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101 Over Logging V 1 Comment
102 Goobacks

"They took yer jobs! ", said the redneck.

103 Cock Magic
104 Cartman's Mom is a Dirty S**t

Lol I love this episode my mom didn't want me watching it but I watched it anyway

105 #Rehash V 1 Comment
106 Tweek x Craig

Possibly the best one I have seen in a long time.

V 1 Comment
107 Go God Go
108 I'm A Little Bit Country

"...and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll! "

109 Trapper Keeper
110 Red Sleigh Down
111 The Succubus

That's about the time I realized that the girl scout was about 8 stories tall and a crustacean from the Paleozoic Era!

112 Spookyfish
113 Tom's Rhinoplasty
114 With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Pat Sajack- "the hint is people who annoy you." Randy Marsh- "N******! " Best South Park moment in my opinion.

The episode is the best because both plots are hilarious. Rand is hilarious on the wheel of fortune, and cart man fights the midget

Lol randy is the funnier version of keemstar (jk I hate keemstar randy is funny)

115 T.M.I

"What's the matter, buddy? You think I have a small dick? " I have no clue why this is nowhere near the top. The humor is kind of random and gross, but it's still pretty funny.

V 2 Comments
116 Cat Orgy
117 The Death Camp of Tolerance
118 PC Principal Final Justice
119 Butt Out

I don't like this episode.

120 Spontaneous Combustion
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