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21 Pandemic 1 & 2

I love Craig all Craig fans better watch this Poor Craig he's so underrated I feel bad for the kid that's why he's my favorite and I fell in love with his sarcastic comments

Craig is so funny!

Why is this not in the top 10? Its hilarious!

These episodes were terrible. I love south park but this one of their worst - jefflebowski

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22 Fishsticks

I recently started watching this show and this is one of the first ones I saw

How on EARTH is this at only number 33? this is the best episode ever!

very funny got me into south park - mcarzwashere

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23 The Losing Edge

It was really nice to be able to relate to South Park, and they were the first to realize that not everyone liked baseball. I was shocked to see how relatable this episode was. Oh, and Randy, being the idiot he is, paid a hysterical homage to rocky. Funny, relatable, and with good references. Plus, it was nice to have an episode where I don't want to strangle Cartman with his own spinal cord as much.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone can relate to kids. It satirizes how baseball is adored by adults but hated by children because of how prolonged it is.

Randy was hilarious in this episode!

This episode is perfect!

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24 It's a Jersey Thing

This episode came out at the perfect time. I remember it fondly, I was in 8th Grade and everyone was OBSESSED with Jersey Shore and I couldn't stand it! Every spoof was SPOT-ON! - theOpinionatedOne

It is a jersey thing was so funny

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25 The List

"plan cannot possibly fail- kenny you create a distraction while you butters kick her in the balls! " - doodie-dude25

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26 Woodland Critter Christmas

Let me tell you why this is a good episode, you see, Cartman tells this story to torture Stan and Kyle and I think that is both clever and charming. The story gets a little bit gross and satanic, however, in the end it's all resolved and that leaves for the Christmas spirit you feel when you hear the song, "Christmas Time is Once a Year" which is a parody of every Christmas song out there... Then the ending speaks about how charming Christmas can be, wherever you are spending Christmas, it sure as hell is better than spending it in South Park.

I love the mountain lion cubs! They are so cute! Kyle, Butters, Ike and Kenny are the cutest characters in the series. Kyle is so cute! - meows

Exactly how is this a good episode?! First of all, Stan kills the mountain lion and all the baby mountin Cubs were crying. The woodland critters worship the devil, the have a blood orgy, THEY HUMPED EACH OTHER, the squirrel basically suicided, and kyle is the BAD GUY AT SOME POINT? Think about that.

WHAT? 110? Woodland Critter Christmas is the most hilarious episode ever.

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27 Christian Rock Hard

I nearly died of laughter when Cartman sang "Whenever I see Jesus up on that cross, I can't help admit that he looks kinda hot". - Caleb9000

Cartman got what he deserved not needed

I love this episode, it's one of my favorites, it should be in the top 10.

" I want a private beach for two, and love when jesus bites my ear." Christian rock really is like that.

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28 Major Boobage

This was Kenny's best episode. I like how it presented his sex obsession and fondness for getting high. Cartman was also good, because it showed how inside, he can be a good kid.

Why cheesing? Because its fon-to-due

I live in phoenix, and I knew someone like that, this episode actually hit bill spot on.

This is my favorite episode of any show ever. I love how no matter what, Kenny finds a way to somehow get high. One of his best episodes, shows how perverted he really is. I also love how Cartman let his sweet side show and rescued all those kittehs. :D

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29 Butters' Bottom Bitch

What could be funnier then Butters as a pimp? - Danny84

Let me reach over here and grab the-FREEZE! You're busted buddy, I'm a cop! Sgt. Yates is hilarious, and very underrated. He needs a bigger role for seasons to come.

I love Butters, so this is one of my favorite episodes, it deserves to be in the top 10, however, it's a bit disturbing..

Do you know what I'm saying?

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30 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy

Pretty funny episode, and Cartman/Dawg was AWESOME. The ending is kind of dark, though.

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31 Asspen

If you don't vote for this on the top ten, you're gonna have a bad time.

Funny, I don't like aspen because I fell off a ski lift there.

One of my all time favorites

32 Child Abduction Is Not Funny

This episode had a unique plot and made the parents of South Park look as stupid as ever. The sub plot is what really steals the show. It is so unique and makes you laugh so hard.

In case you didn't know this is the Great Wall of South Park episode

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33 The Cissy

South Park made fun of Lorde, and she actually liked it. They even made Sia sing a song pretending that she's Lorde. Brilliant.

34 Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants

I just like this episode because it came when people needed it. We were all sad and depressed about the Middle East and the South Park comes up with this episode and makes Binladden look like an idiot. This episode will always hold a place in my heart.

This is why we need shows like South Park

Funny, I know the guy who shot bin laden.

The ending sucked. If SP makes fun of everything how can they not make fun of USA?

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35 Simpsons Already Did It

Professor Chaos (Butters), can't come up with his own way of creating havoc, because apparently the Simpsons have already done everything!

"We killed our teacher and they found our sea men in her stomach." laugh out loud - Rockas

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36 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

Why do so many people hate this episode? - Destroyer334747

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37 Timmy 2000

This episode is so underrated. Hilarious!

38 Damien

Top 5, I was ten years old when I watched it. It was the first episode I ever watched and I was hooked from there.

"No one Likes me"
"How come"
I'm the son of the devil - Trivium

I love this episode I wish I could make storms with my anger Damien flew away two kids Kevin Stoley (I don't care about him because he's weird) and Craig (aww poor babe he must be really light)

"Oh look what Kyle got me. It's a Red Mega... Ants in the pants? ANTS IN THE PANTS, ANTS IN THE PANTS? "
Never fails to make me laugh.

39 Dead Celebrities

Oh come on? 21? This episode in my opinion was hilarious. It just mocked everything perfectly. The Chipotlaway bit was just hilarious and made me love SP even more than I already do and the Ghost Hunters bit was just hilarious! OH MY GOD THERE'S A WARM WET SENSATION TRAVELING DOWN MY LEFT THIGH! Haha. That will never get old to me and this episode at least deserves top 10.

It was the first episode seen in south park and it is my favorite one.

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40 Chickenlover

Respect my authoritah

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