South Park

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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.


I have been a fan since just before my 13th birthday (2011) while many others have been fans since the beginning (1997). I prefer characters like Kyle and Wendy while the majority enjoys characters like Cartman, Randy and Butters. I somewhat enjoy the episode to episode continuity as of late while South Park seems to have lost viewers in the last couple years because of it. I'll admit that with my own opinions, I feel a bit disappointed. But no matter what happens within the show itself and the fandom, I will remain a loyal viewer up to the series finale.

My passion and love for this show will never end. Sure, it's crass, it's crude, and it's pretty over the top, but you can never judge something by its surface. Unlike something like Mr.Pickles ( Not trying to offend fans ), there's a really positive spirit behind that shocking exterior. These messages leave you thinking, but also laughing! Because, readers, they're pointing out everything wrong with society! It makes you realize what has become of the world, and how you can try to fix it. A bonus is, maybe this is my own bias, but I love this art style. The characters are perfect, the voice acting cracks me up, and the writing is unbelievably sharp! It can be low-brow, but I adore this show. I highly recommend every 13+ to watch this warm, fuzzy, paper masterpiece. Thank you, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Love a lot of animation but South Park continues to push boundaries and remain funny. Mostly because they put out each episode in about 3 weeks. It allows them to stay topical and little time to think about it. - mgenet

I truly enjoy South Park, Though my name says "Yin Yang Yo" in it... My Favorite character In south park, is Kenny McCormick. Why? Because, shouldn't we all feel bad for him of when he gets killed (ex, Anacid tablets, Sawed in Half, Etc.). My least favorite character is Eric Cartman. The reason why is, he is the most evil kid in south park (Along with Damien) He killed Scott Tenorman's Mother And Father (So Scott's Father is Possibly Cartman's Dad, Which he well not he killed them, but his Dad was killed) and Scott ate them in the chili, Insults Kyle Broflovski By calling him "Jew" though he is Jewish. And Making Fun of Kenny of when he gets killed. - YinYangYoFanatic3968

The best adult animated show, right up there with The Simpsons and Rick & Morty. This show may have lazy animation, but they just do it to keep up with current events, such as elections. This show may get offensive at times, but it provides clever social commentary and great episodes such as 200 and 201. It is also extremely funny, and has memorable quotes such as "Respect mah authoritah" 100/10. Go Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny! - Cartoonfan202

I was going to go with Spongebob But then I remember How bad it become after season 3. So I went with one of my favorite Cartoons of all time SOUTH PARK. I loved this show from the moon and back and most of the characters were likable. I like it and it is very funny. - YoshiApple

The less politically correct cartoon and the most funny of all. It shows the hard reality of our society without any censorship. This show is the funniest of all and the most controversial. My favorite one. Long life to South Park.

Brag about how intelligent your favorite cartoons are so people don't think you're immature for watching the, but South Park is, like SongeBob, besides sometimes intelligent very stupid. And that makes it so amazingly funny! The animation, the event, the jokes, they're so stupid especially in the first season, while containing truth and intelligent opinions at the same time. - Sangam

You can't be offended by South Park because they make fun of the everybody equally, nobody is safe from they're satire

SOuth Park is now the most clever and socially relevant show on the air. Oh, and it happens to have awesome, unique animation

On an airplane, my cousin was watching South Park on her laptop. I couldn't hear a thing, but it looked really entertaining. Not to mention the characters are HILARIOUS - Sandwiches

It's a great show. Trey and Matt are both creative. Cartman is evil! I felt bad for Kyle sometimes. Also - here's the best South Park gag I have ever seen in this show and enjoyed it: Kenny dies.

One of the most vulgar, politically-slashing, barrier-pushing shows ever aired on television. I absolutely adore it!

Best cartoon of all time & Should be number 1. This show proves that everyone gets offended by the smallest things. It's just a cartoon not something you need to go crazy over.

Why is this at #5? I love this show! While overrated Family Guy, American Dad and The Simpsons uses its bland characters and mixed up plots, South Park actually has something.

Absolutely amazing this should be first place jokes are amazing and in my personal preference is the best adult animated show ever made

Sure tom and jerry is the best classic cartoon but south park is amazing and super smart.

Matt and Trey are comic genius's. The show is hilarious and intelligent. There is always some kind of lesson with each episode. The Stick Of Truth is fantastic too.

Trey and matt are so awesome! They have so much money but they seem to be very cool and not like celebs at all. soth park is in my opinion number 1 no doubt about it

Hell no! This should be #1, it is amazing. I know it might get kinda racist sometimes. But man, it is way better than Spongebob Squarepants!

I absolutely love this show! Some episodes will show the misadventures of the four boys (Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle) or sometimes it will poke fun at a trend that's going on in our world. It isn't afraid to say what it wants about anything. This is one of the few shows on T.V. that will try to push boundaries. There are a few bad episodes (most of which are just average) but the creators usually go in with good messages. I give this show a 10/10.

No T.V. show has done more about philosophy than this show.

The stop motion is epic, the storyline manages to be somewhat serious and funny at the same, and most of the characters are great. - TheEvilAlpaca

Trey Parker is a genius. I wouldn't have voted it the best if it weren't for Cartman, he's my favorite cartoon character of all time.

Weirdly consistent seasons this one is an exception where a edgy show works that makes fun of popular things of today. - htoutlaws2012