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The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.


Not only are dogs great pets for people who just want to stroke their backs and relax. But also for being active by, going for a walk or playing fetch.

Sure some maybe aggressive, that's mainly because their owner locked them up in a kennel all the time or chain them up on a doghouse or something else

If you show your dog love and be responsible. Your bound to have a great companion for 15-20 years.

The dog is known as mans best friend, for good reasons.


Dogs are easily the greatest animal, even with humans in the race. While humans clearly won in intelligence(something I can't say for everyone of us,) dogs have what matters, and that's love. No other animal loves as unconditionally as a dog. And not only that but dogs know humans better than any other species. Us and them are the only species that know about pointing, aside from trained primates. Not only this, dogs are the only animals that will look a human in the eye, as well as understand our emotions by looking at us. Dogs are the most understanding, loyal, friendly, and loving species on earth and nothing, no one, no thing, comes close to what dogs are.and a word to dog haters. Anyone who hates dogs is as bad as a racist, there is no reason to hate a animal that has helped humans through the millennia, and provided constant companionship, protection and guide to us. I don't see other animals assisting the police in such mass, nor guiding blind people, dogs help humans and the ...more

Well I've never been a cat person (but I must admit they are cute) but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOGS! The cutest, fluffiest, most loyal, and sweet animal hands down are dogs! Many people think that dogs bite people and are very dangerous but that is only if they are mistreated by their owners! I love dogs so much and I even have one!

Dogs are amazing animals I have two a girl and a boy. The Girl is a chocolate lab mix with a blue tic. The Boy is a German Shepard, he loves the snow more than anything. Don't get me wrong but I am like one of the biggest fans of horses same with dogs. Down pat both of those animals are the best animals in the world. Plus baby horses are so cute

I had a labrador puppy when I was little. My dad returned it. I used to visit two caramel border collies at a farm. They both died in the same year. One from age, one from a snake bite. My dad bought an old blue heeler. It died of cancer. My dad bought another blue heeler which I had to leave behind since my dad's a psycho. Dogs are amazing.

I've never understood why some cat people say that dogs are vicious, loud, and nasty. Do cat people even think about how cats "Clean" them selves with saliva? I mean think about it, is that really clean? When you wash a dog your actually WASHING them with water and soap. While cats use their body fluids and cat people just think that that means there clean. WHAT INFORMATION SAYS THAT? And no nat ALL dogs are loud. Both of my dogs are quiet and kind. Especially my dog Bella. She wouldn't even hurt a fly. In fact I saw her help a spider once. Moreover, dogs help disabled people. For example they lead and help blind people, they calm people down in hospitals, they help people READ, they decrease heart attacks, and much more. They also have JOBS! I MEAN THEY FIIGHT IN THE WAR! THEY FIGHT FOR YOUR HOME COUNTRY! THEY SAVE YOUR COUNTRY! THEY RISK THEIR LIVES FOR YOUR COUNTRY! AND U DOG HATERS SAY THEIR EVIL, VICOUS, DANGEROUS, AND UN HELPFUL! WILL U EVER SEE A CAT FIGHT IN WAR?! DOGS ALSO ...more

I'm sorry, but I don't really like dogs, especially the big ones. When I was walking from the school bus back home one day, a big black dog came out of nowhere and bit me a bit below the armpit and near the back. I have a dog but I like her because she's small, friendly, and kinda cute to be honest. It's just big dogs and other dogs that I don't own scare the hell out of me.

The dog is my favorite animal by far. He is faithful, loyal, loving. Dogs are in a class by themselves and no other animal compares to dogs, in my opinion. I love them because they are my best friends.

I love dogs! I love cats more, though. It's so sad how cats are so misjudged. In all top ten animals I've looked on, cats is always 2nd after dogs. Why!

I have always loved dogs I do not have one but it does not mean I do not like them cause I do I love them as I said at the beginning I really really really like them they are really really really really special to me

Dogs are the best! They are so cute and friendly. They can learn so many tricks and are loyal so they would never leave you., And you can walk them. They are truly mans best friend. I love dogs.

Plus they always act like you've been gone for 3 years if you leave for 3 seconds - Brobusky

These animals are super cute (I couldn't really chose between dog and cat but I chose dog. ) These animals are amazing and super adorable!

How can stupid monkey be better than this greatful, loyal, intelligent, playful and quiet animals! - IceCream

So witch ever animal you are talking about put it next to that one because I am getting really angry ok because when I look at the dogs I want to read about them with people's comments about them because nearly non of them is about dogs ok because if you still do I will hate you

Dogs are always respect Humans in any way, They are Cute, They like being active like walking, Play fetch no wonder they are called "The Man's Best Friend". - Dreamformusic

I like dogs, but they shouldn't be 1. Cats are smarter. Even though dogs do tricks, cats are smart enough to know they have a choice. Cats do know they will get a treat, but they also know that when they master the trick with the treat, the owner will do it without a treat. Dogs also have the mind of a two year old, but cats have the mind of a three year old.

wtf this should be 1 who made this list its stupid 1 is monkey come on

Man's best friend.

Have followed us since we bred them from wolves thousands of years ago.

They truly have been at humanities side before we knew how to farm.

Best feeling is to walk in the door after a rough day and know there is always someone happy to see you. - 17nobrien

I really love dogs! I have one and she is very cute, loyal, brave, smart, and funny. She always makes me laugh with her "standing up with hind legs" trick. Dogs have supported us for many many years. I just can't help loving them so much!

Dogs are the best! They are strong physically and mentally! Cats are great to but dogs are my love since I opened my eyes anyways I only started liking cats when I started warrior cats! (Totally recommend great read) and Erin's dog series survivors

Dogs are awesome! Pit bulls are cute and awesome if you want proof that they shouldn't be banned one time one just ran up to me and sniffed me and licked me. Humans are aggressive not dogs, cats, etc

Because eating your own poop, annoying, neurotic attachment, as well as smelling like a dumpster fire makes the perfect pet! Oh look at me, I'm eating god knows what off the ground during walkies! Oops made my stomach hurt but first let me eat and entire dish of food so I can vomit the entire mess all over the carpet. Oh, is that cat poop! YUM! Four legged trash cans. Last family dog died two years ago and I hope I never have to own a dog ever again. - LordMongo