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81 Lonsdale
82 Metro Shoes
83 Power

Ummm I think it's really depending on the price you buy.I bought mine at about twenty plus dollars and it lasted me for a bout a year so far and I'm still wearing it the leather's quality isn't the best but it should at least last for a year is so yeah and I wear it everyday the laces also isn't the best...they tend to look not that nice after a few months.

I like this shoe brand. It's the best. you can also have a try

Ladies and gentleman we present you with the shoes which was promoted by 'Power' the T.V show with one of the cast being 50 Cent. ROUND OF APPLAUSE, thank you!

I just bought it today,the color is really nice and I can tell the quality is pretty good as well
plus the price is also quite expensive like 50 plus

84 Caterpillar

The best shoes ever with no doubt

85 Metrix
86 Kelme

Good shoes good range perfect grip, all the best to kelme

Worst brand ever hard, ugly looking, the shoe laces are huge and the logo ruins everything.

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87 Vanckis

Stylish Footwear Brand and This is exclusive for rich people.

88 Lakai

Amazing sleek design more durable than Vans.

Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn were Lakai!

The coolest shoes ever

89 Dash
90 Starter

Pretty decent quality comfortable, but cheap. The design looks pretty good so it's a good "backup" shoe that when you have your air max's dirty, this is pretty well1

Worst shoe brand ever

Shoes look cool but rip easily


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91 RDS
92 Kinetix

Should be in top 20 at least

93 Camper
94 Jothi
95 Protege
96 Karrimor

Cheap comfortable sturdy and reliable running shoes. Top 20 at least They are in my top 5 easy.

97 Shaq

These suck they should be last ugly uncomfortable and there Terrible shoes

Great for basketball and one of the best basketball shoes. Good looking too!

EXCELLENT shoes. They're very flashy to be basketball shoes. I like them, they're comfortable. They look like just casual ol' stylish shoes. But very nice for basketball because it isn't as slippery I can say that for sure.

98 Spalding

World's oldest athletic shoe brand "Spalding" is making light weight, comfortable and decent shoes. For me converse all star should be at second after Spalding.

Very comfortable and good designs

There crap

There crap

99 File
100 Nautica

They are the best

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