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121 Cherry Blasters

This candy is the best! This is a great party food. And I love the cherry flavor!

122 Swedish Fish

I love Swedish they are the best candies ever I love them they taste so good and they are better than gummy bears!

Better than gummy bear sweeter and less chewer

I love these, but my mom always hated them.

NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 100? WHY - mhroblak

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123 Cookie Dough Bites V 1 Comment
124 Morositas

The world should experience these, but so hard to get in the US. I have to order from Italy, but so worth it. Fruit flavored are the best.

125 Golia
126 Ricola

What the heck they are cough drops

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127 PayDay PayDay

It is so good. The caramel that is on there is good and sweet.

149!? Noo...


128 Tix-Tix

This is a Mexican candy. The powder tastes like mango and the stick too.

129 Blow Pops
130 Almond Joy

I think they are really good and I like the fact that they have coconut in it because coconut is super good

You are not alone these are amazing melt in your mouth

Am I the only one who likes this candy?

Best candy

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131 Milk Duds

MILK DUDS! They are the best candy ever! What they doing down here!?!?

Tastes like balls of chewy cement

Best candy ever

Go milk duds I would not have gone to the movie theater without milk duds why is it in place 146 😪

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132 Chocolate Chips
133 Bit-O-Honey

They look kind of sketchy, to be honest, but then you pop one into your mouth and the feeling and taste as they melt is the best. Nothing compares. (except perhaps Almond Joys, they're great too) - Stormskies

134 Caramello
135 Maltesers

These are great, good quality whoppers that don't leave that chemically chocolate on the roof of your mouth.

136 Fruit Pastilles
137 Wine Gums
138 Fruit Gums
139 Aero
140 Soda Pops

This is the best candy ever. Fruitful, tasty, and it taste like soda

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