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61 Pre-School V 1 Comment
62 Free Willzyx
63 Night of the Living Homeless

Look Glen! Where saved! (Glens head is blown off) - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

CALIFORNIA its cool to the homeless xD

64 Red Hot Catholic Love

Needs to be higher! - theOpinionatedOne

65 Biggest Douche in the Universe

John Edward probably is one of the biggest douches in the universe. The episode is just hilarious.

This is south park at their best and most savage! This is a must see for any south park fan.

66 1%
67 #Rehash V 1 Comment
68 Mysterion Rises

The Mysterion is actually Kenny! Kenny is the best character on the show!

69 I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
70 The Coon
71 Woodland Critter Christmas

Let me tell you why this is a good episode, you see, Cartman tells this story to torture Stan and Kyle and I think that is both clever and charming. The story gets a little bit gross and satanic, however, in the end it's all resolved and that leaves for the Christmas spirit you feel when you hear the song, "Christmas Time is Once a Year" which is a parody of every Christmas song out there... Then the ending speaks about how charming Christmas can be, wherever you are spending Christmas, it sure as hell is better than spending it in South Park.

I love the mountain lion cubs! They are so cute! Kyle, Butters, Ike and Kenny are the cutest characters in the series. Kyle is so cute! - meows

Exactly how is this a good episode?! First of all, Stan kills the mountain lion and all the baby mountin Cubs were crying. The woodland critters worship the devil, the have a blood orgy, THEY HUMPED EACH OTHER, the squirrel basically suicided, and kyle is the BAD GUY AT SOME POINT? Think about that.

WHAT? 110? Woodland Critter Christmas is the most hilarious episode ever.

V 1 Comment
72 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society


SpongeGar is also a meme :) " I'm SPONGETRON welcome to the Future " Squidward - FUTURE FUTRUE FUTURE - YoshiApple

For some reason this episode reminds me of a SpongeBob episode called SB-129 Its one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. Squidward goes to the past to see SpongeGar ( aka Primitive Sponge ) and Patar. Squidward showed them about jellyfishing and they went crazy over it ( and maybe Squidwards music ) Just like the boys went crazy over bebe and acted like cavemen. Looks like spongegar is in there spirit. - YoshiApple

73 Kenny Dies

Hey, this was NOT one of the best episodes! It is one of the worst! Kenny DIES?!?!? How is that good in any way! This is the most sad episode in South Park!

It's so touching, but funny. I love Kenny. R.I. P

No way! This is the saddest South Park episode ever. It was Kenny's death. It's my number 1 depressing South Park moment.

This episode was okay but very depressing

V 7 Comments
74 200
75 Imaginationland, Episode III
76 Go God Go XII
77 Whale Whores

My favorite episode by a good amount. I laughed the whole episode as it is just genius in its creation.

The 3rd best of all time after

1: Scott Tenorman
2: The Ring

I voted the ring because it was too far down but the 3rd best at 108? WHY

V 1 Comment
78 The Coon Trilogy (Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises, Coon VS Coon & Friends)

My favorite South Park trilogy to date, and I'm glad they're making it into a game. Kenny is my favorite character, and I like his story arc here.

79 Towelie

He is an annoying character the towel joke runs on for way too long - Ihateschool

80 Butterballs

This feels like a Butters Torture Porn, sort of like a Squidward Toture Porn on Spongebob and I don't like this episode very much and the ending was terrible.

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