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41 Timmy 2000

This episode is so underrated. Hilarious!

42 Fishsticks

I recently started watching this show and this is one of the first ones I saw

How on EARTH is this at only number 33? this is the best episode ever!

very funny got me into south park - mcarzwashere

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43 Cripple Fight
44 Smug Alert
45 Chickenlover V 1 Comment
46 Prehistoric Ice Man
47 You Got F'd in the A

OH MY GOD! Seriously? This isn't even in the top 10's. This deserves to be in the top 10's. I love this episode SO much. It's hilarious and entertaining and I suggest it.

48 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

Why do so many people hate this episode? - Destroyer334747

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49 Christmas In Canada

This episode was funny, like the part where Cartman cries like a crybaby after Kyle slaps him.

50 Ladder to Heaven

Seriously? No one voted for this? This is one of their best episodes.

51 Simpsons Already Did It

Professor Chaos (Butters), can't come up with his own way of creating havoc, because apparently the Simpsons have already done everything!

"We killed our teacher and they found our sea men in her stomach." laugh out loud - Rockas

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52 You Have 0 Friends V 1 Comment
53 W.T.F V 1 Comment
54 Douche and Turd
55 Coon vs Coon and Friends
56 It Hits The Fan
57 Gnomes

How is this 66 by far funniest episode ever.

58 Canada On Strike
59 Free Hat

Such a great episode! Shows a lot of the character Tweek, who is my favorite!

60 Mecha-Streisand

This is based off from the Japanese Godzilla films. A very funny Mothra vs. Mechagodzilla ripoff. But cool. I want more episodes.

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