Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in an Asiatic-like world in which some people are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese ...read more.


HOW IS THIS SHOW ONLY AT NUMBER 8?! This show is AMAZING. Yes, I did grow up watching it (I got all 3 seasons when I was like 6 years old) so I do have some nostalgia, but nostalgia aside, this show is the best cartoon ever. It has a complex and solid story with deep and intriguing characters. The characters all mature throughout the story as the story flows beautifully from water to earth to fire as Aang learns the elements. One of the characters, Zuko, literally turns from a villian to a hero, AND IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE, unlike other shows with characters that do this. This show should be number 1, it has humor, an amazing story, complex characters, romance, action, EVERYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR! My two favorite shows are Avatar and Gravity Falls because both of their plots are complex and not like other kids cartoons. But I'd say Avatar is better because it has 3 seasons, better and more characters, a better setting, etc. (But I still love Gravity falls). This show is a work of ...more

Nickelodeon's Avatar became a worldwide phenomenon. It was one of the most popular Nicktoons around the world. Everybody loved the epic adventures, and comedic scenes. It won favorite cartoon in the Kids Choice Awards in 2008. Reason being is because everybody wanted the show to become the number 1 Nicktoons cartoon worldwide, and alone. More than 26,000 people loved the show. But it still can't match the next cartoon.

The reason I love this is because of the creative and imaginative 'Avatar' world. It gives you an enjoyable background of the world around the characters, and absolutely STUNNING visuals. There are diverse and 3 dimensional characters, and you can relate the the main cast, but also remember the background characters as well. Sokka and Toph have to be the greatest clowns ever! And Zuko's development is so real! You can feel for the characters, such as Katara losing her mother, and acting like a motherly figure towards her group so they have somebody to keep them intact. Aang, as the Avatar, has development throughout the series whereas he goes from being to a naive kid, to a matured and spiritual leader for the world.

This show is hundreds of times better than family guy or some bull comedy like that. I agree SpongeBob used to be an amazing cartoon, but it completely fell off at season 5 and has only had a few semi-decent episodes since then. This show had it all. Amazing lore, great backstories, characters that were so developed and amazing they almost seemed real, great action scenes, just the right amount of drama, hell, it even had plenty of comedic relief. I've seen every one of the top ten shows on this list, and this one is, by a huge margin, the best one. I highly recommend everyone to watch the whole thing.

I love this series. Amazing animation and story lines. Even though that the animation, story, and creativity is grandiose, what actually really amazes me is the message that the series project: a constant fight against fascism and a totalitarian reign, to appreciate friendship, as well as to appreciate our ancestors and their actions in order to learn from past mistakes. This cartoon excels in the complexity of each character by showing their strengths and insecurities.

What makes Avatar unique is its symbiosis of elements of love, heroism, destiny, and aspects of life into one single show. It is a world of fantasy, but supported from ancient Chinese culture. The characters are well developed, and the arch of the story is simply perfect. There is a lot of comedy, while also getting serious frequently. Avatar is simply one of the best shows I have ever seen.

One of the best stories ever told in any form. Really loved the three dimensional characters, their tragic histories, their strong friendships and the humor that was never lost throughout the story - that stopped it from becoming melodramatic. I also loved the fact that actions had consequences, this made it more grown up than a lot of 'mature' stories. The animation and the detailed martial arts, the complex cultures with heavy eastern influence, wow. Thank you to the people who created this story and brought it to life

Why isn't this show Number 1? It's amazing with utterly amazing storytelling, character development, and just the right amount of charm that will draw in anyone from any age group! Plus it's pretty funny at times as well as how cool the action sequences are. You know what, I'm feeling for another Avatar binge-watch right now.

The only reason this is so low is because it's so under viewed. This is arguably the best show ever made, with classic cartoon elements supporting an ongoing story. Its family friendly and pleases everyone. Even though its slightly predictable, this show rivals the entertaining powers of Scooby Doo himself.

This show was great to begin with, but what made it all come together was Uncle Iroh. He was by far my favorite character of the series, and the only one who I felt never made a poor ethical choice. His bits of corny old man humor paired with his unquestionable wisdom made him the best part of the series, and I loved watching him.

This is one of the few cartoons ever to have a coherent and one directional storyline. I can understand why the top three are the top three but come on, the plot and characters are detailed and vivid, with each storyline and chapter having an important message to the world as a whole.

You know what's running on my mind? This has to be the top 1 cartoon! My cousin brother is 26 and I'm 12... But still he sees this cartoon with me... I just love it! The beat cartoon ever. According to my opinion, this cartoon series should take the FIRST place! It has many life values, funny,amazing, everything comes in it! I love it! I used Iroh's sayings in a speech and I won the first place! The best cartoon ever! I feel like avatar is real and I could be a part of team avatar!

This should be first place! It is so good it made many people, mostly adults and not just children, love the legend, cry, and fall in love with the amazing and creative characters. It is pretty old but still successful as it was when it only came out..

I like to Binge watch a lot of shows on Netflix & Amazon Prime. Out of all the shows I've binged watch I.e. Regular Show, SW Clone Wars, and Phineas n Ferb, I've never skipped any Avatar/Legend of Korra episodes. You know why? Not one of them were boring. SW was one of my favorite shows, but I've skipped about 3-5 episodes because they were boring. Avatar is like the "can't miss and episode show" if you skipped the episode before "Siege of the North" because you didn't catch it, You'll be asking a boatload of questions like:
what happened to Zuko? Why is Iroh working with Zhao (probs spelled that wrong)? How did The Avatar reach the North Pole? and other questions. This show was the greatest of my childhood and it'll always will be. Another thing about Avatar is that it's for all ages. Whether your 5 or 55 my oldest sister (who was 18 at the time and is 28 now) got me, and my mom hooked on this show. No matter what age you are you'll enjoy this show. When the Avatar Movie came out, ...more

This show is a masterpiece, it's unique and amazing, it's the type of show I would like to watch everyday. The history of the avatar and the comedy to this show is not easy to ignore. And the animation is amazing, the characters are unique and special. I would want to see this show more.

Avatar is the best and will always be the best cartoon avatar should be number one SpongeBob is for small kids so what will big kids watch avatar is for small and big kids avatar is the best better than the rest avatar has to be number one go team avatar

I am surprised this show isn't in the top 5 right now

This show is a HUGE part of my life. Everything is executed spectacularly, the animation is great, the plot is interesting, the characters are well developed, and it keeps you hooked no matter how old you are. Thus was my first fandom, so it holds a special place in my heart.

This anime differs a lot from other animes : It has a lot episodes, no girls with giant boobs and no plot holes. That's why it had me like what when I found out it's an anime and no cartoon. It has humor, amazing art style and the feels. Just a masterpiece.

It is the best cartoon ever made. It makes a strong bond to every viewer. I have no words to describe. Just go and watch the whole series. I'm sure you will love this. It is pretty inspiring. It realize you all your mistakes you have ever done.

I love this show because it has dilemmas in the young and's life which helps him prepare for the ultimate test of his life which is to defeat the fire lord Ozai and take his life. However and chooses what he was always taught and follows the monks teachings.

Not just the greatest cartoon of all time but the greatest T.V. show of all time. It's an underrated classic. No other show has a greater balance of comedy, action, and character. It wasn't canceled (like Samurai Jack which is another brilliant show) It had a story to tell and it ended when it was through. Now at first I thought in the first season it would be like a regular Saturday morning kinda action show zuko being like "I'll get you next time Avatar" and and being michevious but it became much more than that and is a timeless classic for all ages. Flamio!

I don't agree with this. Avatar should be more up. Hands down the best cartoon EVER. Legend of Korra doesn't stand a chance against it.

I grew up watching Avatar so this may be a bit opinionated but let me tell you something. This series has it all! Adventure, comedy, romance, you name it! There is so much character developement in here that there is no person you can really hate. Aang is a cheerful fun loving kid that turns into a strong avatar while maintaining that fun attitude we all love. Katara goes from a kind girl even if she has a bit of a temper to a awesome waterbender! Sokka goes from a clown for comic relief to an amazing warrior! Zuko goes from trying to capture Aang (the avatar) to being one of his best friends and being a valuable member of team avatar. Toph went from being a blind earthbending girl who had to hide her true self from her parents because they didn't understand her to a person who is rarely afraid to show how she feels and is (in my opinion) the strongest member in the gang excluding Aang. (hehehe rymes) So sorry if this is in my opinion the best one because of the outstanding plot! ...more

Growing up with watching Avatar, The simpsons, South Park and SpongeBob, South Park's humor is vulgar, and very upright. This kind of humor is very shortlived, and boring. I don't really need to say anything about SpongeBob as it has been crap since the SpongeBob movie around 2004. The Simpsons should be rated higher than Avatar though, due to it being around much longer. Honestly, this list should go- 1. Simpsons, 2. The Flintstones, 3. AVATAR.