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21 Blind

This song should be far higher than 31. Far far higher. The deeper meaning behind this song is beautiful. The way his voice interacts with the music is simply magical. Listen to it, you will not regret it.

This is one of those special Placebo tracks that is constantly and consistently played over and over again. WOW! It's powerful edgy ballad leaves you wanting more and more.

"If I could tear you from the ceiling, and freeze us both in time. I'd find a brand knew way of seeing, your eyes forever glued to mine"

Beautiful, trying to help someone who can't be helped

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22 My Sweet Prince

This song is beautiful. It seriously needs to be higher

This song has a very deep sense. It is the legendary song! But it's a pity, that only few people understand it...

"Me and the dragon can chase all the pain away" is enough for this to be top 10


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23 Julien

This is my favourite song from placebo, and possibly ever.

Julien is like the youg brian molko, like his past, he call it "julien" and dedicate a song to himself

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24 Come Home

Fall in love with placebo since this... 20 years from now

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25 Post Blue

If someone dedicate this song to me, I will get married with that person

I was to marry a girl who loved that song as much as I did back then

Heard this song on one tree hill

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26 Bruise Pristine

What!? This amazing song isn't in their top 66
Its their best song!

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27 Space Monkey

OK so it's not actually about a Space Monkey, but it still has such lovely lyrics and a beautiful tune, should be up higher despite its misleading title.

It should be higher than "too many friends"



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28 Protege Moi

A thousand times better than the original version!

Protege moi, protege moi (whispering at the end)

His little Luxemburger accent in French is just so charming - Lotuscandy

Seriously people? underrated!

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29 Too Many Friends

Too many friends Too many people!

I don't like this album, but this song, wow

Love it. Surly it should be higher

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30 One of a Kind

Listening to this, you feel like you are one of a kind just like brian, always, every time!

The back of the class it is where I was

31 Where Is My Mind

It's no my favorite Placebo song, but it's a great song which seriously deserve to be higher to me..

Deserves much better! The live version with David Bowie is simply fantastic!

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32 English Summer Rain

NOTHING EVER CHANGES! English summer rain, seems it last for ages!

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33 Taste In Men


34 Commercial for Levi

This lyrics are not written by brian, it is from someone else

35 Because I Want You

One of the best songs they have ever made, it would definitely make my best of compilation

Fall into you its all I ever do


36 Battle for the Sun

22? Are you serious? This song is the reason I fell in love with Placebo! Deserves better!

You can compare this song to the others, but still the best of the entire album

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37 Sleeping with Ghosts

"Soulmate dry your eyes cause soulmates never die" brian's voice when he says that... This song deserves to be upper guys at least top 5

At 37 really... ! Should be in top 5 at least..

Kidding? This is the masterpiece of placebo. It shoulb be on the top 3 at least

This song... you name it and I will sing IT... DRY YOUR EYES! I LOVE THIS ONE

38 Kings of Medicine

This is my favourite song from the band, how can this be in the bottom? Simply love it!
'stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you... ' - suzy092

I can only say that I LOVE THIS SONG! I can't believe it's so low ranked!

Not a very good song, but still a masterpiece! (on its own terms, like in this bloddy bad album)

39 Slave to the Wage

Brilliant song. So many great songs. It's just that this one in particular should be higher


40 Ashtray Heart V 3 Comments
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