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41 Peephole

Great song! I love the circus type of rhythm it has. Then how Serj's voice goes soft in the chorus. Such an addictive song! Love it.

I absolutely love this song. It is kind of underrated though... Should be in the top 20.

Easily top 10 quality, but it's not mainstream enough to be that high up, unfortunately.

Do you ever believe you get stuck in the SKY!

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42 Cubert

It compares humans to popcorn; a mass produced waste of space. Should definitely be higher

This song makes me laugh and scares the crap out of me at the same time. A true masterpiece

Has a very system-ish sound, very underrated

43 Suggestions

Come on guys! This song is so awesome in the way Serj shows vocal diversity in it... And AWESOME song meaning

So beautiful! I love the middle, when he sings in an oriental way. This song shows that System of a Down have so much things to bring to us.

This is one of the best songs from their 1st album, and is such a refreshing change from the normal unmemorable songs from the 1st album that just run together. WHY IS IT SO LOW? - Meko750

I don't understand such a great song with perfect vocals isn't higher.

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44 Innervision

29? This song should (must! ) Be in the top ten!

Oh come on! This is quite frankly one of the best songs by them. Can't believe it's not at least top 15, let alone 45th place...

One of the most epic song system of a down has made.

One of the best songs I have heard in my entire life simply amazing.

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45 Know

This song is amazing, because it one of the most Metal songs that System has made. I love it especially when Serj screams "Know" at the end of the song.

Best System of a Down song with temper, needless and honey in my opinion - Pelayo_gb

Love the drums in the beginning. CURSED EARTH!

My favorite song of system of a down.
after this I love X

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46 Bounce

Wow this is so underrated... It's insane. Possibly the best mosh pit song ever? Ultimate breakdown and fun as hell. It was a difficult choice (Ddevil was also a tempting underrated one). Then there's the verses which are hilariously awesome.

This is such a hilariously addicting song. I love singing the chorus, and I don't notice it when I do half the time! You can imagine the weird looks I get when I sing this... - Meko750

It's such a hilarious masterpiece! Plus it is being featured in a children's movie for July 2016, LOL! Deserves to be in the top 10 spot

Pogo Pogo

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47 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song

This is my number 1 System of a Down song. Not my favorite album, but the song is wacky and very heavy.

No way. How this is in 76

What?!?! This song should be number 1

3th Best Song on Mezmerize after B.Y.O.B. and Question in my opinion. No way this should be 76 - BeeBlue

48 Boom!

Short song but gets right to the point... Government needs to stop sending people to war!

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49 Attack

How is this so low. It's one of the best in my opinion

Great song. They should play this live again.


Awesome way to start of the second half of the double album. not sure why so low.

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50 Science

Seriously, why the hell is this way down here? I think this is a highlight off Toxicity, which I feel is one of the best rock albums released. Shameful it's #47, even when accounting for all their other impressive work in their discography.

How is this song not higher... It has such a great meaning and the instrumental value to it is great

This song offers something different

Best System of a Down song!

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51 The Metro

Have any of you even heard this song? Sure it is a cover, but the cover changes the song in such a great way that it is almost impossible not to love it. Not the best song, but it is better than 60.

This should be way up in the top 10. It's a great cover and really brings in their core strategy: Turning rock music into rhythmic metal. System of a Down is the best band to ever be created

I always loved this song, this is honestly my favorite song by System Of a Down. Just the sound of the song is great.

This song is so epic, this should be at least in top 15

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52 DDevil

This song gets very addicting - DoroExploro13

I like this song. I am fan...

Hell yeah I love this song "The devil is so lovly so lovly" hahahha that part never gets old

53 Bubbles

This is just sad. 66!? How is it not higher!? Seriously, the best songs by System of a Down are not getting any love... - Meko750

54 A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)

Great song. That's Enough.

Laugh out loud this is so underrated. You guys should really check this one out. You will like it if you like System of a Down.

People need to turn off the radio and buy records again... this and needles are, in my opinion, their best... come on system "fans"

This should be in top 20.

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55 X

Great song off of Toxicity. Should be a little higher.

Admittedly it's not their best, but it's one of their better songs.

How can it be 6...

Korn of a Down! :D

56 Stealing Society

59? Should at least top 5 list the best system of a down song! I'm sure that! La la la la la la.. unique voice from serj!

One of my favorites from Hypnotize. Should be at least in top forty.

I can't believe this is so low. Easily the best "Daron Song" they've done. I would love to see it live one day.


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57 Jet Pilot

I think this is one of the best SOAD songs but too much underrated. - metalhead1

My favorite, sadly it is largely under the rader.

Great song but what the hell does "wired were the eyes of a horse on a jet pilot" mean?

Should be in top 25.

58 Soldier Side Intro

Great words and greater vocals

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59 Snowblind

While the original is better, I really love what System of a Down did with an amazing bands amazing song. They made it a lot more fun with the riff and vocals - kempokid

Great cover. They made the song their own

Should be higher, awesome song

60 Thetawaves

Great song but very underrated. It's one of my favorite songs on Steal This Album!

This song is awesome! They should play this live one day...

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