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41 The Tonight Show Hosted by Jimmy Fallon V 3 Comments
42 The Real

I like the idea of having 5 different opinions from the 5 hostesses

Best talk show! I watch everyday. What a great group of opinionated ladies. Very entertaining

Its just amazing to listen to these ladies. Keep inspiring

They have 5 different points of view
Latina-adrienne Asian-jeannie black-loni
Etc great show

V 5 Comments
43 Dinah!
44 The Mike Verdrengh Show

A very good show I really enjoyed it.

45 Tonight Starring Steve Allen

Started it all and was absolutely hilarious. He may only have been second to Johnny Carson.

46 Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray makes me want to get in the kitchen and whip up that meal that keeps em talking for a while. Love her show. And everything she cooks looks delicious.

Great show, great food, great guests, and she's a great host

Rachel ray is a very kind person she always has something kind to say. her husband seems nice too. The show is always very interesting.

47 Corey's Talk Show
48 The Jonathan Ross Show

This is a very good show I really enjoyed it.

Very good show I enjoyed it

49 Tonight Starring Jack Paar

Jack paar was a great entertainer and even though he may not be the best on the list he should certainly be on it. There were some great interviews done on that show.

V 2 Comments
50 Late Show Starring Joan Rivers

A talk show that you don't feel the host with or against just like news with entertainment as Dave. bless m

51 Joan Rivers Show
52 Da Ali G Show

A very good talk show I love it

Very good talk show loved it

53 Corey's Talk Show

Very good talk show loved it.

54 Agora é Tarde

A very good talk show I loved it.

55 Aِl Bernameg

Fist Arabic Talk show with Dr. Basim yousif, gain tremendous popularity on the so called Arab spring of Egypt, and still criticize and speculate what ever the host consider odd in a smart professional way. his motto is jon Stewart.

V 1 Comment
56 Good Mythical Morning

A very good talk show I loved it.

It's the best morning show ever

A very good talk show I love it.

57 Trisha Goddard Show Trisha Goddard Show

I enjoyed watching this show trisha was always helping others. she always had a kind word to say. I really miss the show. Any one that can reach out to help others. they are the greatest. we all need someone."sometime" in our life.

58 The Front Row With Anupama Chopra

I loved this talk show very interesting.

Very good talk show. I really enjoyed it.

59 The Hour (2005)

This is a very good talk show I enjoyed it

This was a very good talk show I loved it.

This is a very good talk show. I love it.

60 The Talk

Very good talk show I really enjoyed it.

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