys used to be my favourite band but I like the Beatles more. I never used to be able listen to this as the lyrics are so rude, but I always listen to it. Very lively and energetic, probably my no. 2 and my no. 1 teddy picker. Where's that and were is ritz to rubble? Both great songs but I love fluorescent adolescent and it's a signature arctic monkeys song.

Do I wanna know...are you flipping joking you peasants. This song bangs lowkey like whenever whatever you're feeeling this song just goes off you feel. Also by the way, new album a bit dodgy not gonna lie, theyve all gone slightly downhill but still my favorite band, first album was the daddy of albums. Anyway, just to let you all know just got some new white trainers I like em a lot

Do I Wanna Know is genius, but nothing can beat Fluorescent Adolescent, the lyrics are genius, the tune is as catchy as they have even been and the synergy between all the members just can't be beat. This song just makes me so happy to hear and gives me almost a feeling of nostalgia, even the first time I heard it. It's amazing.

The lyrics are awesome "You used to get it
In your fishnets, now you only
Get in your nightdress, discarded
All the naughty nights for
Niceness, landed in a very
Common crisis". "Fluorescent
Adolescent" is one of the band's
Most popular songs, and is
Frequently performed as a closer
To their concerts

Do I Wanna Know? Do I Wanna Know? Cover Art

Absolute brilliance by the Monkeys. Gotta love that riffing trademark of theirs, keep it running through the song. And this song is a brilliant example of it. Brings up images of black and white footage with lots off cigar smoke in the air and the smell of brandy...

I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it. I read about this song in a book and it introduced me to their brilliance. The song is outstanding. The lyrics are beautiful. The instrumentals are easily recognizable and completely unique. Awesome song

Simply in love with Do I wanna Know. You just can't not repeat this song over and over again. Lyrics are on-point, and the music kinda just sways you. Am I the only one who feels high while listening to this song?

The beat to this song and the guitar riffs combined make this one of the sexiest songs I've heard. I love the lyrics and the genius of Arctic Monkeys truly shows with this song. Deserves to be number one!

R U Mine? R U Mine? Cover Art

Awesome tune. It's an impossible task choosing my favourite Arctic's track but this is still really fresh and it's amazing to know that they are still producing quality tunes 6 years after WPSIATWIN! Both the lyrics and the delivery of them are perfect on this song... New album is quality just listened to it

Such a catchy chorus and just an overall great song! It's up there as one of their best I believe, but there are many amazing arctic monkey songs for it to contend with! I think it should be a top 5!

As much as I love Arctic Monkeys, Suck It and See didn't quite live up to their standards. This was quite a refreshing tune after something as terrible as Brick by Brick.

You'll love this song from the get-go. With its catchy beat, guitar playing and infectious lyrics, you'll find yourself singing it 24/7. This should be in the top 3 at least.

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Cover Art

Absolute stunner, such a quality song. I got all my friends hooked on Arctic Monkeys after introducing them to this song. Not only is the beat infectious, but the lyrics are too and even after all these years it has remained my favourite song of theirs. Hope they keep making music for years to come.

This song is mainly just drums, guitar and vocals, yet to me it is as powerful as it can get. The only thing I can describe this song as is that it makes you want to 'look good on the dancefloor' meaning it makes you want to dance and rock.

One of their best songs, best lyrics too. I would definitely put it above Brainstorm for sure. My Propeller and Dance Little Liar from Humbug were pretty sick too. Alex's voice is amazing.

This song has everything. From a quality guitar sound track all the way to fantastic lyrics written by none other than Alex Turner. This is the song that drove Arctic Monkeys into their current stardom!

A Certain Romance A Certain Romance Cover Art

This is such a brilliant song. The lyrics are genius and observational. It is also one of the most diverse sings the Arctic Monkeys have ever d ok new with all the different elements of guitar (especially in the intro), and with the huge and climactic outright with banging guitars and a very powerful and beautiful sound. The Arctic Monkeys are a truly brilliant band with many amazing songs but, this has to be their bestm

By far their best song. The lyrics are easily relatable, the guitar interplay is genius, with every riff and chord fitting together like puzzle pieces, and not to mention the greatest album closing song of all time. I've never listened to an album that feels more complete by the end than Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not.

This song embodies everything that truly is Arctic Monkeys. It opens up with the power of something like I Bet You look good on the dancefloor, then it takes you through powerful storytelling similar to the likes of Mardy Bum, and finishes off an extremely intense ending. It has everything. Their best song by far.

This song is pure genius, this is one of the best Indie Rock songs of all time, it never gets old. You can listen to this straight for hours and you will still want more. The beat, the verses, the rhythm, the long instrumentals, just everything. This song is perfection. Top 5 at least.

505 505 Cover Art

The ability to create a song with only two chords that doesn't get boring for over 4 minutes alone makes for a top 10 song. Indeed, it's actually a very catchy well-written and overall well-made song that you'll be humming way over it ends. Great job, guys.

How is this not number one? Not only is it easily their best song, it is one of my favorite of all time. I have a shirt with the lyrics, and you guessed it, that's what my account name is about.

This song speaks to me in a way that no other song can do, you can feel the messages of somber emotion and sadness reflect through this song. This is by far my favourite song of all time

Just a complete tune full of angst and a longing to be somewhere else from where you are. It's as mature as A Certain Romance but is much more dark and beautiful. The perfect set closer..

Crying Lightning Crying Lightning Cover Art

Great song complex lyrics that are just awesome to sing- along to and makes Humbug an even better album than it already is! Just a spectacular song from the Arctic Monkeys looking to buy this album soon!
Top 10 favorite Bands_Format: Band, Lifespan Of Being Together, Most Recent Album
1. Guns N' Roses- 1987- 2008- Chinese Democracy
2. Nirvana- 1989- 1993- In Utero
3. Smashing Pumpkins- 1988- Still Going- Shiny And Oh So Bright
4. Green Day- 1990- Still Going- Revolution Radio
5. The Strokes- 2001- Still Going- Comedown Machine
6. Queen- 1973- Still Touring- Made In Heaven
7. Oasis- 1994- 2008- Dig Out Your Soul
8. Arctic Monkeys- 2006- Still Going- Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino
9. Fleetwood Mac- 1968- Still Touring- Say You Will
10. Arcade Fire- 2004- Still Going- Everything Now

How is this only #9? Crying Lightning is definitely the highlight of Humbug, and it's so discretely sexy with its memorable riffs that hit you perfectly.

"And your past times consisted of the strange and twisted and deranged and I hate that little game you had called... CRYING LIGHTNING..."

Crying Lightning is a best rock song in modern times. Chorus is one off the best in rock history and emotions is like in Stairway to heaven. This song has lot of changes and it clear masterpiece. I'm worried that Alex won't write better song than this.

This is an absolutely brilliant song! It is only overlooked because it was on Humbug but seriously this is an amazing song which deserves to be in the top 5!

Mardy Bum Mardy Bum Cover Art

Mardy Bum was the first song I heard of Arctic Monkeys and it instantly got me attracted. Certainly, its smooth lyrics, chord progression, and tone, just make it beautiful. Too bad it remains an underrated song.

I think Mardy Bum, together with "When the sun goes down" is the best song from the Arctic Monkeys. The lyrics, melody and rhythm is just great. And I love West Yorkshire accent! Alex is really a great songwriter

It Remembers my best friend listen this son when I fight with her... Because I think I really love her... Ishe is my mardy bum I cannot support to see her angry... Less if I have to see her face every day... I don't know what I've todo if she goes away

I love the strumming patterns and the lyrics! Classic tune by a legendary band. Saw them headline Friday night at Glastonbury in whatever year it was too! It was a great performance by them that night!

When the Sun Goes Down When the Sun Goes Down Cover Art

Such an epic song! On of their best for sure. I love how it starts slow but then becomes very aggressive. The sample here isn't the real deal. If you want the real experience of When the Sun Goes Down, play the entire song. Every moment is pure gold!

The first song I ever heard from them. At first, in the first seconds, I thought it was some brit folk. Then, giving it a chance, It blew me away and I was instantly hooked on the AM and have been since that day.

I wouldn't say 505 and Do me a favour are garbage but I have to admit, neither of those two should even be in the top 20. When the Sun Goes Down is my personal favourite and I do believe it's one of their best

I love this song! It makes me wanna dance and I always feel like it gives me strength to face even my worst days as I'm working with a bunch of psychos

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Cover Art

Always been obsessed with this song since the first time I heard it. Got to be my favourite arctic monkeys song and definitely there longest titled...

The first song of AM that I listened to and I'm instantly hooked to the band. I'm a fan since then. One of the best songs of AM and my personal favourite of all time!

This was the first song I listened to by the Arctic Monkeys and I became instantly addicted to them. Not sure why this isn't in the top 5 but it should be!

One of the best songs of their new album, it's so catchy and it gets stuck in your head. Should definitely be in the top 10.

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Brianstorm Brianstorm Cover Art

This song deserves a top3 spot, at the very least a top5. My favourite song of the band as well as my favourite album. Really electrifying song, amazing to hear even 11 years later of its release.

My top 5:
1. A certain romance
2. I bet you look good in the dance floor
3. Brianstorm
4. Fluorescent adolescent
5. 505
6. Do I wanna Know
7. Crying Lightning
8. R U mine?
9. Arabella
10. Any other Whatever People See I am that's what I'm not song except for "you probably couldn't see for the lights..." And riot van

99999. New album

Time ago I didn't know much about the monkeys until I listened this song on a friend's car and I was like 0-0 "dude whats the name of this song? Its awesome! " So yeah this song got me into their music. Top 3 at least.

Accentuates everything wonderful about Favourite Worst Nightmare and the AM as a band. This song changed them from a great band made of influences to an influential band.

Big tune, has swag in abundance. I will give a Nobel Prize to anyone who can find an individual with ears below the age of 95 who does not like this song.

From the Ritz to the Rubble From the Ritz to the Rubble Cover Art

Last night these two bouncers and one of ems alright the other ones a scary one, his way or no way totalitarian, he's got no time for you looking or breathing how he don't want you to, so step out the queue he makes examples of you and there's nought you can say, behind the go through to the bit where you pay and you realize then that it's finally the time, to walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line, and you can swap jumpers or make another move, instilled In your brain you've got something to prove to all the smirking faces and the boys in black, why can't they be pleasant why can't they have a laugh, he's got his hands in you chest he wants to give you a duff, but secretly you think he wants it all to kick off, you've got arms flyin everywhere and bottles as well it's just, something to talk a story to tell yeah...

Alex Turner perfectly paints the picture of a lads night out on a Saturday night in town here. Behind the go through to the bit that you pay’ you somehow exactly know what he means.

Again, a song that firmly established AM's strengths as a band in their ability to progress a song. It's like a machine gun of lyrics rolling off Turner's tongue for the first verse that last's a solid minute. Then into an explosive chorus and moving into a bridge and some amazing guitar riffs and stellar drumming. Never a dissapointment. Dance Little Liar, R you Mine, and this song are tied for my favorite AM songs

Best arctic monkeys song. Love the way it's really frantic to start Edith and it gradually calms down before the heavy instrumental at the end

Dance Little Liar Dance Little Liar Cover Art

Simply the best arctic monkeys track. The lyrics are epic. This should be number 1. The bass solo is epic and the drums are awesome. Alex Turner is awesome.

Best arctic monkeys song. Everything incredible in this song: bass, drums, guitar, voice, lyrics. Should be number 1, whithout doubts.

Was torn between this, The View from the Afternoon, Balaclava and Arabella

The best song of their best album

Cornerstone Cornerstone Cover Art

For me, Certain Romance and Cornerstone are the band's best, despite the fact that I love almost each and every song by them. But Cornerstone is just top notch perfect. Rarely do the chord progression, the guitar riffs, the bass line, the drums, the voice, and the lyrics fit so perfectly. Alex Turner tells a story through his song about the quest to find his lost love in such a masterful way that it leaves me marveling. It is fool of romance, love, misery, humor, and despite being a love ballad, the song does not shy away from taking a slightly dirty yet funny twist at the end. I think this song is extremely underrated, and I am glad that the band is playing it live again.

Love Alex and all the rest of em but this song! The words are so amazing and it really makes you think. I'm 12 but arctic monkeys are my favourite band by far and this is my favourite song by far. It's fab. Alex's voice makes everything sound cool as well.

Such an romantic song, while the meaning is so sad. He loves the girl so much that he sees her face in every other girl he's met, and I think while hearing the song you can imagine the scene.

Cornerstone should be at least higher than this rank. It's sad that people only rank their songs not through its aesthetic value but because of the song's popularity.

Teddy Picker Teddy Picker Cover Art

I loved the 2nd album, my favourite by the Monkeys but I feel as if Brianstorm is getting too many votes, yes it's great but it doesn't need that many votes, 505 and this deserve more votes than they have atm as do Leave Before the Lights Come On, Do Me A Favour and Old Yellow Bricks.

The song refers to the popularity
Of celebrities. The song
Expresses annoyance with people
Who are so desperate to be
Famous that they do over-the-
Top things to get attention, such
As participate in reality shows. One of the best songs ever

I love the contrast between the verses and the chorus. It makes me want to sing along, and I love listening to it over and over again. This and Mardy Bum are probably a tie for me.

This should at least be in the top 5! Much better than the other 2 overrated singles, this is proper Indie Rock right here!

Do Me a Favour Do Me a Favour Cover Art

Such a powerful song. The lyrics are amazing; they really portray a sad scene well. Plus the music is amazing. And Alex's voice just sells it

This song is a real sad movie even if you're in a good mood and you listen to it it takes you where the song takes place amazing feelings amazing music it's definitely should be in the top 5

I had an orgasm when I heard it live

Absolute favourite song from my favourite album, the drums at the beginning and the bass, amazing lyrics as well

Fake Tales of San Francisco Fake Tales of San Francisco Cover Art

This song is plenty of energy, I am fan of this band since the first time I heard this song. Every time I listen this song I find the energy to do whenever I need to do. The voice is great, it sounds really natural... The drums and guitar give the power to the song and during chorus the voice of all band gives to the song something I cannot explain that makes it so exiting. "I'm not from NY city I'm from.. Any where.. " Thanks Artic Monkeys!

Maybe people think the beginning's kind of weak. That's the only thing I can think of as to why this isn't at least in the top ten. The ending is awesome, and the lyrics and pretty powerful in that sort of backstreet, British way.

The beat of the song is awesome... It gets stuck in your head... Only vocals are little squeaky...

This is the first song I hear by these guys

Stop the World I Wanna Get Off with You Stop the World I Wanna Get Off with You Cover Art

Why anybody would like this song?
1) It's relatable
2) Has groovy beats
3) Has an awesome sauce tune
4) Hell catchy
5) Um.. It's relatable
What more do you want?

Tragedy that this slips through the net for a lot of people as it just missed out on being on AM.

Brilliant song, very well put and never gets old. My favourite indeed!

It deserves to be in the first 5. Just a great song.

Arabella Arabella Cover Art

Must be higher... It is really better than Do I Wanna Know, R U Mine and Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High. Clearly best song on AM and one of the bests from Arctic Monkeys, the band that did "Whatever people Say I Am That's What I'm Not", "Favorite Worst Nightmare", "Humbug" and "Suck It And See".

Awesome song. The best in AM. Everything is perfect and the lyrics are one of the best of all time "And when she needs a shelter from reality she takes a dip in my daydreams"

One of the best songs from Arctic Monkeys. Really groovy track that hits you smoothly and enters in your favorite song list.

Amazing song! Great lyrics, great guitar solo, and some of the best drumming out there!

Library Pictures Library Pictures Cover Art

This is one of their catchiest and greatest songs. I don't know why this isn't in the top ten.

Pretty Visitors Pretty Visitors Cover Art

Why are only the most well known songs in the top ten? This deserves to be there!

This is the best of Humbug and its 32nd? This is blasphemy

This is a really good song and deserves to be in the top 10

Most awesome song ever. 101? What? Go Listen to the song! NOW!

If You Were There, Beware If You Were There, Beware Cover Art

Its in Favourite Worst Nightmare but, sounds so Humbug.
Very underrated, but very COOL at the same time.

This song deserves to be in the top ten list..

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Cover Art

This song is by far my favorite! I know the songs from their first record are considered the best ones, but, please! This song is just amazing! Oh, and for goodness shake, it's not brAInstorm! It is brIAnstorm! Really! Check this on wikipedia! Could someone please correct this?!

Yeah yeah yeah the lyrics are hilarious on this one

How can you not love this song

100% energy 100% amazing lyrics 100% one of bests

Red Light Indicates Doors are Secured Red Light Indicates Doors are Secured Cover Art

Amazing beat, and such good lyrics. Alex's lyric writing skills is perfectly showcased in this song, and the music itself is so good! I have this song on repeat.

Can’t sit in a taxi without humming this...

Riot Van Riot Van Cover Art

Though short, this song is rare show of the beautifully soft and smooth lyrics and tunes that set aside from the usual all-guns-blazing guitar and drums. This style is shown in other songs such as'Mardy bum' '505' and 'The only ones who know' which all to this day remain in high regard with fans. The witty and wistful lyrics of their lives as teenagers on the streets toying with police, no cares for adult life. This song to this day remains one of their best written and beautiful songs

I love how he acts clueless about the drinking age.

This song is so good, reminds me of me on the streets

For sure the best song

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