Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.


This show is amazing! Disney has been failing us recently, so this is the only thing keeping me on this channel. It is smart, creative, funny, and mysterious. I understand that it is dark at times, but I never really thought this show was meant for younger kids. Even though it is only number 18 on this list as of right now, at least it's number one on "Top ten cartoons that deserve a higher ranking on the top 10's list"!

The show starts out very light and airy. A cute little monster hunting show that draws in the attention of the younger crowd and their parents. But as the show progresses things get darker, I have never in my entire lifetime seen a cartoon as beautiful as gravity falls. It has changed my entire perspective of cartoons, The characters progress like regular people would, all of the jokes are hilarious, the monsters are always creative with even more creative ways to capture them. When the show takes dark turns in season 2, you are on the edge of your seat, It's made me feel more suspense surprise and shock than any other show, you don't see the twists coming and how scary, nerve racking, and exciting they are. All the while they still find a way to teach you good morals, that is something I personally love about this show

I was so nervous that this show would be at the spot "93" or something because it was made past 2010, but I'm so proud of the accuracy in the list. Some people may call gravity falls overrated, but it's not. It deserves every single great rating it gets. Better than Steven Universe, better than The Amazing World of Gumball, this show is clever and hilarious. The characters aren't your stereotypical two dimensional assailed, it's unpredictable, and it's an amazing story. Gravity Falls is the only cartoon to bring me happiness. The finale was amazing, and don't listen to he idiots that say it was cancelled. It wasn't, this show was saving Disney's ass. Alex ended the story because he respected the show and didn't want it to end up terrible (cough) SpongeBob.
It's been a great run, we'll miss your Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is the best cartoon to ever be created and let me tell you why. Most cartoons that I watch are basically the same thing over and over with no progression or character development. But Gravity Falls, it has a plot, it has amazing characters, it has mystery, it has suspense, and the whole show just fits together so nicely it makes me want to cry happiness. I understand that not all people want actual progression because they don't have time to keep up, but if you watch them all online and in order everything will make sense and it will be the best experience in you life. This is the only show that I counted down the days until the next episode was released. And I'm still in pain that it ended, never getting over that.

I personally think this show is the best cartoon that still airs today. It seems to have nearly every focal point a cartoon needs and adds more on to it. The only other current cartoon that does that is MLP, but it was made into a mess with it being done poorly. While it takes quite a while between seasons and sometimes just episodes, it lets me know how hard this show is being worked on to be the masterpiece it is. I can see why you would hate it, but to me it is just the perfect combination of every aspect a cartoon should have with more and without looking like a huge mess.

This is one of the best cartoons of all time. I can't believe the channel that created bad shows like Austin & Ally managed to make this! I was sad to see this show go, the characters are so relatable and likable. It's a mix of everything! Drama, action, horror, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, comedy, crime, and more! The first season was really great, and I mean really great, but that second season just got so much darker, I loved it, I loved both seasons. And it has great music too, I mean that that theme song though! This is an amazing show that will be remembered for the ages! - PeeledBanana

Gravity Falls is a really good show, probably the best in my opinion. It appeals to all ages, it does have a beginning, middle and an end, as opposed to shows like Phineas and Ferb, and it also teaches you a lesson, which is that childhood doesn't last forever. It does well to kids and can use comedy and drama in the same context. Yes, I admit it is dark often, but it's Disney! How darker could it get? It also has a mystery element, which is unique considering the show is coming-of-age. Disney has been releasing crappy shows and Gravity Falls made up for it. It was good while it lasted. - thetoptenenthusiast

Sure, SpongeBob is a great cartoon... But Gravity Falls... Is a completely different thing!
From all the mysteries and clues that you can solve by your self to comedy to brighten up your day, this show has it all!
This show is great for children, pre-teens, teens, adults and so on. It has the main story without any secrets for the kids, it has mysteries to solve and some other things for pre-teens and teens to solve, and it has some secret subliminal messages for adults, and so on.
In my opinion this should be the #1 in this list of cartoons. It's family friendly and a great cartoon over all

Best show ever! Gravity Falls has good characters, great humour and an amazing storyline! It has jokes for both children and adult. A good family show. There's a mystery element in (almost) every episode which makes you want to watch it over and over again to catch everything. As the show progresses, the storyline gets better and better, you will never get tired of the show even if you had watched every episode 10 times. This is the best show on Disney and deserves to be in the top 3.

It has a wonderful animation style and does mystery right. It keeps you in anticipation to find out more about the lore surrounding the setting. The relationship between the two main characters really hits home for me and I relate to them so much. The ending ties up just enough but leaves plenty up to the audiences imagination, plus the series didn't go on longer than a mystery series should.

Gravity Falls is my favorite cartoon of all time, even better than classics like The Simpsons. The plot is exciting, the characters are well-developed, and the humor is on point. It is still a major part of my life more than 6 months after ending, especially because of the Cipher Hunt and real-life Journal. I can't wait to see what Alex Hirsch makes next. If you like it check out Star Vs the Forces of Evil, basically the only watchable thing on Disney right now. Oh, except for Milo Murphy's Law!

Shows like this are what gives me hope for the future of cartoons! Not many of the cartoons on T.V. now are very good, but Gravity Falls is fantastic! It's cleverly written, funny, suspenseful, and has great characters and lots of heart. I hope Disney keeps this one around for a while, because it's a great show!

This show is, in my opinion, the best cartoon, if not T.V. SHOW of all time. It has so many intruiging elements done in all the right ways. Don't get me wrong, Futurama is definitely a close 2nd, but I just love the way this show flows as one entire huge storyline. It has lots of nearly-flawless mystery, continuity, plot twists, action, Easter eggs, characterization, feels, animation, & plot that I've honestly never wondered why it has such a huge & dedicated fanbase. This cartoon is so amazing & gripping that I'm both hyped & sad for the finale in two days. Anyone who disagrees might not for long if they just watch "Not What He Seems" (but not after all earlier episodes because it might spoil it for them). this breath-taking show got us fascinated from the start with a pilot episode which many have trouble not putting on a top 10 episodes list to this day, even with the 38 others. Vote Falls. And remember: REALITY IS AN ILLUSION, THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM, BUY GOLD, BYYEE!

I can't believe Spongebob is ahead of Gravity Falls! Gravity Falls is my favorite show! First of all, girlfriend is hilarious and it's jokes aren't they screaming or making fun of each other. I laugh hilariously at everything they say! Also has such a deep plot! There are so many mysteries and deep stories. One last thing is that it has a lesson. It is all about family. Even though grunkle Stan seems naughty he really loves his great niece and nephew. And Mabel and Dipper would do anything for each other. It is so much better than SpongeBob, which teaches no lessons and it is basically just him and his friends screaming and yelling.

It all really depends on the type of show (comedy, action, etc) So it's not really fair to compare two masterpieces like Looney Tunes and Avatar: The Last Airbender together because they are great but are in totally different genres from one another. If I had to pick though I would go with Gravity Falls. It's got a great mix of humor, action and mystery along with good, likable characters and great animation.

Gravity Falls was a good show for 39 or 40 episodes. I mean I've seen other shows and there's no way this good of a show is #7 on this list. The first season was funny. I mean REALLY funny. Mabel trying to get "summer romances" her desperate attempts were pretty funny. Dipper's desperate attempts to impress Wendy. And those Funny Adult Jokes. Season 2 was too simple after Ford got introduced into the show. I mean really Ford trying to stop Bill from getting the rip. Even though I love this show. Season 1 was better.

This should be higher than #10. All of the characters are likeable, almost all of the episodes are perfect, the humor is great, and it's not going to continue on. It's going to get the great ending that it deserves. This means that it won't go stale, unlike SpongeBob, Family Guy, or the Simpsons. The previous mention shows have gone way downhill, and they are just playing for the money. Alex Hirsch could continue Gravity Falls, but that risks the story and characters being ruined. For example, look at SpongeBob. After season 4, the characters were out of character, it was unfunny, and the animation became too detailed for it's own good. TL;DR: Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons there is because it is deep with the plot, it has amazing humor, likable characters, and isn't a sell-out to Disney.

Gravity Falls is a very creative cartoon! Even the title makes you think! You can probably tell by just looking at the title that it will be a show of mystery! It has something for the whole family, a cartoon for the kids (with mystery), and adult humor for the adults! It is an amazing television that definitely deserves to be in the top five!

Gravity Falls is simply amazing and the best T.V. show this planet has ever had. It definitely beats the cartoons above it. Why it's not number one on this list, I have no idea. It deserves the number one spot WAY more than SpongeBob. It has unique and great characters. Awesome personalities for the characters and an even greater plot.

This show should be #1! It has amazing characters, animation, voice acting, humor, and plot. There are so many mysteries and references. The best part is that it got the amazing ending it deserved instead of running on to the point where it goes downhill like SpongeBob, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc.

I got nothing to say, this show is flawless it's amazing in so many levels. The characters are fun, lovable. The story is interesting. I have never seen a cartoon like this before. Sad it ended though. But I had an amazing time watching it. The series followed by a simple start. Twins on a summer vacation. Later on, it gets more serious and intense. It's just a wonderful show. So, 4 words. BEST ANIMATED SHOW EVER.

Gravity falls an amazing show about character and the supernatural I wish the finale never came on February 15th it was sad to say goodbye to the main characters Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines. I use to think this sow was dumb and stupid in to many ways, yet I want to thanks my cousin for showing the curios part of Gravity Falls to me.

Bye Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is the best cartoon for both kids and adults. The humor is spot on, nothing really "dumb," like some other DC shows. I love all of the characters as they all have their own quirks. Plus, the show is set in a mystery-supernatural theme, which sets the show apart from the others. Others cartoons may be more popular (talking to you, SpongeBob), but this does not justify the greatness of those shows. If you're looking for a more "mature" cartoon, this is the way to go.

Almost everything about this show was just perfect - especially for a Disney cartoon. I had my first mental breakdown and cried when I finished the last episode with my little sister. I am now an emotional wreck. - LeiaSkywalker

This show IS AMAZING. The mysteries are great and even sometimes leave you on the edge of your seat like who is the author of the journals, what is Bill Ciphers scheme and what is causing all the weirdness in Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabels relationship is not your typical brother and sister always fighting trope they actually care and look out for one another. The jokes are brilliant these jokes can appeal to kids appeal to teens and even appeal to adults. The animation is beautiful even in the theme song it has great visuals. The characters are fantastic Dipper is a guy who wants to find meaning in the world, Mabel is a girl who is cheerful and energetic but she still is believable and Grunkle Stan is Mr Krabs done right he cares about money but he cares about Dipper and Mabel more. This show is a Disney channel show done right.