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121 British Knights
122 Topper

This brand is amazing, very old company and high quality like Adidas, Nike or better.

Good sports brand of Latin America, mainly Tennis, Running, Trainning.

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123 Pro ASE
124 Kmart

Better than nike adidas extra, they look so ugly

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125 Macbeth

This brand is very good product.

126 Runutchi

Very bad and not durable

127 Tuffs

Life is tuff play it cool... just try it you wot go for any other brands.. N price too reasonable

Is the best

128 Joma

The Best Spanish Brand Shoes sold around the world. It became popular as an Official Outfitter Brand in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. They are known by National Athletes in Soccer, Futsal, Athletics, Running, Tennis and Volleyball. They also sell apparels in swim wear, casual wear, jackets and bags. Now with variety in casual shoes and fitness shoes.

Best Shoe and apparel brand in Football, Running and Tennis so far. Better than Nike and Adidas in Football, Running and Tennis.

They sell a good variety of soccer shoes and running shoes.

Used in the Olympics

129 Infinities
130 Hi-Tec

Great shoes. Very comfortable and durable shoes. Great outdoor and trail shoes. Great for summer hikes.

Looked it up designs are I can't believe I'm saying this worse then SKETCHERS

Great quality and functional shoes. Good value

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131 Gola

Gola is one of the oldest sneaker brands in the world. Great design and great heritage!

132 Baba Shoes
133 ID
134 KangaROOS

Got a pocket homie!


135 Icebug
136 Spinn

Looks awesome but really very affordable.

137 Polo V 3 Comments
138 Nirvana
139 Hyperdunk V 2 Comments
140 Dream Seek
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