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261 Sun Jellyfish

Magnificent, fascinating, extremely underrated marine animals. Wide variation of sizes and colour patterns. From around 1cm to nearly 2m (bell height), from plain white to rainbow. Some are even bioluminescent (able to produce light from its own body), like the crystal jelly and the coronate medusa, and bioluminescence is one of the most beautiful organism abilities

Random fact: The turritopsis jellyfish can turn itself into a young stage again over and over again, making it immortal - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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262 Leech Leech Leeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like the oligochaetes, such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites.

How is a leech above a woodpecker?!?! BOO! I vote leeches OFF THE LIST

263 Woodpecker

Wonderful. One woodpecker came "back from the dead" and hid out in the cypress swamps of the US for half a century. They are powerful and can break through trees in just hours. AWESOME animals.

If you think they're so great, you'll love an Aye-Aye

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264 Tardigrade

A tardigrade or otherwise called a water bear is a microscopic animal about they size of 1/2-1 millimeter in length. Tardigrades are animals that can survive the harshest climate like the desert, artic and space. The can survive with out water for 70 years so if that isn't impressive enough I don't know what is.

Tardigrade is already far up there in the list. Tardigrade is anither name for waterbear - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

265 Frilled Lizard Frilled Lizard The frilled-neck lizard, also known as the frilled lizard, frilled dragon or frilled agama, is a species of lizard which is found mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. This species is the only member of the genus Chlamydosaurus.
266 Aardvark

This aardvark is 1st

267 Numbat
268 Bees Bees

Someone already made one of these

269 Gazelle V 1 Comment
270 Spider

Get them higher! They're so cool albeit terrifying to some people. - LightningBlade

I love them how is it here I don't believe this it is actually is in one the of the top 10

After all, it's the spider who made Peter Parker the savior of his town. Come on! - LightningBlade

Y so low my second favourite animals

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271 Coywolf

Coyote + Wolf = Majestic

272 Tarsier
273 Angelfish

This is my favorite animal it looks huge but a full grown angler can fit in a teacup

274 Magpie
275 Ostrich Ostrich
276 Macaw
277 Panther

I bet the guys who never voted for panthers will be crying and wishing they voted the panthers since its nearly extinct

Why is panther here? I again top ten not top 315!

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278 Raccoon Dog V 1 Comment
279 Penis Fish (Candiru)

Is it a fish that looks like a penis?

So cool, it even stole my virginity

Eww GET IT OFF THE LIST THIS INSTANT! Candiru = tiny parasitic fish that swim into your body if you urinate... Also known as caƱero, toothpick fish, or VAMPIRE fish.

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280 Yeti Crab
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