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1 No Leaf Clover

yep... this song z great
- mushthaqshaji

VERy very very awesome vocals same goes to the solo and the orchestra

On my TOP 10 Metallica's song. Great music and vocals.

I don't like that album but my dreams are that song in studio version without orchestra.

2 Master of Puppets

you just can't help it
violins are great
guitar is great
drums are great
vocal is awesome
difinetly the best song better than orginal record

Better than on the record. In many ways...

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3 The Call of Ktulu

this was an amazing intro to the concert. such a great song

This song won an award for a reason - sharky

4 For Whom the Bell Tolls
5 One

The song sounds like it has been waiting to play with the orchestra

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6 Bleeding Me
7 Nothing Else Matters

the bass in that song actually makes it sound heavier than every other metallica song there is. - metfan001

Song of my soul

Very good song, with the orchestra. - dragon13304

8 Outlaw Torn

Amazing version, vocals are much more clear than those of the original album version. The symphony adds a whole nother level to an already great song.

This version takes great but under-rated song to another level.

9 Until It Sleeps

Best song by Metallica with a symphony. It can't get better!

10 Human

Very Underated Cause They Don't Play It Live Anymore - rocker1796

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11 Hero of the Day
12 Battery

Like how the orchestra does the intro to this song. - rocker1796

the orchestral intro is wonderful!

13 The Thing that Should Not Be
14 Sad but True
15 Fuel
16 Wherever I May Roam
17 Of Wolf and Man
18 The Ecstasy of Gold
19 The Memory Remains

Of all the songs on this album (of non-original songs), this one perfectly incorporated the orchestra with the original version. Not only that, but Hetfield's vocals weren't all screwy with it. This was, in my opinion, a perfect song.

Come on! People! That was the best song on S&M after Ktulu and no leaf clover the way voilin and orchestra is mixed with distortion guitar and solos is just epic!

20 Devil's Dance
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1. Human
2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
3. The Call of Ktulu
1. Master of Puppets
2. The Call of Ktulu
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
1. Master of Puppets
2. The Call of Ktulu
3. Bleeding Me

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