Best System of a Down Songs

Out of all of their amazing songs, which one is the most meaningful and deep and fun to listen to?

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Chop Suey! Chop Suey! Cover Art

This was the first song that I heard from System Of A Down and I have loved it ever since... This was the song that got me into the band and it really is the best song! This song truly is one of the best metal songs I have ever heard... ! I can assure you that every person who likes metal songs hears this song as much as I do... that means daily! I listen to this song mainly because it just cheers me up! It deserves to be number 1!

Am I the only one who thinks the main riff of this song is copied from Slayer's Postmortem?

Even though the first two verses are exactly the same, the band delivers awesome instrumentals and make the song catchy enough, to a point where it doesn't even matter. Vote for Suicide (aka Chop Suey! ).

I didn't want to vote for this song because it's the easy choice, but it's the only choice to me. This song truly got me in to this band and have really loved their music ever since.

I would have preferred if this song was called suicide, but it is still their best song. However, for the rest of their work, I rate everything else other than this one at number 2, because system of a down doesn't have a "best" or "worst" songs, all of their songs are awesome!

Toxicity Toxicity Cover Art

Shows the more Prog Rock/Prog Metal side of System Of A Down. The musicianship is fantastic, showing switching from time signatures and also showing the calmer riffs and calmer singing of Serj before showing the guitar bursts and Serj shouting before going over to that really aggressive part that you want to mosh to. Easily one of the best System of a Down songs.

The whole "Toxicity" album is a masterpiece in itself. It's an album that redefined early 2000s metal. It's one of the only albums I personally can listen to without skipping any songs. The title track however, is the one song in this album that shines brighter than everything else. Serj gives us the perfect mix of soft and somber vocals, mixed with heavy parts. The instrumentals are also a work of art in this song. The opening to the song is pure genius and only gets better.

It's sad how very good songs are underrated here. I like all of their songs but Toxicity really takes the cake. All System of a Down songs are good but these are just little better:
1. Toxicity
2. Chop Suey!
4. Sugar
5. Spiders
6. Soil
8. Needles
9. Hypnotize
10. Lonely Day

What the hell is wrong with you people, just because one of these songs isn't your favorite doesn't mean that it sucks, sure I think Toxicity should be highter on the list but that doesn't mean that the other songs on the list suck.

B.Y.O.B. B.Y.O.B. Cover Art

Best political themed song ever! Such sarcasm and mind-blowing lyrics about the Middle East War. Not to mention awesome guitar riffs, kickass basslines and Dolmayan's tight hammering on the drumkit that leaves nothing to be desired. And as if all that wasn't enough, we have Serj's crazy voice and Daron's screams are the cherry on top. Oh and do I even need to mention how catchy the verses are?


I honestly could never get enough of this song. The structure of it and the vocals are absolutely brilliant and the changes from intense rock to a relaxed feel is the best. I've been listening to this song since I was a child and I still love it to this day.

This song represents the fact that war is a waste of so much time and the only thing it delivers is the loss of lives. I agree with these guys. Let's toss some politicians into Iraq and see how long they last and how it feels to know they might die.

This song should be NUMBER 1 than chop suey. The song chop suey is good but the awesome guitar backgrounds are just amazing. It's definitely an party rock song in the dessert. I love this song so much more than any of their songs!

Aerials Aerials Cover Art

This song should be higher! This song is just pure epic, and I'd personally use this song as an example of a true Metal masterpiece. The song starts with a clean, but epic guitar intro. Then, the distortion come in along with Serj Tankian's awesome vocals, creating a haunting melody. On the second chorus comes Daron Malakian's higher-pitched vocals making the song even better. After the second chorus, the song gets really heavy and epic. This song is truly a legend among every rock genre. For anybody who's new to System of a Down, listen to this song. You'll never regret it.

It's no longer my favorite System of a Down song, but it's definitely the best to me. I grew up with this masterpiece. Everything in this song is just perfect, and I don't see why Chop Suey gets all the love when this song is clearly superior. I grew up with this song, this song was my childhood, and it more than deserves to be considered the best.

Awesome song. The best part is the sitar played by daron in the last few minutes. This song has been an inspiration for me. This is surely one of my favourite songs by System of a Down. Serj tankian and daron malakian rocks! 1

This is the most meaningful song that System of a Down have ever written. It's about how people strive for fame and fortune but lose themselves completely. Combined with amazing vocals, this song should defeinitely be number 1. come on people, do't just listen to Chop Suey and vote for it!

Sugar Sugar Cover Art

One of the best songs they've ever made! whenever you're feeling stressed out, scream the lyrics to this song. I guarantee you'll feel better afterwards

Sugar isn't in the Top 5?! What?! I'm so surprised, Chop Suey! Is nothing compared to Sugar, in my opinion. It's my favourite track of all, and you can't help but sing along to it. Definitely deserves to be in at least the Top 3!

They closed out a concert to this song and my life couldn't have been more complete for me. This song is incredible and, in my opinion, is my favorite song. Should be in the top 3!

Riff that will kick you ass, coupled with a jazzy bridge that somehow blends together with the song, along with being one of Serj's most powerful performances.

Question! Question! Cover Art

God Question! is so unbelievably underrated. The intriguing acoustic intro, the crazy yet unique as hell riff, John's drumming is out of this world with each new part of the song, and don't even get me started on the melodic, beautiful chorus with some of Serj's best vocals. Every section to this song feels like a new tune but blended together so well to make a melodic, yet headbanging metal track. Don't get me wrong, I love songs like Chop Suey! and Toxicity to pieces, I think I speak for most when I say they're the songs that got me into System of a Down, however they have nothing on Question! Nothing short of a masterpiece.

It was a tough decision between this and Sugar, but I have to say that this song contains everything good about System Of A Down. While it has their trademark heavy drop tuned sound, it also has a bit of their softer side which blended together makes a perfect song. The lyrics are also just awesome. "Sweet berries ready for two ghosts" or something like that. Amazing.

Not a big System of a Down fan, but I've heard all their discography, and that's the most interesting song by them in my humble opinion.

I can't find a better adjective than "EPIC" for this song! The best part is the ending... It seems as if the song's gonna get over peacefully BUT... As it is a trademark of System of a Down they blast out in the end...

Hypnotize Hypnotize Cover Art

This is the most mesmerizing song of System of a Down ( at least I believe so). The tune, music and style is simply breathtaking. I wonder how these people can create such fantastic songs. I believe that it should be the second beat song after Chops Suey, which is also marvelous.
So people, Enjoy the song and try to place it in the second position.

I've loved Hypnotize ever since I heard it. It at least deserves to be second place. For System Of A Down is the best band I know. And for everyone out there who does not believe System Of A Down is a good band, well, your all just country bum nuts!

I heard this song like 145 times on my computer, from the song I downloaded back in mid August. I've had the song from before and on my old mp3, which was where I repeated and repeated it, so I've probably heard this song over 200 times!

A musical and lyrical masterpiece with some deep message in it.
Nice intro and powerful verses are creating are stressing the atmosphere of this wonderful rock song.

Soldier Side Soldier Side Cover Art

Man, I love this song so much, even more so do I love the meaning behind it. It's an extremely powerful song that means a lot more than just a song, it's a story that reflects upon the fact that there are many soldiers who die fighting for their company behind a very greedy nation that hides behind propaganda and etc. Even the first line is just so powerful. A beautiful interpretation that not all soldiers make it home, yet they die on the land that they fight for, and though they may not be dead yet, there's no guarantee of survival in war. The "God is wearing Black" line even more powerful than the first. God mourning his sons that he's lost to the hell on earth that is war. Even the soldiers' perception, "Wondering when Savior Comes, Is He Gonna Be Saved? " is a beautiful line in this song. Implying that the soldier has committed the mortal sin of killing a fellow human, not knowing if he'll be redeemed when he dies. Overall, just.. a beautiful song.

This is a perfect song it should be in the ten at least just listen to it and you will know what me and all of these people are talking about, the vocals, the guitar, the drums everything is amazing. System of a down is the best band and that will never change

It took me like 1 year to be able listening at this song. Made me cry every single time. This is so powerful and the words are touching right to the heart. Plus, obviously, Serj's amazing voice. Makes me feel strange that it is their last song...

I heard this track in 2009 many years after I heard Chop Suey as a kid and even their last release, it made me switch onto the band, and now they're my favourite non-electronic act ever. It's such an amazing tune, pouring with emotion and power.

Spiders Spiders Cover Art

This is honestly system's best work out there. Serj's singing is beautiful in this song. Daron's guitar solo is great too. And can't forget the epic bass riff and the drumming. Truly an amazing song. Serj's singing brings so much emotion to this song it's crazy.

I'm not really sure what the song is really about, and I've read a lot of theories about but nothing concrete, but the music itself is a masterpiece, is my favorite System of a Down song.

The Solo for this song kicks face, Serj never sounded better, and the lyrics are haunting and beautiful all at the same time. Probably the best System of a Down song.

The bass riff and Serj's vocals are so ominous and haunting, that this is one of their masterpieces. The guitar solo is also very good.

Lonely Day Lonely Day Cover Art

What a wonderful song. It has a tune that just sticks in your head, one which you don't mind humming all day long. And with lyrics which make sense, that people can relate too without being too technical. Ah, best song by 'System of a Down' by far.

This song has different meanings to me depending on my mood. But overall, I think it depicts the feelings of a lonely day (life) very accurately. 'Cause at the end of the day we're glad we survived (are alive).

Absolutely the best System of a Down song, showcases clear lyrics, voices and instruments. I love the band's typical sound/style, but this song is a great change of pace.

This song describes exactly what I feel like when I be alone, I love the music and everything it's just something that all of you guys should listen to its amazing!

The Contenders

Holy Mountains Holy Mountains Cover Art

This song is awesome. A lot of stuff from hypnotize/mexmerize and toxicity should have been in there. Deer dance, prison song, Shimmy, Science, Needles, Forest, and ATWA should totally be here, in addition to Tentative, U-Fig, Dreaming, Attack, RadioVideo, Revenga, Cigaro, etc. Boom, Spiders, Streamline, and IEAIaIO would also be cool. And Soil should be #2, after this awesome combination of Middle East tonality, haunting vocals, amazing lyrics, grooving bass, insane drumming, great guitar, and an overall awesome buildup of true music.

Compared to a lot of systems other songs, this song is very serious and conveys real emotions. Serj really goes all out for this song, screaming fire at the listener so that they feel the pain in his heart. I also love how this late in the game he took the lead vocals instead of letting Daron have them.

I think a lot of the songs on the list are inaccurate, songs like this and Revenga need to be higher, Toxicity and Lonely Day are overrated... and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor isn't a System of a Down song, it's Drowning Pool... Anyway, this is their best song, as hard as it is to pick.

This song is just beautiful. The instrumentation and lyrics are spot on, and System of a Down shine on addressing the struggles their culutre endured and take you into it as if you were experiencing it all in person. A classic song from the band and my favorite.

Lost in Hollywood Lost in Hollywood Cover Art

For me, it's between this song and Hypnotize. This was the first song I heard from them, and I've only listened to this song from them for a long time till months afterwards I checked out more of their songs. It's ironic how I loved this band from this song in particular because it is the calmest or one of the few calm songs they have recorded, without knowing these guys almost always do angrier songs like BYOB and Bounce. Now I have literally all of their recorded songs in my iTunes and System of a Down is my go-to rock music band, all the time! Even after listening to all of their songs or maybe 98% of them, this one, along with Hypnotize which I heard eight months afterwards, is still my favorite song of System of a Down, all rock, and arguably one of my favorite songs out of all genres.

This song is truly amazing. It's so epic that the first time I heard it my eardrums weren't able to fathom the orgasmic melodies they just experienced. I could play it on repeat all day it it gets better every time.

This song should be in the top 10 at least, darons vocals make it so relaxing and peaceful, you should have never trusted Hollywood and this is my favorite song to hear live, its completely their best masterpiece, System of a Down 4 EVER!

Such a good and emotional song. Daron's vocals are excellent but for me it's Ser's backing vocals that make the song as good as it is. Plus Pewdiepie used it as the outro for his videos

Forest Forest Cover Art

I love how this is song is still the hard rock and uniqueness that System of a Down is known for, but 's also soft rock, too. This song is a perfect combination of hard rock and soft rock in the same song.

This is nothing like chop suey. But as always, the chorus of this song is top top class. This one just pips the others for me. Holy Mountains and ATWA

I am a huge System of a Down fan and forest is by far the best song of all the albums

This song is kinda like Chop Suey! But I still think it's great


Well, this is the first song I've listened from them when I knew who they really are. This song was given to me by my love, she was/is a huge fan of System of a Down. Now she's gone, she never looked back. It's been almost a year. I miss her voice. So I decided to listen to this song and it made me cry. This song should be top 5 cause it's such a great song.

I can't describe in words how this song makes me feel as well as many other of their songs but this one really stands out to me.

The melody in the beginning, the sadness it projects speaks to me. Then the rage in the "I don't speak.. " parts, just awesome.

This is my song whenever I'm depressed. I just listen to it again and again on repeat. It just resonates so highly.

Prison Song Prison Song Cover Art

Best message, best instramentals, very important song. Quality of songs like chop suey, but less recognition I guess. This is SOAD at it's best

This song has the second most powerful lyrics of S.O.A.D. only losing to P.L.U.C.K. (Do you want something more powerful than to speak about genocide? ) The way that Serj sings is amazing, he mixed rap and heavy metal.

This song is so real with the lyrics. They also make it very catchy and listenable. After I heard it for the first time, I just put it on loop and listened to it a bunch of times.

Prison song is amazing, and It was my first System of a Down song that I listened to. How Holy Mountains is above it, I don't know.

Psycho Psycho Cover Art

The live solo.. Purely epic

The solo just automatically puts this song in the top 10 list no matter what, watch the live performance of this solo by Daron.. And he does it while dancing around as well.

It's just an epic song with an epic album version, an epic live performance and an epic guitarist..

Love you Daron

Best of the band for sure. The final section is epic and amazingly wonderful, featuring one of the best guitar solos of all time. Period.

probably the best band in the world, but they're too good to perform together

This music is really awesome, should definitely be int top ten songs

Mr. Jack Mr. Jack Cover Art

This is disappointingly low. Serj and Daron show their fantastic vocal diversity in this song, making it incredily addicting and I always find myself coming back to it. If it wasn't for Highway Song, this would be my favorite song from Steal This Album!

This song is so underrated in my opinion.
I love the fact that the lyrics can be explained in so many ways, and I enjoy spending my time trying to find various meanings to this song.

This song is great! Such a great guitar part and harmonization in the verses. This song deserves a better spot, in my opinion.

The chilling intro to this song makes it worth it, and it gets heavy later on. But this song totally deserves a spot in the Top 10.

I-E-a-I-a-I-o I-E-a-I-a-I-o Cover Art

This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten... To me it's better than Chop Suey and BYOB. Amazing song meaning, and if you listen to it once you're hooked. For me, my favorite part is the chorus, easy to understand, and it just plain sounds nice.

How can you find yourself not singing I-E-A-I-A-I-O every day after listening to this song? I find myself singing this song right before anything epics about to happen

This needs to be listed way higher! This song is yet another popularity boost that System of a Down had. It is way better than some of the other ones before it!

This songs ridiculousness is amazing. When you are angry you can scream on the "WHY?! s and on that bridge." I have had so much fun with my friends trying to sing this song.

Deer Dance Deer Dance Cover Art

This song is just amazing, I love it! It has an awesome rhythm and serj's vocals just make it flawless! But still, its not their best...

Every time I get on this this song moves back on the list. This is my favorite song from them and one of their best, it desrves at least in the top ten.

You can't stay bored on this song, it puts you in such a mood.. a DANCING mood! The beat and rhythm and amazing, should probably be in top 10

One of their best with lyrical power and jarring juxtaposition of the chorus against the verses

Dreaming Dreaming Cover Art

This song feels like a music battle. Combine Serj's powerful vocals with Daron's much softer singing, and this song is one that will stick in your head for a long time. It does get a little repetitive, but it's performed so well, you won't even notice it. Not to mention, it has quite possibly the best instrumentals in a song by System of a Down. I'd be disappointed if this didn't get top 10, but I'm not counting on it. It's just not popular enough.

This is a very underrated song. The Harmonies are beautiful, but also very fast and powerful. I could listen to this song on an infinite loop and never get sick of it. And I would kill to see a live performance of this song!

This is easily the most underrated System of a Down song. It has energetic verses with great harmonies in the chorus and bridge. It is actually my personal favorite song by them.

When I first listened to this song, it was ok. I listened to it later on. I was mindblown at how amazing this song is! I seriously think this song should've been released as a single. Great song, shouldn't be this low!

Violent Pornography Violent Pornography Cover Art

Great song. I love to just scream out this song when I'm alone in my room, or just in a bad mood that day. This song makes me feel great, and alive. This song and Radio/Video along with Chop Suey are quite amazing. System Of A Down rocks! New listeners should start with albums Hypnotize and Mezmerize.

I love watching the reactions on my friends' faces when I tell them the name of the song, then after they have heard it they fall in love. I can't understand why it's not in the top ten (as of my writing), but hopefully that will soon change!

Come on this isn't even in the top 10? There is definitely something wrong with this picture. And yet BYOB got number three. What? Sure was a little bit softer but hey there's always room for change

At first I was quite weirded out by the title.. And then... I listened to it and FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG! Dispite the title. System of a Down is an amazing band and this song is truely the one that officially hooked me to System of a Down for life

Mind Mind Cover Art

Mind is one of the best system of a down songs and it is by far the heaviest. THE GUITAR RIFF IS SO SIMPLE BUT SO AWESOME. Serj sounds amazing and shavo's bass sounds great. And also, John dolmayan is one of the greatest drummers ever. The drum part for this song is amazing.

It has the best music
Guitar is just legendary
Too bad it is so underrated

This song releases the anger out of me. It's one of the best!

It's the longest System of a Down song

War? War? Cover Art

One of the greatest anti war songs of all time. Not the best anti war song System of a Down have made(B.Y.O.B is better) but this song is underrated. And no, it's not anti-religion,

Actually I can't really decide which one better between war, spiders, aerials, radio/video, and hypnotize. They got many many great songs. But I love war recently, that's why I vote for war. But seriously this song should be at least at the top ten. I really enjoyed the song of their live performance and the extended play version.

My favourite song by System Of A Down, either this or Needles. The lyrics are very powerful

I'm Christian and I don't care if this song is against religion, it rocks

It's not anti religion. Serj himself follows a religion that he describes as "a mix of Buddhism, Native American religions and Transcendentalism".

Revenga Revenga Cover Art

Awesome song, it deserves to be much higher on the list - top 10 at least! But System of a Down is such a great band that even their less popular songs are fantastic!

How the hell is this all the way down hear? Oh yeah, because System of a Down are so good even their songs down here are better than most other bands

The best system of a down song is chop suey but I'll vote for this one because I think it should be way up higher on this list.

The end guitar part is astounding. By far my favourite song by them.

Highway Song Highway Song Cover Art

Steal this Album is so underrated, to me it's just another great System of a Down album but somehow it doesn't get that much attention :/ anyways, this is probably the best song on STA

Steal This Album's best song, besides Boom!, of course! One of the few romantics they have.

THIS SONG! Easily my favorite song, not just by System of a Down, but my favorite song ever. The incredibly addicting background instrumentals combined with Serj's fantastic vocals that show how diverse he is makes for a perfect song. It may not be the best song, but it's easily my favorite.

Not too known, but one of their best songs

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