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61 It Hits The Fan
62 W.T.F V 1 Comment
63 Douche and Turd
64 Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

Social commentary at it's most acrid. I wonder if any of the writers have daughters? -

Dear Trey Parker And Matt Stone
Make A Second One For Season 20 That Mocks Kim Kardashian

65 Coon vs Coon and Friends
66 Pre-School

The boys were so cute! I think you should watch it! - David39

I love Trent Boyett! Watch this episode first

67 Biggest Douche in the Universe

John Edward probably is one of the biggest douches in the universe. The episode is just hilarious.

This is south park at their best and most savage! This is a must see for any south park fan.

68 Free Willzyx
69 Canada On Strike

The funniest episode that makes fun of Canadians.

70 Mecha-Streisand

This is based off from the Japanese Godzilla films. A very funny Mothra vs. Mechagodzilla ripoff. But cool. I want more episodes.

71 Gnomes

How is this 66 by far funniest episode ever.

72 Free Hat

Such a great episode! Shows a lot of the character Tweek, who is my favorite!

73 Elementary School Musical V 1 Comment
74 1%
75 Mysterion Rises

The Mysterion is actually Kenny! Kenny is the best character on the show!

76 Kenny Dies

It's so touching, but funny. I love Kenny. R.I. P

The only episode which is really serious... And really touching.

I love Kenny! It was such a sad episode.

This episode was okay but very depressing

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77 I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
78 Cock Magic
79 200
80 City on the Edge of Forever

This episode made me cry because Craig died in Cartman dream my poor baby 😭😭😭

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