Top Ten Star Trek Original Series Episodes

The most intriguing episodes of the original series.

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1 City on the Edge of Forever

This is one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek. Number one because William Shatner is hot and I love him, and I love the romance in this. 1930 is one of my favorite centuries. All the great movies and defiantly the shows. Kirk is defiantly great in this show. Please rate this top one Thanks!

Kirk, Spock, and Bones find a portal through time and end up in the 1930's where Kirk falls for Joan Collins and must let her die in order to save earth from the Nazis.

I like how this list of 12 episodes includes widely accepted atrocities like Plato's Stepchildren and Turnabout Intruder but not certified classics like The Doomsday Machine and The Devil in the Dark. Clearly someone's having a laugh!

Overrated. Dumb. Just as most "time travel" gimmicks are.

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2 The Trouble with Tribbles

A light-hearted episode with the extremely cute, continuously pregnant creatures known as tribbles.

3 Mirror Mirror

Spock should have kept the beard... makes him look better and gave him a more "evil" Vulcan look as well... plus Marlena Moreau (Barbara Luna) has lived in my fantasies since I first saw this episode when I was 8... LOL

Downright exciting episode, although as usual, Scotty (James Doohan) overplays his character. - CrazyElephant

The Enterprise encounters an evil version of itself in a parallel universe. Spock sports a goatee - a symbol that continues to be used in media today to different the good version from evil when a copy exists.

This episode. Period. I mean it was an alternate universe, hello?

I think its just me, but when the transporter got fixed and Kirkk returned to the normal universe, when I saw Spock's beard gone, I found it odd and unfamiliar. I donna know why.

4 Amok Time

Spock is driven by Vulcan biology to find his mate on his home planet or die. He ends up having to fight Kirk and "kills" him.

WOW all these were good episodes! I like this one because Spock can't control what he has to do. - beckihrh

5 Arena

Gorn: Slither snort sneer
Kirk: I got them gunpowder.

6 Space Seed

This episode works on a couple levels but the writers must have thought there was something more there since they made a movie from the original premise. - mgenet

The enterprise discovers genetically altered superhumans and Kirk encounters his nemesis Khan (the inimitable Ricardo Montalban).

7 The Doomsday Machine

Matt decker beamed his crew down to the third planet, "matt there is no THIRD PLANET ' matt " don't you think I know that, there was but not anymore". Decker takes command, spock follows orders, Kirk at his best... And the music, the battle music... Enough said.

8 Dagger of the Mind

Dr adams lol

9 I, Mudd

Classic scene. Very humorous

10 The Enemy Within

A malfunction on the transporter causes Kirk to split into 2 parts - one gentle and one aggressive.

This is true acting a great prevormance

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11 The Menagerie

A 2 part episode involving scenes from the original unaired pilot with the original Captain Pike and the famous dancing green girl.

12 Operation - Annihilate!

The stakes are very high - and then they get even higher when things get personal! The triumvirate are at their best and most professional

13 Plato's Stepchildren

The infamous episode where Kirk and Uhura are forced to kiss at the hands of powerful beings.

14 In a Wink of an Eye

Beings that move faster than the speed of light. Kirk is shown pulling his pants on in the bedroom of a woman while she brushes her hair in a negligee.

15 Turnabout Intruder

Kirk's consciousness gets trapped in a woman intent on taking over command. In this series, women weren't allowed to be captains.

16 Errand of Mercy
17 Balance of Terror

One of the best combat episodes of any series. With the Enterprise and the Romulans playing cat and mouse, it reminded me of the old WWII submarine movies. - odog502

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18 The Gamesters of Triskelion

Very good episode, Angelique Pettyjohn (I miss you, Shana! You died too soon! ) plays her role so divinely... this episode is my favorite, along with "Mirror Mirror" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before. "

19 Journey to Babel
20 The Enterprise Incident
21 A Piece of the Action
22 The Devil in the Dark
23 The Galileo Seven

Full of excitement and entertainment good story all round

24 Spock's Brain
25 Shore Leave

Lots of fun. It has everything: Great music, great location shooting, great performances and a guy in a giant rabbit suit.

26 The Tholian Web
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