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41 Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Only SP could get away with a character as pointless as Mr Hankey. Plus, he gets Kyle into so much trouble! They took the world's most random idea and made it work. And why'd they censor the title?

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42 Professor Chaos
43 The Poor Kid

Usually all kenny does is stare at inappropriate magazines but in this episode he saved his little sister and we see the better side of kenny the loving and caring big brother. kenny's little sister is so cute!

This episode is super awesome- it shows us another side of Kenny; the more protective, older brother side. This episode also features Kenny as Mysterion when he protects his little sister, which was probably one of the best South Park moments ever. - KennyMcCormick

He obviously cares about his sister watch city part of town as well

Aw Kenny is cute

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44 Timmy 2000

This episode is so underrated. Hilarious!

45 Ladder to Heaven

Seriously? No one voted for this? This is one of their best episodes.

46 Cripple Fight
47 Smug Alert
48 Ginger Kids

This is one of the funniest episodes - Popsicles

This episode was FUNY

Cartman is a good manlupinater and a douchbag

49 ManBearPig

I'm not sure as to why this entertains me... And why is Poo censored? - MoldySock

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51 Prehistoric Ice Man
52 Mecha-Streisand

This is based off from the Japanese Godzilla films. A very funny Mothra vs. Mechagodzilla ripoff. But cool. I want more episodes.

53 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society


SpongeGar is also a meme :) " I'm SPONGETRON welcome to the Future " Squidward - FUTURE FUTRUE FUTURE - YoshiApple

For some reason this episode reminds me of a SpongeBob episode called SB-129 Its one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. Squidward goes to the past to see SpongeGar ( aka Primitive Sponge ) and Patar. Squidward showed them about jellyfishing and they went crazy over it ( and maybe Squidwards music ) Just like the boys went crazy over bebe and acted like cavemen. Looks like spongegar is in there spirit. - YoshiApple

54 Hell on Earth 2006

This episode is absolutely hilarious. It doesn't feature our main guy much though nut it's still awesome. It about Satan wanting to throw a party - aspasiz

Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls - venomouskillingmachine

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56 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

Why do so many people hate this episode? - Destroyer334747

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57 Christmas In Canada

This episode was funny, like the part where Cartman cries like a crybaby after Kyle slaps him.

58 Cartman Finds Love V 2 Comments
59 It Hits The Fan
60 Douche and Turd
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