What I like and why I like it: Cats

Cats are my favourite animal. I have grown up with cats and I hate it when people misjudged cats or tease me and call me a "cat woman". I have a tortershel she-cat called Cupcake. She is probably one of my best friends. These are some reasons why cats deserve more attention...

First of all, cats are easy to understand and communicate with. This may only be true if you have owned cats for a long time, though. For example, a twitching tail would mean that the cat is irritated and a growl (yes, cats do growl) will be saying, "leave me alone!" Or perhaps warning that if it continues to be harassed, it will start using teeth and claws. Purring is a gesture of affection or thanking you for something. Cats rarely need to use their voice which is good if you are used to peace and quiet.

Secondly, it is easy tell 2 cats apart. With some animals, sheep for example, you cannot tell the difference. Cats can be 1 colour, they can be tabby, dappled, tortershel or have points like a Siamese. Cats pelt colour can be gray, black, white, brown, ginger, blue (Russian Blue) or red. Their eye colour can be yellow, orange, green or blue. Their body shapes are also different.

Finally, cats are easy to take care of. Having a cat is good way to teach your child about the responsibility of owning a pet. Cats do not need to be taken for walks and do not need to be washed because they clean themselves. All you really need to do is feed them, change their litter tray and of cause show them love. Cats are fun to play with and you do not need to buy them too many toys. They are entertained by anything!

That is why cats are my favourite animal. If you do not like cats, too bad! If this did not change your opinion on them, please look at my list, Top Ten Quotes Involving Cats. Sorry about that quick advertisement. Anyway, thank you for reading this. Please comment.


"call me a cat woman"

HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHA that is hilarious - visitor

People do not do that much anymore. I was known for liking cats last year. Now I am known for having messy hair. - visitor

Why? Does it look like a mop? Maybe that's why your nickname is Mop. - visitor

It actually is! LOL! - visitor


Anyway, your dead cat is one of your best friends? I bet the remaining best friends you have are imaginary friends, that's why you're depressed lol - visitor

Cupcake is not dead. She is sitting on the couch next to me. - visitor

Lol. The rest are imaginary friends, then. - visitor

Your imaginary family must be watching you post your "roasts" laughing their heads off enjoying your "sense of humor" visitor... - Nateawesomeness

Cats are good for introverts. - Delgia2k

You know what, one of my friend called me "cat woman" once and they don't only insult me, they insult EVERY CATS. One of my friend once saw a kitten stuck in a fence and guess what he did. He just poked its butt repeatedly (poor cat) - visitor

Poor cat :( - visitor

I prefer cats over dogs. - visitor

Die. - Therandom

I actually highly dislike dogs and try to avoid them. - visitor

Why, because they're "scary? " - Therandom

No. It is just that they remind me of you. - visitor

Birdecho, sorry, but you're just gonna get owned to the ground by TR Therandom! - Skullkid755

I guess it makes sense, you're afraid of dogs, and when fear comes to your mind, you think of me. - Therandom

Ya pipa, TR Random just roasted you to the pound, then to the ground, and then blap, blop, bang bang, smash on yo comment section! I'm cool to the cow dawg! - Skullkid755

Um... Are you ok? - visitor

Imma coola than you ever be! I'm okay to the zay to the month of May. - Skullkid755

He's better than you. - Therandom

My cats multiply all the time, I have dozens of cats in my yard and most of them weren't there originally. - Skullkid755

LOL. - visitor

And that's true. - Skullkid755

Woo hoo cats!
i had know idea u were actually good at persuasive texts.(haha I got a B for english u had a C) - leafstar

No. I also had a B. - visitor

No, it's pretty obvious you didn't, because your grammar sucks. - Therandom

Lmao look at my world and Therandom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(joke but I do think my grammer sucks) - Nateawesomeness

I usually get an A+ for everything. Well not everything, some are just plain A's. - Oliveleaf

Haha LOL
Well Birds grammar is better then mine.(online) - leafstar

Meow. - Arcxia

Good post. I like cats, too. (DON'T anybody get mad at me for saying this! ) - Powerfulgirl10