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181 Insecurity

The best. Cartman yelling at the security company made me laugh my ass off for hours after watching. Ike's drawing of the UPS man and his mom was hilarious. And, the bane impersonation of Randy and Cartman. Definitely the best of the entire show.

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182 Poor and Stupid
183 Towie

It was funny when he talked

184 Reverse Cowgirl
185 Fat Camp

But he's not fat... He's big-boned...

186 Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce
187 W.T.F.
188 Stanley's Cup

Why did anyone out this here! This is cancer, Nelson just says No hope twice at the end and, stops breathing! (Cries) Was this kid really left alone in the room at the hospital! The person who put this here is a terrible person.

I don't think the cancer thing was that funny, but this episode had it's moments. "I'm just his father, but you're his coach. You know more about this than me. - Caleb9000

Who put this here must be really drunk.

189 Clubhouses
190 Follow That Egg

I like this episode because kyle never going to like wendy

191 Freemium Isn't Free

This episode sums up all the reasons I hate these kinds of games

192 Quintuplets 2000
193 Royal Pudding
194 Cash For Gold
195 Cartman Joins NAMBLA

That one had its moments but I didn't really like that one Cartman drove all his friends to danger!

196 Conjoined Fetus Lady
197 Here Comes the Neighborhood
198 Wing

About a singer called wing that the main characters become her agents

This was the best episode from season 9!

199 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
200 Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
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