The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Every show that Ellen does is one more show I look forward to seeing how something she takes and make it so funny, just makes my day, even when someone is sad or down, just turn on Ellen's show and you'll be laughing even when you think you can't.
Ellen is a beautiful person inside out and it shows when their is something that touches her with one of the stories.
She is also gifted and beautiful, and a hard working person.
I also love when she sends others out to peoples houses and surprises them, I look so forward to that one day, Everyone says I have a better chance of winning the lottery, but I look at it this way, If its meant to be it will be, and if not I love seeing what she does for others, so even if I can dream that's good enough for me.

I'm from South Africa and only recently connected to cable. I have watched Ellen's show since and I am totally impressed. My dream is to have my own talk show and she is the perfect example of the type of host I would like to be. I am not yet ready, so for now I am going to keep on watching her show and practice. Not to be like her, but to be the best me. That is what she does best! Being herself!

Ellen's personality and LOVE is infectious, that's why everyone should watch the show. If you are having a bad day and feeling down, Ellen will make you laugh and forget why you are feeling down. Ellen does so much for people in need. We need more people like her in this world.

She is so funny! You have to watch ellen and taylor swift talk serious I was crying with laughter! I also like how ellen doesn't just have celebrity guests she has some really inspiring people on her show. She brings happiness to many people and that's a hard thing to do!

Ellen is hilarious, helps so many people who are down on their luck, not prejudice, lets so many people with new found talent use her stage to get started, has great guest, great music, and proof positive that you can come back from being hated for her sexual preference to being loved as a human being! Love ya Ellen!

Ellen works so hard on the show, I love the dancing and games, she makes me laugh and she makes me cry, when I feal down she picks me right back up and she does not even Know it. Be kind to each other out there, we need someone to tell us that.

The best talk show I have ever watched, even an Indian staying in saudi I tried to watch the show repeatedly ( on YouTube) because this show gives me a kind of relief from the stress I have, the loneliness I have, the pressure I have, love you Ellen for the great the ultimate pleasure that you have given to me

SHE ROCKS! She is like the best talk show host in the world. She is funny and really down to earth I love how she can talk to her guest like nothing it great. I am really happy when I see that her show is on!

Ellen is so down to earth, not judgmental, accepting, giving, open minded and hearted, and I guess she's funny too ;) she has made me laugh through the hardest time of my life (losing my father and step father within a year of eachother from the same kind of brain cancer) without knowing it she helped me through my depression and I am so deeply greatful :) thanks Ellen! You rock!

She's amazing to me, honestly. I think she's the kind of person that can literally make anyone laugh, even if it's just herself laughing. Whenever I watch her show I can't help but have the reflex to smile. She's my overall most favorite icon.

She is one of the many reasons I love my life. Best. She is Hilarious and makes me laugh every time I watch her show (everyday) I wouldn't do anything for a klondike bar, but I would do anything to get on her show! I LOVE ELLEN!

Ellen is funny and awesome she should've been on daytime a long time ago and celebrating like her 20th season by now she has done New York, Chicago, Vegas, Orlando, and now Australia can't wait to see that way to go ELLEN!

should be #1 she is the best she never has a dull show. How many people do u know will come out and dance on the show and be proud to do it i say should be #1 GO ELLEN!!!!

Ellen is the best talk show host of all time. She really interacts with her guests, and with the audience. Whenever I feel upset I watch the show and it instantly make me feel better. She is amazing!

ELLEN! This should definitely be number one! She's so damn funny, yet also inspirational. I don't think theres anyone else on this list that does that, at least not to her extent.

Ellen's awesome and she shares her fame with her staff and involves the audience she's so funny she's made me burst into tear of laughter that's why she's no. 1 she's way better then oprah

Ellen has a great personality she really seems to be down to earth and connects well with her guest, Ellen give a lot back to those in need, Love the show, keep up the great work..

Ellen is the most generous human being on this earth and deserves to be recognized because of that. :) She is so kind and caring and certainly deserves this spot as number one.

I think she is funny and I love how when she brings celebrities on stage, she always has a surprise for them. And sometimes the audience gets gifts or that persons album.

Ellen has a very bright funny personality and I love her style and everything she does.. Definitely ellen I mean she's got the style and she just makes you laugh!

It says it in her surname I watch Ellen's clips on YouTube and it just brings a sense of humour around my family. She's such an inspiration and a loving comedian

I love Ellen, she's amazing. She's so funny, and makes the atmosphere nice and easy for the guests. They become even funnier on the show. I love watching this show!

What make this show different for me, is that whenever she makes someone happy by giving away a car or something, I don't feel jealous, I feel good for them. - SammMinajj

Ellen is caring, hilarious and entertaining. I believe that these characteristics make her show stand out among the many talk-shows T.V. offers.

I love Ellen's style and her ways to make the close atmosphere for the audiences feel happy and relax as well as the manner to connect the guest.