Top Ten South Park Episodes

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121 Cat Orgy
122 The Death Camp of Tolerance
123 Best Friends Forever
124 PC Principal Final Justice
125 Spontaneous Combustion
126 Taming Strange V 2 Comments
127 Chef Goes Nanners

Who put this here? This one sucks the big one. Cartman won't date Wendy anymore today. If you like this episode, that's fine. But most Stendy fans including myself hate this episode. Stan is better to date Wendy, Cartman doesn't.


128 Weight Gain 4000

Follow your dreams and you can reach your goals. Beefcake! Beefcake!
~Cartman the obese boy.
This episode was the birth of obie the dachsund. (now a regular doxie. ) - meows

129 Le Petit Tourette

I've got a golden ticket, I've got a golden twinkle in my eye

This episode is awesome and super funny - aspasiz

How the hell is this so low?!?! I laughed harder at this one than scott tenorman.

Piss out my ass

V 3 Comments
130 All About Mormons V 2 Comments
131 Here Comes the Neighborhood
132 The Entity

Introduced to the other Kyle, that machine Mr. G made, Cartman saying "Maybe we should send him to concentration camp... dammit! "

133 The Ungroundable

Anything with the Goth kids is amazing!

Ya now I'm off to drink peoples blood

V 1 Comment
134 The Death Of Eric Cartman

I'm gonna make, make it right

135 The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer

Greatest one ever, I cried laughing at it

How is this episode not rated higher?

"making movies, making songs and fighting 'round the world! " - Jonerman

Russell Crowe is so funny - Ihateschool

V 3 Comments
136 Titties and Dragons V 1 Comment
137 Member Berries

Member when this episode was actually good - Ihateschool

V 1 Comment
138 Tsst

I dare one person to not laugh at this episode

Lol I wonder what Jo thought of that (Jo is from reality show supernanny for those who haven't seen it the reason why I watch it is so I can figure out how to raise my kids in future)

139 Where My Country Gone?

So far the best (and might be the only good) episode of the season 19.

This should be at the top ten, what is it doing down here

V 4 Comments
140 City Sushi

Has to be in top 5! "can I take 'a orda prwe? " So funny! The asian turf wars and Butters are so funny!

This suppose tobe in to 5 for real funniest episode ever that white man and japaness was d greatest

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