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41 Exit Wounds

Absolutely beautiful. This song is made up of pure heartbreak and a strong thirst of being wanted. Brian has poured everything of his being into this. Utterly shattering

If you delate the lyrics, it is just pure trash, honestly, lets say the song its about anything else, then it would be bollocks

This is the most heartbreaking song of all time

42 Haemoglobin
43 Pierrot the Clown

Amazing song, the first one I ever heard from Placebo. Never ceases being amazing.

There's something so magical about this song!

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44 Bright Lights

A good song by them. Not the best but still needs to be higher

IT IS THIS EVEN PLACEBO? what, this is not pop-punk-alternative rock, this is NOTHING

45 Loud Like Love

This song has so much emotion and just like every placebo song it is amazing so I think that is deserves to be at the list also it is the new album name of placebo just give it a try and listen

SO MUCH EMOTION but... a song from this album just can not be so high, there are so many good songs from other album (with the another drummer) that are so much good than this one PLACEBO WHY

This song is energetic,
Not too deep, but the beat and the energy it brings.
Maan.. Its just beautiful. This one deserves the Top 10
Damn I love this song!

46 Drag V 1 Comment
47 For What It's Worth

First song I heard from placebo and it's what made me listen to more of them!

Great song! Should be higher in the ranking

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48 Lady of the Flowers

Excuse me but this song should be at the top of 10 at least! It contains, in my opinion, the essence of Placebo. Simply wonderful

We all have different tastes but this is my most played Placebo songs by a long shot Excellent, its Brill

The most beautiful of all. Thank you for making such a piece of art.

I am in love with placebo since this song, really

49 Passive Aggressive

Surely one of the most beautiful songs from Placebo. Very emotional.

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50 Bionic

Joint best song along with 36 degrees on their best album, "Placebo". Without you I'm nothing is a masterpiece, yes but so is their debut and its also less dark than WIYIN, that's why I pick Placebo.
Bionic, ask for answers, spite and malice, centrefolds, song to say goodbye

51 Broken Promise V 1 Comment
52 Speak In Tongues V 1 Comment
53 The Crawl

How can people ever live without listening to this song?

This song is their greatest. Masterpiece!

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54 B3 V 2 Comments
55 Daddy Cool

Although a Boney M cover the delivery is awesome. A magnificent group who can produce original mind-blowing songs as well as cover anything and do it well!

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56 Breathe Underwater

One of best last songs of Placebo

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57 Scared of Girls V 1 Comment
58 Peeping Tom
59 Come Undone V 1 Comment
60 20th Century Boy
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