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101 Goobers
102 Trident Gum
103 Whatchamacallit

Whatchamacallit is a dumb name because that means I can call it ANYTHING. The company was too lazy to call it something so they just called it a stupid name, or actually NO name

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104 Marathon Bars
105 Licorice

Why ain't this satisfying classical treat on here? Does anyone have an appetite for it? Licorice is calming.

I had to vote for this to make a comment, DISGUSTING

When it's not black licorice.

Why does everyone hate licorice? It’s sooo good ❤️❤️❤️

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106 Haribo Tangfastics
107 Dum-dum

I love dum dums when they taste like waffle

108 Fruittella

I like fruittella so much I eat it everyday

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109 Frisk V 2 Comments
110 Lemon Heads V 3 Comments
111 Chupa Chups V 2 Comments
112 Circus Peanuts

You either love them or you hate them. So that's a 50/50 chance. Which means half of the entire world would love them. Case closed. - higgsboson2142

Not a candy,stupid

I love the way circus peanuts are sweet and when you put it in your mouth it gets foamy
Most of my family hates circus peanuts but what's to hate? They're sweet, they're chewy, and it's great! ( I like eating my circus peanuts real slow, take small bites one at a time.

113 Haribo Happy Cola

Tastes like real cola, but better!

They are the best by the company

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114 Cola Bottles

Mm, yes... I don't see them much so whenever I do, I grab some. I'd have this at #1 if I could, very delicious.

115 Coffee Crisp
116 Aniseed Balls V 4 Comments
117 Toxic Waste

Legit favorite sour candy. They are like warheads but better. The sour middle really makes the candy. because with war heads just suck of the sour and throw it away when it gets really sweet. But with these I can actually eat the whole thing

Who would want to eat these, who made the name?

How would want this the name is toxic waste

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118 Butterscotch

It isn't called butterscotch

119 Cry Baby

! a Sourest gretest gum of all time

so sower

120 Red Hots
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