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61 Too Much to Ask Too Much to Ask

Though nearly no one has heard this amazing b-side, it is, in my mind, the greatest song Alex Turner has every written. Through sombre and passionate lyrics, he weaves the tale of an entire relationship through a series of poignant vignettes. This entire song drips in atmosphere, from the soft crooning of Turner's voice to the subdued Nicholson bass line that strings the entire melody together. The unbelievable poetry that is the lyrics somehow manage to impart the most sublime detail whilst still slipping perfectly into step with the music that tugs at your heartstrings and pulls you on and on. If you're an Arctic Monkeys fan and you haven't heard this, get on it. NOW. If you love music, do the same. Again and again, this song's magic reminds me of the power of music.

Music in it seems so deep. The song is full of emotions.

62 Evil Twin Evil Twin

Probably their best B-Side and should have definitely been on Suck it and See.

63 Mad Sounds Mad Sounds

Ooh la la la, their finest moment

I broke down crying in public when I heard this for the first time. Enough said.

How is this #65? One of the best AM's songs

How can this ne #65? Should be higher

64 Fire and the Thud Fire and the Thud

Just the rhythm takes this to top ten

This list is a disgrace. this is a lovely song with the best lyrics

65 You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Straight at Me You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Straight at Me

Best fast song after I bet you look good on the dancefloor

66 Curtains Close
67 The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap

Very underrated indeed. From the psych bends and slides to the dark and gloomy sounding vocals. This song is grooving and could fit in any album.

A clean piece of rock and roll material! Pure geniues in my opinion.. Heavy with a beautiful rhythm and a dark edge to the lyrics! Classic

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68 Da Frame 2R
69 The Bad Thing The Bad Thing

The way this song is written is genius definitely should be up there

What! The guitar solo is pure bliss. This should be higher

The song writing on this is astounding.

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70 Come Together Come Together

A great cover of a great band, that's it.

71 You and I

Great song! I especially the inhaling part of Richard Hawley. The clip on YouTube is also amazing. Just give it a try and you'll understand what I mean. The temperament... The lyrics... One of the best solos... Ah

72 You're So Dark You're So Dark

One of my faves

73 Don't Forget Whose Legs You're On Don't Forget Whose Legs You're On
74 What If You Were Right the First Time? What If You Were Right the First Time?

What if I was right that this would be higher on the ranking if it was published on an album?

75 Plastic Tramp Plastic Tramp

A really great Bonus Track from the Fluorescent Adolescent single. A fast energetic song that shows much of their talent!

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76 Seven Seven
77 Ravey Ravey Ravey Club
78 Choo Choo
79 The Afternoon's Hat The Afternoon's Hat V 1 Comment
80 Joining the Dots Joining the Dots

It's really rare song. But my favourite with Love is Laserquest

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