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61 Marmalade

I just can't stop listening to it. It's so addictive, I Swear!

I was excited when they started playing this in Armenia. This song is awesome! One of my all-time favorite songs by them. Should be in the top ten!

Amazing! It's one of my favorite System of a Down songs ever!

Really? 64?! Quite frankly should be at least a little higher than that.

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62 She's Like Heroin

This song is pretty weird but its awesome.

I love when the synth comes in at the end. This should be a bit higher though.

WHAT. THE. HECK. This is one of the best songs from Hypnotize, and it's this low!? - Meko750

Weird but top 40 quality. Lyrics make me laugh, especially the closing asss.

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63 The Legend of Zelda

System of a Down has never played song like this

Well this song was short but its still badass, it should be in the 30s at least.

64 Virgin Tea

Funny but awesome! It's stuck in my head!

65 Friik
66 Blue

One of my favorite System of a Down songs. This should be at least in the top 20.

This song is great! It's not my favorite song by them but it should be around the top 30.

67 Shame On a N****

I like the system of a down's rap side

68 Fortress
69 Temper

One of their best in my opinion

If this song was from toxicity, it probably be top 20-

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70 Arto

Yeah, this is definitely their worst... Why must Aerials be disgraced with having this song right after it on the Toxicity album? - Meko750

I wouldn't consider it as a system of a down song

It's so meaningful even without lyrics... The flute (or what instument it may be) expresses so much emotion. It gives Aerials even more depth.

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71 Vicinity of Obscenity

This song is one of their best! - leinad0116

One of the best vocals of any System of a Down song. So diverse and unique, even for their standards. Plus John's percussion, is what makes this a damn good song.

Yeah, this is absolutely an AWESOME song by every point of view.

Possibly the best chorus of all time...

Banana Banana Banana Banana Terracotta Banana Terracotta Terracotta Pie
Banana Banana Banana Banana Terracotta Banana Terracotta Terracotta Pie

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72 36

It is very short, but the 46 seconds that the song goes are like the coolest 46 seconds ever! :D

Let's get this song to spot #36



73 Chic 'N' Stu

Honestly, I understand seeing some of the songs like this one this far down the list. They have so many good songs but at the same time, THIS song is seriously in at least the top 20. There's no way this should be this far down the list.

Fist song I've ever listened from System of a Down

Are you serious? 56?!?! This song deserves at least the top 20. Its not well known but It's definitely my favorite.

Powerful and brilliant metal song. - MaxStickies

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74 Nuguns

This song is amazing guys, should be higher! The solo in this song is one of System Of A Down's best solos ever. Everything else is amazing. Should be in the top 20's. Vote! - johnpaularguelles

Nuguns is awesome! It should be higher thatn 54! The solo in the song is amazing! I think it is one of my favorite songs of all-time by System of a Down!

This song is so underrated. Nuguns is actually in my top 10 best System Of A Down songs (my opinion. ) I wish that they would play this one live someday.

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75 U-Fig

Great song! Should be a lot higher than 57.

This is my 2nd favorite song on Hypnotize after Holy Mountains. I'm glad System Of A Down started to play this song live!

Great song, but it's the pop-like songs that make it to the top unfortunately.

Good song but underrated

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76 Pictures

Oh god, when this song gets to 1:17 I loose it. Awesome song. How is this in last place?!? I don't even like chop suey.

It's easy to forget the heavy section at the end of the song, but it is a classic System of a Down moment

It's like all system's discography in one song

77 Johnny

I don't know. Its just a perfectly explains human nature )

Looks like I'm the only one who likes this song

78 Honey
79 Ginger
80 Storaged

Great track. It should be higher on the list.

Wow, this song just got forgotten... - Meko750

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