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Often in/from packs, Wolves are carnivorous Canines that come in various colours and breeds, and have evolved to Dogs. Some breeds of Wolves are, like Dogs, domesticated, to become a Working Dog.


I love wolves they are intelligent cute and love family like us people they work together even in the most difficult situations and never leave a member behind several people could learn from this cute magnificent creature and the legends that they are aggressive and will kill people is ridiculous some people who live in colder regions or get lost in the forest or woods survive by teaching to hunt and sharing food water and shelter They are so agile and skilled I could go on for WEEKS about this superior creature of the wilderness but there is only so much you CAN fit in this short little message in short WOLVES ARE awesome

Wolves are beautiful creatures. I find them very majestic and beautiful! I love wolves so much. My dream is to touch a real wolf or own a dog that's part wolf!

Wolves are definitely smarter than housedogs. They stay in organized packs unlike dogs who rely on people for food. Wolves also have ranks like the alpha to keep them all in shape. Wolves can even use stealth for an advantage. My dog comes while I'm watching YouTube and I know when she's behind me and in the exact position. When I am at a creek, I have the feeling that there is a wolf, one time I even saw one. Wolves are also one of the strongest dogs, I recommend never to have your dog with a wolf unless your dog is fully trained for hunting. If you don't, that wolf will completely obliterate your dog and probably you along.

These animals have been hunted almost to extinction because of their fearsome reputation but wolves rarely ever attack humans. Wolves are really loving and gentle animals. Think about it wolves are related to dogs and dogs are sweet and caring animals so why wouldn't a wolf be? I love all wolves but my favorite would have to be the Ethiopian wolf. If you haven't herd of the Ethiopian wolf please search them up they are wonderful creatures that in threat of becoming extinct.

Wolves are amazing! I love them, they're my favorite animal they're brave, strong and fearless.. and just awesome! Wolves are the only ancestors in the dog family and they are very good animals which maintains the balance of nature. They are believed to be evil but are not. Wolves are just beautiful and majestic creatures... COOL!

This should be number one but I'm glad it made the top ten, wolves are my favourite animals and they are so intelligent, they come in packs so they can depend on each other and their knowledge to help them out, especially when they're young, with other animals they usually get adopted before their parents get to take care of them, that's how humans are, the smaller, the cuter, the better, I love wolves they are so much better!

I love wolves because I can relate to them I have a group of friends and if I see us as a pack me and my bff are (sadly) the omegas. Also the pups are so adorable! Also a wolf is my spirit animal. Aka wolves don't howl at the moon. They howl to communicate with the other wolves of the pack. Its like calling your friend on the phone except they don't have phones.

Too the person before me, it depends on what you consider intelligent if you drop a wold and a dog in the wild, well they both wouldn't last alone, but my point is wolves are natural survivors, now if you drop them in a community and tell them not to bite some one, the dog lives, and the wolf get put down

Wolves are such fantastic creatures for reasons listed below:
1. Strength in Numbers
2. Keeping each other alive; not solitary
3. Simply majestic and powerful. Can't get any better than that.
4. In time, they can learn to love humans. It takes patience and stepping in their shoes. Imagine how they would feel if you were kept trapped with nowhere to go (read White Fang).
5. Stunningly skillful and agile. And people wonder why they are so high in population in Canada.

With all do respect to dogs wolves have been there ansesters since befor Adam and Eve and wolves have been living longer as being known as were wolves which are fierce and daring and even death wealthy creatures and that's a stupid rumour someone made up because of the fact that they are related to dogs and we all know at they end of the day dogs are fierce and they growl and bite. People underestimate wolves because wolves are the same as dogs they are vicious around when scared but at the same time the love to be loving kind friendly and playful.

Wolves are independent, kind of like humans.. They know how to survive on their own, even though they live in packs, kind of how a person would know how to survive on his own, but still has his family. - Vic21102

Wolves are one of the coolest animals ever! Some people misjudge them just because they are a predator just because they hunt doesn't mean there bad animals people who don't like wolves are jerks

I love Wolfs too but bye saying that your actually being mean to Wolfs too because dogs are wolfs but wolfs are more wild and dogs are just a pet not wild but dogs came from them and so you are being mean to dogs and wolfs

when I saw monkey at first I was like... what the heck? then now that Wolf the magical creature was at 40 I was like NOZ ahahaha so who's with me? we will make wolves win!

You guys say that wolves are the best predators, but you just have your head in the clouds, not caring about the underrated badasses like polar bears

The wolf should be number one, considering the fact that wolves are the ancestors of dogs. They rule! Fierce, majestic, pretty, and the start of mans best friend there is no other animal like this one.

Its horrible that you are doing a top ten list on animals, all animals are treated as the top ten, did you know that humans are animals? They are most popular aren't they? Can you please be a little more careful when you make these kind of top tens, its quite offensive to some - emerald_mew

Wolves are so awesome and are my spirit animal. They are clever sneaky and are the ancestors of dogs but are better than dogs. The only animal that is better than wolves are obviously polar bears.

Are u kidding me! Vote 4 wolves! They may not be cute or cuddly, but they are the ultimate hunters. If humans had their kind of stamina I could run a marathon in like a minute

I do honestly believe wolves are the best! I cannot possibly choose between cat and dog, so here! They are so social, and they are much larger than dogs. Wolves also come in interesting colours!

HOW DARE YOU PUT IT ON 10 I HATE YOU WOLVES ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMAL although I do like cats and people at school make fun of me for liking them but I still love them

I Love wolfs they are not my first but they are my second favorite animal. But I still love them a lot they are very fluffy and I love their fur coat. I Love them.

Wolves are my favorite animals and I will always love them! They are cool, powerful, and amazing in every way. I love all animals the same, but if I had to choose one, it would be the wolf

Wolves are simply awesome. They are by far the coolest animals. They are intelligent, fast, and powerful. Also they look great.

Wolves are smart animals some people think they're vicious but there beautiful and mostly harmless animals. I want one for a pet there awesome creatures of this world.