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41 Hwang
42 Olcadan

Control the weapon, don't let the weapon control you. Epic.


Fun Fact: Bangoo is Rock's son.

44 Colossus

[Stomps on Yun-Seong and other little people. ]

45 Setsuka

The most awesome character. She combines her moves with lifestyle. what IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?

There is nothing wrong with this character.I like how she fights with her umbrella.

She beat mitsurugi in a 1 on 1 match, now that's pretty darn efficient.

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46 Leixia

She is such a underrated character I like her more than her mother she is very likeable.


Worst even when he powers up he can barely take any life he sucks he shouldent even be on this list he is so bad just no no no no just no the worst person of them all he is worst than sophitia and that is really saying something!

A true badass. His style is very unique and allows his to string together combos up to 12 hits! The familiar gives him a huge range and he is tied for most curse words with Astaroth.

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48 Laldenna
49 Farvolte
50 Vhaju
51 Tomoe
52 Ryouga
53 Sizuku
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