Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry, with 18 number 1 records to her name. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and music videos, and is "well known" for her over-the-top sexy more.


Mariah is the queen of all DIVA and no one can net that!
She deserve to be the 2nd place here not that Charice..
Eat more RICE Charice...

Charice respects all the divas so much including mariah... Stop being childish...

She is the best vocalist and one of the most influential singers of all time.. She can execute every register a human voice has and she attained a successful career through the years... While other artists are fading in the music industry, she still has an undisputed, respected, and unmatched career. She is also the best singer-songwriter who can write a soulful song to touch your heart and interpret it tin the best way to capture your soul... All hail to the Queen.!

Mariah Carey is an all time DIVA not just because of her great voice, but because of her long list of accomplishment in her music career. Mariah has been at it for 25 years and is still a strong contender in the game. With 18 #1 hits she is number 2 to the Beatles and #1 for Female Artist. From 1990 to 2000 she had at least 1 number 1 hit each year and not many artists can claim that they had at least 1 #1 every year for a decade.

Mariah is "The Diva Definition". Her 25 year career has forever changed music. She experiments with the various colors and textures of her voice in a way that no other artist in music has done to date. With her incredible sense of pitch, she draws of the precision timing of Ella Fitzgerald, the styling of Sarah Vaughan, range of Minnie Riperton and the grit of Aretha Franklin...

I think she is a diva because everything about her is sparkle and glam which is what I think is the true definition of a diva. I also think she should be number 1 because she again is a true definition of a diva and she can sing like no other. She is truly talented that's why I think Miarah Carey should be #1 and that's all

I love mariah's talent and her vocals are some of the best in the industry. BUT I DO SEE HER AS BEING THE BIGGEST DIVA... She walks around with such a prissy attitude. Again I love her vocals but I would have to vote her as the biggest DIVA.. That's not a compliment either... While she is a super power vocalist, the attitude is a turn off - shanew

mariah is the best!!! She is not the best diva cause she should be classified higher then a diva just take a look at the records they will tell you all about how she is the number one selling female vocalist.... she's the best point blank....

mariah carey is the best because she show in the world how much a female can beat a record of michael jackson and elvis presley as one of the most successful artist of all time. her voice is amazing and no one can do that like the way she did.

I am fascinated with her voice, I can sing but her vocals are really great and the runs is incredible! Whitney is great, celine is good but mariah is the best of all! No one can compare her whistle tone! And enigmatic voice!

For me, I don't know if there is any other female artist can so many different kinds of music and doing quite well in each and every field. Creativity, is what makes she special, the voice, is what makes she unbelievable, isn't that enough?
I don't want to argue with people about the lip-thing and getting fat, why haters always keeping obsessed with these things? Isn't it better to enjoy the music she brings us?

Reasons for being Mariah Carey being number 1; musical diversity (genre crossover), voice power and range, ability to write her own songs (singer/songwriter), number 1 hits record, career span, producer, the whole package really.

name at least 5 women singers that have a whistle voice like mariah carey. you cant do it ..shes the number one singer and you all know that .

Mariah writes her own songs, sings her heart out, captivate audience with her one-of-a-kind voice and influence many of todays singers. She is the BEST!

Mariah carey is a queen a true diva she embodies it no one can touch her the body of work she has put in can't be matched she is to beautiful and her voice is amazing she's on her own planet this is no comp she is the greatest all time diva

My favorite artist of all time to be honest. Her voice and music just really gets to me more than the others, even though I love and appreciate the others too.

mariah is the best singer ever....
nobody can do her highnotes....
if you can do it in front of me please.....
go mariah....
youre the best...

Mariah? Oh Mariah! She's simply the best. A lot of singers idolize her. Whitney, Celine and others can't compete with her. She's the real diva. She writes her own songs some Divas can't do that. Men! She gorgeous!

To be a diva, you have to have a couple of years under your belt, and you need talent. This goddess has that and so much more. SHE IS IT, PERIOD!

I strongly believed Mariah is the best in singing talent ever. Always number one for me. She inspired me to sing since I was six. I will always love M. C forever!

Mariah is the queen of rnb forever...

Mariah is the best woman of the world...
she is number 1 diva...

And I like her high voice (whistle)

Best selling female artist of all time, artist of the decade, artist of the millennium, 18 billboard hot 100 #1s, 250 million records sold worldwide, 5 octave vocal range 100+ awards, 5 time grammy winner! Now match that!

No doubts! She is the greatest. She has raised thousand of new talents. That's what it's called a Diva. Mariah is simply the top Diva of all time who still holds the sources.

Mariah is a real Diva, she is the greatest voice of all time. She is super elegant a powerful woman with to much talent.

Mariah has still got her voice, she hasn't lost it like Whitney has. She's had the most number ones and keeps getting better and richer!

Mariah extened her vocal influence all over the world but not only limited in US.That's why she excels in such competition.