Top Songs from the Arctic Monkeys

I know all Arctic Monkeys are awesome but maybe this is the top 10 PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT.

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81 Ravey Ravey Ravey Club
82 Choo Choo
83 Catapult
84 I Want It All

In my opinion one of bests in AM.

Why is it at 79?!

85 Only You Know

Great cover

86 Hold On, We're Going Home
87 Red Right Hand
88 2013
89 Sketchead
90 Brick by Brick

This song should be at least on the top 20. Great riffs and drums, love you AM!

I'm sorry, WHAT!? What is this incredible song doing all the way down here?

Don't understand why is this so hated. Really good song

This song reads my mind. "I wanna rock and roll! "
Oh yeah.

91 My Propeller

This should be way higher, top 20. I can't explain how intriguing and just plain sexy this song is.

If this song is seriously not in the top 20 at least, then you're not real fans

This song is the best for me. This energy, kinda sexual in a way... Turns me crazy every time.
Still, the other ones are my favorites too. For sure.

Wont spin and I can't get it started on my own. the best song of Humbug

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92 Who the F*** Are Arctic Monkeys?

I love this song, although it took me some time to grow into it, but now I can say it belongs to my favorites. No doubt. And why is this song only in place 88?! Awesome lyrics and instruments, WAY TOO UNDERRATED..

If you are a true Arctic Monkeys fan, you will know this track, and realize that it acts to a brother to Leave Before The Lights Come On, in terms of pure badassness and epicness. And then there is that riff that comes in 3 minutes into the song... It needs to be in their top ten along with Cornerstone

93 No Buses

SO UNDERRATED. this is a great song a must listen for fans of the Arctic Monkeys. Has a kind of similar feel to the beginning of Mardy Bum

Such a great song. I hate how half of the high spots on this list are all AM songs. It's songs like this that truly draw you into Arctic Monkeys.

The lyrics are so true! Best song ever

This song is just calmy as hell, worth a listen

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94 Dangerous Animals

This is not okay. This song is undeniable one of their best, both lyrically and musically. It gives off such a dark and brooding vibe with such clever lyrics and a catchy tune. This list is starting to sadden me now...

I don't know about you guys but I think this song is great and should be way up on the list. Same with My Propeller and Brick By Brick.

No love for Dangerous Animals... - neel9248

The climax/solo section is massive. great song I can’t believe this is so low.

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95 Take It or Leave It

This is the strokes

96 I.D.S.T.
97 Electricity

Must be one of their best songs, great riff, awesome lyrics. A must-listen for all you AM fans out there

98 Dancing Shoes

This is their best song, seriously! It gives power and the chorus is just incredible, trust me, if you never listened to arctic monkeys, listen to this song and you ll fall in love with them

I'm surprised this isn't one of their most popular songs. It has some many great elements, infectious beat, just seems like a song fated to be a huge hit. So confused why it's so underrated and under appreciated?! One of their most fun and sexy songs definitely.

AMAZING SONG! Greatest solo! How can't this be in the top 5

Amazing song

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99 Fireside

Amazing song from the new "AM" album. Can't stop hearing it. This song has a energetic beat with a amazing guitar solo. My favorite from their new album.

I love this song and I am so surprised as to how low it is on the list. This song is a great driving song as is the rest of AM.

Better than a lot of these. Should be higher on the list


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100 Humbug

This isn't even a song!

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